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  1. And what happens if you go down the slide without any clothing face down!
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  2. you can't take any loose items when doing the climb, that's why you won't be seeing any pictures
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  3. I saw the site today in real life for the first time (from the top of Arkham), f*** it's huge.
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  4. You know the theme park community is shouting out for some credible info when people are arguing over the structural integrity of support columns...
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  5. Just looking back at the photos from your previous post in this thread.... you spend way too much money on shit.
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  6. Like I said earlier, methods for avoiding damage and disruption like that are well understood. eg look at this: https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-27.6360119,152.9743954,3a,31.3y,92.35h,88.88t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7H2952gTAT0H4zlcFx3dDw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 The toll gantry is at risk of being hit at 100kmh by a truck. The concrete footing the gantry sits on would be good enough to wreck any car whilst leaving the gantry unscathed, but on top of that, to be doubly sure, they put in an NJ barrier. Obviously the measures implemented depend on the risk involved...A shopping center car park with low speed traffic would have less stringent measures than a motorway with high speed traffic for example. It's a non issue.
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  7. DW have finally decided to theme their rides to Churros
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  8. Happy to say I found a new job! Starting tomorrow as an administrative officer for QLD TAFE ??
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  9. Personally I would have preferred to see a lap style restraint system for DD. I have already mentioned this in my initial review, however believe it to be overlooked at the time. I have ridden a few times since and find the ride is quite restrictive for people of height and /or size.. As a tall and bigger build guy, I found the extremely bulky restraints to be too constricting, pressing quite firmly on my shoulders with a bizarre seat belt clasp over the top of the harness - an odd design indeed. I found it to be even more restrictive than DW's Claw and suggest a Test Seat be made available to prospective Riders. I am in total aggreance with Coomera on the ride experience - it really needs to be faster, or at least offer a greater thrill version at times throughout the day. Surely it is capable of doing such.. right? For the millions of dollars spent on it I would hate to see MW missing the opportunity of running it for maximum thrills. Sugar coat all you like but you only need to see the lack of screams and nil wait to ride for yourself to know that the ride is not being publicly received as well as it perhaps should be. My other big concern is how the new area will stand the test of time for sustainability and durability. Without a hell of a lot of ongoing maintenance to most of the interactions, I imagine that they risk showing signs of weather and deteration quickly. I hope that a large portion of the wristband revenue will go favourably in the direction of Technical Services in upkeeping the overall presentation. Please don't get me wrong, I really, really enjoy the new area. And the ride. It truly is world class and for sure, adds so much to the Park. My biggest concern, perhaps much like Justice League is that Doomsday Destroyer and the Villains area just feel to be missing the mark in some parts. With a few simple tweaks here and there, I believe it could truly be the Home Run it deserves to be.
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  10. Cockburn is an actual district in Perth. It is pronounced co-burn. They are building the arc a part of a massive complex set to be the new home of the freo dockers. (Not where they play)
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