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    The sooner our parks extend their closing and opening times the better. After experiencing the Disney parks in Orlando closing at 10 and 11pm in OFF peak times just highlighted how wrong our parks have got it. This could be a massive point of difference for Dream World if they adopt a similar plan. Extended opening hours is a move that would be embraced by the public at large. Install a Laser light spectacular or nightly parade or fireworks to give people the motivation to stay untll the end and I think it would be a winner. Of course, I would expect the Village Parks to quickly replicate these plans if this was to occur but this would only be positive for the industry as a whole. I know I would love the opportunity to ride at night in the GC parks.
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    Yes I'm sure Dreamworld thoroughly thinks through all decisions made at the park. "Yay reopening the mine ride will be good" "You know what goes well with Vintage Cars? Koalas you can't see!" "nah too many slats is the problem, take 2/3 of them off..."
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    I was more thinking about how it wont let water fly up and over the riders and instead hit it and then proceed to drip on them all the way to the offload... And then continue on the new riders at loading... That and the curved perspex narrowing the suns rays onto the people riding or the empty seats focusing it into a single line along the boat increasing the sun damage along the seats... But I'm sure these are all things they thought about before putting them in place...
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    The flat bottom and low displacement makes all flume rides unstable by design. This problem is taken care of with the depth of water and ensuring that the wheels on the boat bottom out long before a critical angle can be reached. The idea that the frame has anything to do with capsizing or preventing something like Thunder River Rapids needs to stop now because it's pretty dumb and ignores the basic design principles of flume rides.
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    I don't think our parks have the demand to be open late. Disney parks in Orlando also have a abundance of nightly entertainment, shops, restaurants, shows and resorts adjacent to the parks. Which our parks lack. Yes Movie World have Outback Spectacular and later this year Top Golf. But I don't think that is enough. I'm not ruling it out completely in the future. I think it is a good idea. If Movie Worlds hotel and entertainment precinct ever gets developed this may have a chance of working. (Just my opinions)
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    I'm not disagreeinng with you! Just saying Kevil Hill is a pretty good non-thrill attraction. Well, depending on your definition of thrill I suppose! More definitely needed though. I am dumb, so I await correction by someone wise!
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    What about Kevil Hill? Have you tried that? I am dumb, so I await correction by someone wise!
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    once again we already have a dark roller coaster i know you like roller coasters but its time to sit back and wait while some more family friendly attractions are added as for comeing to dreamworld rite now there currently nothing left at the park that i really like - wont to ride so i will wait and see what happens in the future
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    as i see it the gold coast has roller coasters its time for some new family friendly rides like i - Ride and a dark ride etc i have no problem with the majority been coaster first but the gold coast has roller coasters if dreamworld do take the family ride path to rebuild from the TRRR accident i think it will be big boost to the parks future it will help me wont to start comeing back to the park someday
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    the possibility of a new dark ride is the best news the gold coast theme parks have had for years for me so over every new major attraction been a roller coaster
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    I was thinking given how much hype there is with no actual announcement they were just going to rename the website to DreamNova?
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    I'm only going to count new coasters I rode this year. 1) DC Rivals 2) Deep Space (Adlabs) 3) Nitro (Adlabs) 4) El Loco (Adventuredome) 5) Gold Rush Express (Adlabs) 6) Canyon Blaster (Adventuredome) 7) Big Apple Coaster (New York New York Casino) 8) Big Dipper (Adelaide Show) 9) Jurassic Coaster (Ekka) It was a quiet year for me.
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    1. Millenium Force (Cedar Point) 2. Steel Dragon 2000 (Nagashima Spa Land) 3. Maverick (Cedar Point) 4. Gatekeeper (Cedar Point) 5. Valravn (Cedar Point) 6. Thunder Dolphin (Tokyo Dome City) 7. Hollywood Dream The Ride (Universal Studios Japan) 8. Hyperspace Mountain (Hong Kong Disneyland) 9. Flying Dinosaur (Universal Studios Japan) 10. White Cyclone (Nagashima Spa Land) Has been a really great year for me for coasters, and within the next two weeks I'll officially hit the big 100 on my Coaster Count!
