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    So had my first ride on the ‘new’ boats yesterday. Loading and unloading is painfully slow and terribly thought out. No physical barrier at the top of your stairs and ride op at the bottom constantly telling people to not stand at the top of the stairs but instead stand back before the stairs. Stupidity. Sometimes passengers desembarked in the traditional unload platform, whereas sometimes they got off on the loading spot (no idea why given only one channel/side is in operation). Boats constantly overshot the loading platform too, well not overshot it, but because of the stupid frame for the roof there wasn’t enough room between the platform barriers and the frame to get into the front seat - they literally had people getting in the back and climbing over the seat divider to get to the front! Due to the inefficient unloading - there was a constant backup of logs, and apparently no stacking/blocking design as empty boats constantly collided with boats people were attempting to climb into. all in all - it’s stupid, and whilst I am no insurance assessor, my honest belief is that there is far more chance of an injury or incident in the current form of loading than there ever was before
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    So at the park today with @ABYSS and noticed a few things: Sprinklers have been added to the Rampage queue which was something they were asked to do last week. Inferno tower is back up and should be opening in the coming days. Goliath merchandise Will be available next season. More crow statues have been added to Goliath area.
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    They banned me on Twitter because I said that starting a witch hunt on disabled people isn't a great idea. Dude be cray.
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    I was waiting to get on EE and I was in the front row and the cast member at that control panel went to the back row to check harnesses so while she went down I pulled out my phone and took a pick. The control panel was very close I could literally touch it.
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    Proposed cinema complex at LPS looks interesting? Not sure what it means for the location of the planned Flying Carousel? Thought that would go on the old UFO site. http://www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=9056
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    Great find!! This appears to relate to a DA that was approved in 2005 for construction of a 5 cinema complex that would replace the existing Admin Building. This proposal is dated 12th January 2018, is for an amendment of this idea for- wait for it- a "Flying Theatre" attraction The DA acknowledges that : Pretty sure that if this goes ahead, then the space where the Flying Saucer was and where the Flying Carousel is slated to be installed, will be consumed by this project. I will definitely be seeking clarification on this point!! Once again great find and very positive signs for Luna Park!
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    gee those people living on the other side of the motorway are going to be pissed. First Green Lantern, then Rivals, now TopGolf is going to be projecting 'light pollution' into their bedrooms at night! whatever will they do?
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    Well I have a 4 year old that will be happy with the news.
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