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Mick Doohan's Motocoaster is a roller coaster operating at Dreamworld. Built by Intamin in 2007. Read More...

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Mick Doohan's Motocoaster review by jake_hunt

by jake_hunt, 4 years ago
Rated 2.5 It's out of place and boring, but it satisfies a certain market, and has a decent family thrill to enjoy. It's average at best, but I'll give it some credit.

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Enjoyment Good

You know what? As much hate as this ride gets, it's generally pretty fun, and a good time-filler during the day. One I always ride last, just to top off my day with one last blast of fun and laughter.


What? Why is it even there? I'm beyond confused as to why Dreamworld chose this ride as their 2007 flagship, and frustrated that we still don't have a full-circuit, standard coaster, which probably should be in the Motocoaster's place.

Intensity Medium

Not really a "thrill" ride, as Dreamworld likes to put it, but one for the family to enjoy. A few G-forces here and there, and a good fast launch. Other than that, it's pretty tame.

Rider Comfort Good

The motorbike seats just aren't for everyone, I'm afraid. It's rough on my already-bad knees, and it's just not a natural position to be seated in.

Pacing Very Good

I think that this is one of the few things this coaster achieves. It's a well-balanced, short yet satisfying ride with fairly decent queue times to match.

Theming/Storyline Good

Good theming, odd choice of theming. Dreamworld's move towards motorsports themes was unprecedented, poorly executed, and, honestly, a failed money-grab.

Upkeep/Presentation Good

Honestly, I thought it would be better. Stickers removed from the bikes (I imagine they wore away), banners missing, some outdated and faded. The start of the queue feels like a forgotten corner of the park.

Queue/Efficiency Good

It's good. It could be better. But efficiency is just about the only strong point of this ride, so I'll give it that to cheer over.

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