Warner Bros. Movie World - Police Academy Stunt Show - A New Era Begins!

For more than 18,000 incredible action-packed, fun filled, breathtaking performances over 16 years, the final curtain is set to fall on the ‘Police Academy Stunt Show’. Guests visiting Warner Bros. Movie World prior to the end of April will have their final opportunity to see one of the longest running stunt shows in the world.

The ‘Police Academy Stunt Show’ successfully premiered as the flagship live production for Warner Bros. Movie World in 1991. Drawing on the then immensely popular franchise of ‘Police Academy’ films, the show combined wonderful characters with slap-stick comedy, drama and above all else - nail biting stunts.

As an important chapter in the history of Warner Bros. Movie World is set to close when the ‘Police Academy Stunt Show’ wraps, it will effectively make way for an exciting new state–of–the-art production unlike anything else ever seen in Australia.

Opening October 2008 is ‘HOLLYWOOD STUNTDRIVER’, an action packed celebration of stunt men and women who risk it all for the cameras and the magic of making movies!

The thrill a minute production will boast some of the most precise and daring high speed drive sequences ever brought to a live arena. If you have ever marvelled at Hollywood’s most famous car chases and wondered just how they did it, then hold on tight for an exhilarating ride that puts you in the driver’s seat and behind the scenes!

‘HOLLYWOOD STUNTDRIVER’ – coming October 2008.
Buckle up and take a high speed ride into a world of action packed fantasy, fun and excitement!