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  1. Hope y'all are not too sick of these reviews, because here come my personal opinions on the event. Mazes: I will agree with most of the reviews and say House of Kain is definitely the winning maze of this year. Whoever designed this one certainly had way too much fun doing it. The scares were about average, but the uniqueness and impressiveness of the sets and makeup were what made this maze. It's definitely one you have to go through slowly if you want to take everything in. This maze was definitely a step in the right direction, and the park should definitely try to make more uniqu
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  2. A FORMER senior Dreamworld manager is expected to make an application to give evidence under special provisions when the inquest into what caused the Thunder River Rapids Ride tragedy starts again on Monday. The special provisions will mean the employee will not be able to prosecuted for any information revealed about the tragedy during the inquest. The disaster occurred after a pump stopped working on the Thunder River Rapids Ride, causing water levels to drop and a raft to become stuck on the conveyor belt on October 25, 2016. That raft was hit by another carrying Luke Dorsett
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  3. Yes, I will be attending an live posting from the courtroom again.
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  4. Renovation updates: Went down to the park again today to check out some of the progress they've made on the Wild Mouse Structure. As you can see, it's a MASSIVE improvement to what it looked like before. The awning near the cafe has also been redecorated in order to fit with the circus tent theming. \ In addition, after months of repair, the Tango Train is once again up and running. But something bugged me about it; they never took the opportunity to finish off painting the office! I was told a year ago that painting would be finished once the TT w
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  5. Never done Airbnb in Singapore, but the ones in Japan were super organised. I think a lot of countries have cracked down on Airbnb recently. Elizabeth and York Hotels are fairly reasonably priced hotels near the Orchard Road MRT area. The York even has family rooms where there is a large double bed and two singles. They're pretty exclusive as they're in the tower part of the hotel. We do know people who have rented an Airbnb around the Orchard Road area and it was good, since they could put their kid to bed early.
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  6. themagician covers a chunk of it plus its not exactly legal and singapore authorities arent exactly "friendly" so you are risking your money for no real reason. there are tonnes of hotels in singapore. the singapore MRT is excellent, just find a decent cheap hotel near a MRT station and you are set absolutely no need to stuff about or take any risk with airbnb
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  7. I definitely wouldn't bother trying to do Airbnb when you haven't done it before, especially when in another country. And the process to register and then organise to get access to the home/apartment can be annoying. I would recommend to just book with a main stream hotel. There are some quite cheap ones which aren't too out of the way. But obviously staying within the city is expensive, so explore further out a little.
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  8. Tonight’s review (May be some spoilers) Now this year hasn’t definitely improved in some areas, but then dissatpointed in others. Beginning: Unlike previous years, there is no beggining show. Actors are let out, and they run around and then escape to their positions. This was a real disappointment because I’ve found previous characters like the gate keeper really add to the opening of the event. And unlike previous years, where they’ve just dropped the rope and you run, this time, they slowly move the rope until you get to the maze area. Which made things actually more diff
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  9. Seems like wipeout is down again, so 5 out of 9 of the thrill rides are operating.
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