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    Hi Guys, First time poster long time lurker. Thought this would be a good first post. Was heading back from the blue mountain last weekend and decided to swing past the Wet 'n' Wild site. As jjuttp said there are quite a lot of earth works going on. To give you an idea here are a few snaps. Looking forward to xmas 2013. Concept Layout For Reference Arial Photo With Photo Orientation Photo 1: Looking West from Watch House Road Photo 2: Looking North East From Reservoir Road Photo 3: Looking East From Reservoir Road
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    Guys can we please stop this on the forums, I come on here to read updates on Sea World's New Attraction 2013 not all this trivial other stuff. Move it to another conversation
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    ^ So what if he did? I only just heard about that. I don't pay much attention to the news, especially about kids performers. We just had an issue about threads going off track and becoming arguments between members, whether you intend it or not, we're 3 posts in and already this can be taken off track. OP, apart from the signs, (I'm not certain) but I don't think there is anything human-wiggle specific. The characters such as Wags and Dorothy I think would still be the same so there'd be no issue there.
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    Thank you matt - I totally agree. It seems lately we can't have a discussion on these forums without it degrading into irrelevant crap and insults. Whenever I log onto the forum and see that a thread like this has a new post I think "great, someone's got some more news" or maybe someone has uploaded new photos. Don't want to read this other stuff
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    Here's the deal, if this topic is still active with people talking crap, tomorrow, I'll temporarily close this topic to give people some time to cool their heads. I agree with the last two posts, no one wants to read it, and it must stop. Now.
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    As with most of the discussions that degenerate into this type of garbage, there is one common denominator to them ALL............................. [ Please oh please AlexB do it again.....
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    No, point is all you can tell from that poster is: -It will be a water coaster. -It will have a sea storm theme. How did you conclude from the poster that it won't have an indoor section? You said "by the looks of it".Looks of what on there? I'm just wanting to know your reasoning? It doesn't confirm anything, but if you posted it, i means you believe it yourself, at least a bit. Nope I just know the height of the giant wave Rumor has it the tidal wave will travel down the Nerang river, through the sea lion arena and through the park in a 40m wide concrete channel. The tidal wave wiIl of course, be powered by the thunder river pumps at DW.
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