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    Been following this thread very keenly, thought I'd share a few observations and some speculation based on track piece numbers. I'm making a couple of assumptions, first is that track piece 49 is intended to sit down here: Photo: @AlexB Photo: @Glubbo Second is the observation @AlexB made about those little joining pegs at the end of track pieces. I'm fairly certain they do indeed point in the direction of travel, as if you take a look at piece 54 (seen with pegs pointing towards us) it would turn in the wrong direction once flipped right-side-up. With piece 49 at the base of the hill, we have a basic direction of travel (ascending track number order) to evidence this conclusion. Also note that piece 53 transitions from level to twisted, an appropriate orientation when considering 52 & 54. Anyway, enough with the justification and on with the speculation! Piece 52 was what initially prompted me to start looking at track numbers. It looks quite straight considering the location: Photo: @Glubbo Note the gradual curve of 51, as you would expect by the shape of the supports. I imagine piece 52 will be located near the top of these supports that have already risen. Also of interest on 52: there are some mounting points in the bottom right area of this piece - perhaps the location of a trim? (This is another reason I'm sure the pegs point in the direction of travel, Mack places brake fins with a left offset on the track) Photo: @Glubbo Piece 52 starts to make more sense when you look at pieces 53 and 54 right way up. 53, straight twist into bank: Photos: @Glubbo 54, curving twist: Photo: @AlexB So far we have upwards transition -> flattish piece with possible trim -> twist in to right hand bank. Now on to pieces 55 & 56: Photo: @Glubbo 55 seems to be a steady banked curve, 56 a curve with the bank flattening out. 57 and 58 are quite interesting - there seems to be a slight hilltop curve that could give the exit of this element a small bit of airtime. Photos: @JaggedJanine Photo: @Inverted I'm pretty certain that's piece 57 in the back right. We've got 55 and 56 in the foreground, 58 at back left so it would make logical sense to have 57 there too. Note the downwards curve: it's very slight but with good speed could provide a little surprise at the exit of the bank/overbank. Finally coming back to this picture we can see what must be piece 59 curving up, signalling the transition to whatever the next element may be. Photo: @Glubbo On that note, the numbers on the double-spine track do give us some small bits of information. Photo: @JaggedJanine Considering numbers 67 & 68 (in relation to the discussed element), I'd reason it's safe to say we're looking at the turnaround. Also of note - with a gap from 59 to 67 there's likely an element in between, maybe an airtime hill? Photo: @Glubbo The half-length piece is numbered 78, giving a clue about direction. If I were a betting man, I'd place money on the turn around being the same direction as Flash; with the train going up like an Immelman, not down like a dive loop. Final small observation: the very first pieces to arrive were numbers 55 & 56, directly followed by 57 & 58. These parts (likely) form the core of this initial element we're seeing. Thus, it would seem logical to assume Mack is building and delivering the track in pretty direct relation to build order. I've noticed many track pieces with numbers greater than 50 on them - yet to notice any below. We'll probably see later ride elements be put in place before the (theoretically) larger ones that would come before the current area of construction. The closure period of Green Lantern gives some further clues to this. Huge thanks to everyone going by Movieworld and posting great photos! I'd be completely in the dark without them.
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    The first time in my life i didn't want bloody easter!!
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    Good thing there is a poll attached.
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    TPSN once again showing they really are the short bus of theme park pages.
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    See, I don't think you can rate the 'top two' things that make a coaster fun - coasters are so diverse, offering such a range of different experiences, I don't think you could have one set of rules that applied to each. I mean - Green Lantern isn't really FAST or intense, or have heaps of inversions - but for a nice little compact coaster - its great. Likewise - it's light on in theme but is done clean and crisp - and it suits the ride. Arkham is ok, but really once you leave the station it's nothing special. VR is an add on, and an upcharge at that - somewhat gimmicky, which I don't want to rate too highly either - because although it's application can enhance a lacklustre ride experience, I don't want that - otherwise we will see many lacklustre rides installed, simply because 'its better with VR' (especially if you have to pay for the privilege). Superman is well rounded, speed, airtime, decent theme - but no inversions. I'm not saying thats a bad thing - but anyone who ranks inversions high instantly discounts what is currently Australia's best ranked coaster. So I looked at your list, and I honestly couldn't tell you which of those would be my number one, or number two. I've done Arrow and Intamin and B&M, Vekoma, Mack, Zamperla, Dynamic, WED, CCI, Zierer, Schwarzkopf, Bradley & Kaye, GCI, Giovanola, IAD, Dinn Corp, Setpoint and Premier, Hopkins and Pearce, Maurer, Meisho, Hyfab, SDC, Togo, Masago, S&S & PTC... and that's not counting travelling coasters. And you know what? I pretty much enjoyed every one of them, for what they were. But even when you lay out the manufacturers, some of them do such a wide variety of different coasters, few of which would all come into categories above that people have voted for. In my personal opinion, and @Santa07 I mean no disrespect here - good on you for asking a question to promote conversation about something else other than the colour purple or whether metric hypers are better than imperial hypers, but this thread is really so subjective and open to personal interpretation and opinion that you might as well have asked "what makes a train swim?" - to which the correct answer should be "bacon, because dolphins don't climb trees".
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    It must be a good overall ride, elements should work together and not be a "one trick pony"...
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    A cohesive and engaging story that's relevant to the theme of the park it's in. Arkham Asylum is a brilliant example of this.
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    According to TPSN, it's going to be the lift hill.
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    This was my 1st ride photo from the late 80's on the Thunderbolt -a guy used to stand next to the loops to take the photo
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    Sooner or later we'll be seeing this: North Korea has sent 3 missile strike attacks to America, killing hundreds of people. This comes after a malfunction on the Thunder River Rapids ride which killed 4 people last October.
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    Plot twist; there are 2 lift hills, 5 launch sections and 57 loops!
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    Expedition Geforce is 174 feet tall and has a max speed of 120kmh. Give the wheels a bit of WD40 and it would go 135 down the first drop.
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