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  2. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    I had only one ride on the Wipeout today and didn’t notice any of those strange noises while riding. I didn’t watch a cycle though. It would be interesting to know whether our perspective to the ride plays a part in what we can hear or if they were just from being ‘worn in’.
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  4. New Mad Mouse for Luna Park Sydney?

    Where has this been confirmed it got past Pitt and Sherry review?
  5. Is it a conspiracy the Log Ride and Seal show open once QLD kids are back at school? I think the aliens prodded too deep and left you with some permanent damage.
  6. For those wondering - based on the measurements in the image posted above, Maloney's corner is really the only option. They really don't have the option to take it out over the big top, nor could they take it over the carousel. the square in the harbour is just a more accurately measured rectangle as i couldn't get the diagonal measures as precise.
  7. Log Ride "cage" photos

    Found this on Dreamworld's Facebook page.
  8. Dreamworld reopens Log Ride, entire park now operational for the first time in fifteen months The Rocky Hollow Log Ride returned to service yesterday after more than a year of closure, joining last week's Wipeout reopening to give Dreamworld a full roster of rides and attractions for the first time since October 2016. Click here to continue reading
  9. Log Ride "cage" photos

    ...And technically it's... nevermind. Oh Captain My Captain!
  10. Forgive me Glubbo if i sound a bit rude in saying this... but it seems like we do this every school holidays, and always seems that many in QLD forget that the other states don't necessarily follow QLD school dates - and during this season, they are likely to be heavy contributors to the crowds at the parks (if any). Public school return dates: SA and NT go back January 29th. NSW & VIC go back January 30th. WA goes back January 31st. ACT goes back February 5th. TAS goes back February 7th. The biggest contributor (in my opinion only) to the holiday park crowds would be NSW and VIC - who are both in their final week. In addition to all that, Private Schools do their own thing, and frequently take longer breaks as well ( Which is only natural as everything wears in - completely to be expected (and probably why the trims were added even though we couldn't feel much of an effect from them in the past two months...)
  11. That suggest to me the train is approaching the trim brakes at a higher speed now.
  12. Car Park 2/3rds full, a surprise considering school is back. Two trains on Rivals today. While lunch settles I’m watching Rivals cycle. 8 in a row with rear facing seats occupied by at least 1 rider. The two trims are causing a slight groaning noise on both trains, something I didn’t notice last visit in November. Edit - 13 cycles in a row. FYI @Skeeta / @MickeyD.
  13. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Likewise. WWF gets a lot of Mechanical attention every year so with so much down time I hope for significant Show enhancements as well as any safety improvements being subtle and unnoticeable for the most part.
  14. Log Ride "cage" photos

    Regardless of opinion on the roofs, one thing noteworthy stands out today - it's the first day in a very long while the park has had all its core rides and attractions open post incident.
  15. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    Look - I was skeptical I would fit into the tweety cages with my son - and it was very cramped, but completely doable. these look a little bigger than the tweety cages, so it should be quite fine. I'm guessing the thread has been split off somehow but can't see the other thread - I like your suggestion for the airline. given Dreamworld and Qantas are both born and bred Queenslanders - I think a partnership there would be fantastic, and truly inspire the 'Australian' aspect. Qantas A380s all have a camera in the tail - wouldn't take much to record some of the footage while it goes across country - don't use it for all of it - but it could be incorporated for sure.
  16. well to be fair - 45 is also middle aged. so is 55. You have to draw the line somewhere - what comes after middle age? twilight? retirement? (not in this country). You could say 45 was the middle, but since 18 or 21 was when you became an adult, that's a "+25" from when you hit that age group before you progress to the next one..? (and it was 18-21 years of being a "kid" - even if that's divided into subgroups of teen, toddler, etc) If we stick on 45 - that'd make a life expectancy of 90, which isn't that far from current statistics... so why not? I think although there are exceptions, it's typical that you're probably raising your own kids until you approach 50... depending on when you had them. Then they fly the coop and start meeting, dating, partying for about 10 years (that's their 20s) - then they start having kids as they approach and pass 30, which on averages would be as you approach 60, so you start looking at being a grandparent around that time - so i guess depending on where the line is drawn, 65 isn't a bad line to say - that's when you start moving into that area of your life...
  17. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    Anyone confirm?
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  19. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Thanks @MickeyD for that explanation. Thought that would be case since I know they keep an operator there for that reason. I do hope nothing major in the ride changes for the worse because to protect themselves from a worse case scenario that some idiot can't follow rules, forgets this is a piece of machinery and gets hurt. I'm remaining hopeful the ride is getting another overhaul and theming enhancements.
  20. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Mostly because People are stupid when it comes to a risk of jumping out or sticking hands in the water and our Parks mitigating risk of injury etc. As the Boats almost come to a stop at this point, it's a part of the ride where the odd 1 in a million dickhead decides it's a good spot to jump out. Same goes for the bottom of lift 2. When a lot of boats are operating and spacing is out, you can get a bank up there. Many years ago, I had a guy with Autism pannick here, jumped out, wound up in the drink, clambered out to the island in the middle. Other than soaked from the waist down he was fine. That is after he finally turned up at the exit to the Gremlin ride!
  21. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    I have an S8 but my pictures look like a bloody Jackson Pollock when it's been sitting among my sweaty thighs all day in my shorts. All pictures are appreciated.
  22. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Amazing job on bringing your weight back down mate, congratulations!
  23. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    Time to upgrade your Nokia.
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