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    2017 was a lean year: 1. Bug Run (Aussie World) .... ...that is all 😢
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    You aren’t the only one!! HAHA
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    Phantasialand This was the first theme park of the trip, and my first theme park outside of Australia. Since I visited during December, the park was in the middle of its Wintertraum event, which meant a very Christmas-y atmosphere around the park, and the short days resulted in plenty of night rides on some of their coasters. Upon opening I headed straight to Taron, which was unfortunately was suffering from technical difficulties (Intamin seal of quality ). My first ride of the day then became Colorado Adventure, the park's mine train. I was expecting a reasonably tame ride, but was very wrong as this coaster was mayhem from start to finish, throwing you around in the very open trains. Plenty of ejector airtime, and the loose lap bars made it even crazier. What's more, a large portion of this ride is in the dark, making the crazy turns and strong lateral Gs even more unexpected. My favourite part of the rid would definitely be the main drop after the second lift hill. Overall I'd rate this ride 9/10, this was definitely one of the most (pleasantly) surprising coasters of the trip. Next up was Talocan (the park's top spin). For me, this is the definition of a perfect flatride - incredibly forceful, fantastic theming and special effects, great to watch off-ride, and a killer soundtrack. It certainly wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea due to the repeated inversions, but this is definitely my new favourite flat ride. The only problem I have with this ride is that it makes Wipeout a lot more underwhelming now ). 10/10. Feng Ju Palace was my first Mad House, and overall I wasn't too impressed. The mad house concept is very cool but it needs a good storyline to make it a great ride, something this one didn't have. Definitely not the worst ride in the park, but I'd only rate it 4/10. Mystery Castle was my next ride. This is an enclosed shot/drop tower, with a very immersive theme. I would've been very happy to queue for a long time for this ride because of how fantastic the queue's theming was (however on the day I visited it was a walk-on). As a tower ride, I didn't find it as forceful as Batwing, but still thought it was a great ride. 9/10. Raik is one of the two coasters in the park's Klugheim area, and is a Vekoma family boomerang. Whilst the theming of this area is top-notch, I didn't really enjoy the coaster. The trains were very restrictive for a tall person like myself, and the ride didn't have too much force. That said it is a kiddie coaster - and does its job as one very well. 5/10. Finally got onto Taron... and initially I was quite disappointed. This ride has been hyped up so much and I was expecting to be blown away. Unfortunately I didn't get that on my first ride, and came off a little underwhelmed. However I found later in the day, this ride became the coaster I was expecting, especially in the front row, or at night. The ride starts with a turn out of the station while the ride's awesome dispatch music plays, before the first launch knocks your breath away. From there, it's a series of very snappy transitions, intense turns, and surprising headchoppers. The ride begins to lose its intensity towards the end of the first half, but then the second launch kicks in and you're thrusted to the ride's top speed. The second half of the ride is even more intense than the first. The sensation of speed passing through the buildings and rockwork is amazing. My only disappointment with this ride is the airtime isn't as strong as I was expecting - while the first airtime hill and one or two of the twists provide decent airtime, it's not nearly as intense as DC Rivals' airtime. Additionally, the airtime hill at the end of the ride is completely forceless due to the trims before it, which is really disappointing. Overall, it's truly a fantastic ride and I have certainly joined the Taron fanboys. Definitely something that needs to be ridden at night as it's by far the craziest night ride I've had on a coaster. Unfortunately, it does take some time each day for the ride to get warmed up. I'd rate this coaster 9.5/10 - DC Rivals is still my #1 coaster but this is not very far behind. I then did Das Verruckte Hotel Tartuffe, which is a very entertaining walkthrough/madhouse style of ride (I'd rate it 7/10). After that was Maus au Chocolat, a very well-themed shooting ride. I rode it twice but found it to be a little boring on the second run. Also rate this one 7/10. Next up was Winjas Fear and Force, a pair of Maurer spinners. Heads up - spoilers follow and if you haven't ridden this and are planning to do so sometime in the future, I'd recommend skipping this paragraph. These two coasters are very messed up due to several 'trick track' elements over the course of the two rides. Both use an elevator lift, which tilts you at the top, dropping you straight out of the lift. Additionally, towards the end of the ride the two coasters have a piece of track that tilts you (Fear tilts you forwards, while Force tilts you sideways). Finally, after the break-run, a section of track on each side bounces while you move over it. The main parts of both rides involve a mix of spinning sections and drops/airtime hills. I really enjoyed both sides, although ironically I found the Fear side more forceful, which is why it is my pick of the two. 7.5/10 for Force, and 8/10 for Fear. Temple of the Night Hawk is a very long and dark enclosed rollercoaster, and is known for being a very boring ride - something I can confirm. The entire ride is forceless with very little theming (and the theming that is there is a bit confusing). I didn't find it as bad as some of the reviews I've read made it out to be, but it's something I didn't need to ride again. 4/10. Black Mamba was my first B&M, and I was certainly not disappointed. Smooth, intense, and a really fun ride. The near misses with the rocks and trees makes this ride even more fun. The ride's drop is surprisingly forceful, as is the first loop. The 0-G rolls are a lot of fun. The second half of the ride is mostly made up of turns, helixes and tunnels and isn't as good as the first half, but is still very enjoyable. At night this ride is even better as there is very little lighting around the ride which means it is very hard to see where you are going. My only complaint about this ride is that there is a little bit of headbanging (but it's not too much). 9/10 for this ride, it would be 10/10 if it didn't have the headbanging. I thought I was a little crazy for doing Chiapas in the middle of Europe's freezing winter, but it wasn't actually too bad as you only get a light spray of water. This ride is fantastic - it's something that will make you feel so happy every time you ride (mostly due to the soundtrack). Here I was thinking Wild West Falls is a top notch log flume - but as I discovered it's possible to get a lot better! 10/10 for sure. The rest of the day was mostly re-rides, with Geister Riksca (I think that's how you spell it...) my last new ride of the day. I was the only person I saw on the ride, and I worked out why - this ride was just really, really weird with no storyline whatsoever. A couple of the scenes were quite cool, but I spent most of the ride wondering how long it would take so I could get back in the queue for Taron. 3/10. Overall, this park is beautiful, with so much quality of theming and detail everywhere you go (expect for maybe Temple of the Night Hawk). I was really impressed that the park had almost all of their rides running during winter (as far as I was aware the only rides that were closed were water rides). I didn't see any of the shows as I preferred to get re-rides on my favourite rides (in total I got 9 rides on Taron, 5 rides on Black Mamba, and 2 rides on most other rides I enjoyed). The crowds were very low when I visited, almost every ride was a walk-on except for Winjas (which were about 5 minutes each) and Taron (which was about 15 minutes - however the single rider was mostly empty which I made the most of). When F.L.Y. opens I'm sure this park will be even more amazing. Very jealous of people like @Coaster Hipster who are able to visit amazing parks like this fairly regularly.
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