Themed to Lethal Weapon until April 2012 when the ride was overhauled and given a Batman Arkham Asylum theme.

The new version debuted with a new train built by KumbaK, featuring more open restraints and making the ride much more comfortable.

Opening DateDecember 26 1995


Coaster type Steel
Manufacturer Vekoma
Model Suspended Looping Coaster
Height 32 m
Speed 85km/h km/hr
Length 765 m
G-forces 4.2 g
Capacity (per hour) 650 pph
Trains on track 1
Cars per train 10
Rows per car 1
Seats per row 2
Cost AUD$16,000,000
Ride time 1:42 mins
Restraint style Lap bar with over the shoulder seatbelt
Braking system Magnetic & Fin Brakes