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    As far as the queue goes the way it's been set up would actually make it very easy to do while the ride is operational. Close off one side of the queue (which they currently have) and finish the theming works on it. Once that's done, close the other side and open the finished side and then when that's done reopen the queue up fully. Everyone was freaking out about the outside queue being full all the time during peak period but realistically that queue was only as long as if the whole inside queue was used. I have high hopes for what Village can pull off with Scooby with a bit more tweaking, but expectations are a different kettle of fish sadly. Hope they prove me wrong and actually finish the job instead of leaving it the sub standard it is now.
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    Wow, I never realised how much that photo makes it look like a lego model.
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    Last year they did celebrate their 30th birthday, I think an exhibit showcasing the ‘best of’ from what they’ve made of that time period would be cool.
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    Thought I replied but it didn’t work... all exterior work is complete as far as I know and it seems like interior is done aswell. Guess it’s just sinking the ride or something that comes with this style of attraction. Last update was of the merchandise inside the shop.
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    Well... just back from Carnivale and what can I say but VTP striking out 3 times with all 3 night events noticably poorer in quality & quantity to their previous runs. - less food options, and of those options the quality was worse - no stage in the main food area anymore, so no live singing at all, just the odd roving entertainment coming through and the girl swinging off the rope/ring off the roof. - Aquacolour clocked in at 8mins vs 20mins last year - ambience and general atmosphere just wasn’t there - and I think that is partially due to its location at SW not allowing for a parade, and the summer setting meaning it’s still light for more than half the event which doesn’t help with creating a Carnivale atmosphere. Whilst the always good buffet saved WC, there was no overall redeeming feature here. Would not pay for entry.
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    Topgolf expansion plans have been put on hold according to an article from Ausleisure: The Village Roadshow board has reportedly halted plans to develop up to eight Topgolf venues in Australia and the Asia Pacific as a result of uncertainty over the financial performance of the first Gold Coast location. In 2016, Village Roadshow signed an agreement with US-based Topgolf to bring the concept to Australia. Village took a 67% equity stake and provided 100% of the $35 million capital. The company had big ambitions for the brand – and in March 2018 called on landowners to support locations for new venues. At the time, Village Entertainment Chief Executive Kirk Edwards stated "we plan to open eight venues across Australia and key APAC territories, and have been delighted to hear from multiple operators of both new and existing developments across Australia.” The company spent $35 million on its first Topgolf venue which opened in June 2018, next to its Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast and Warner Bros. Movie World attractions. However, the Australian Financial Review has reported that Topgolf Australia has opted to reduce its stake in the partnership from 33.3% down to 3.7% - taking Village’s exposure to 96.3%. The AFR reports that plans to build eight Topgolf centres have now been put on hold. The news coincides with reports of disagreements between Village Roadshow Deputy Chairman, John Kirby; Executive Chairman, Robert Kirby and Chief Executive, Graham Burke.
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    I don’t think Kong v Godzilla is exactly going to be rich on props - the title characters are entirely CGI, and “this is the costume that character x wore when looking for kong” or “this is the car that Godzilla stepped on” is hardly interesting or going to bring anyone into the park. They’d get more out of having a Dora The Explorer exhibit launching when the movie drops in August
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    Thanks @rac2703 for automatically giving me a "nauseating" to everything I post. I can tell you've clearly gotten over that time I called you out for being an idiot.
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    Sorry that’s an error. I promise my spelling is at a higher standard than that!
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    Hey GCAF what's the difference between sinking and syncing?
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    Whilst probably not of too much interest to most of you, thought i'd upload some photos and a bit of a trip report from a visit just prior to Christmas that i've only just got to. All in all i think the Shaun the Sheep integration in the park is fantastic. Multiple photo opps with some quality statues all over the park starting from the carpark walkway. The show is entertaining for the kids, and a fresh concept for the park, definitely done "in house" as opposed to a port from somewhere else - my only complaint would be the need for air con or more fans in the area The tractor ride is simple, but i had hoped it would have been more elaborate. It is literally a 4-5 minute ride from in front of the current Stockman show paddock, up the path between the main building and the kangaroo walk through/photo shop, past the bird feeding area (which has a "stop" for departing passengers only, no one can get on at this point, though its only 1 minute from the main stop anyway). It would be have been nice for it to take in the surrounds of the park or the extremities at least and turn it into a 10-15 min ride. The tractor/train itself is well theme. The kids playground is just that... the waterplay area i missed as we were heading to Wet N Wild afterwards. The new building up towards to the top of the park ("Adventure Camp") is quite good - it has air con (yay) and bean bags/seats to sit down and relax with STS playing on the screen. There is free colouring/arts stations for the kids. There is also an upcharge activity which i have to say is actually well worth it and not just a money making gimmick. For $10 you get a set of clay and instructions on how to build a clay shaun the sheep and his dog friend (NFI what his name is). Once complete, you take it over to a little station that is set up as a farm with toy animals etc, and using an ipad you make your own little claymation clip (basically making small movements between each photo, which are then all put together into a clip - roughtly 50-60 shots making a 5 or so second clip - exactly the same process claymation animation uses, which is then emailed to you. The additions have probably padded the park out to a 3/4 day experience if you wanted to see all the shows - but given we had seen them all and really just went to see the new additions, it was about 2 hours before we were burning up and headed to WnW.
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    A reminder of what the food options used to be once upon a time - Seafood Boil-Up Seafood Chowder Cobb Meat or Seafood Po Boys Gumbo Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalepenos BBQ Chicken Wings Orleans Dog Pulled Pork Roll Slow Cooked Ribs Jambalaya Buffalo Chicken Wings Millionaire's Bacon Key Lime/Pecan Pie
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    I said it for Wild West Falls and I'll say it again, throw a bunch of vapers in the disco room and pay them in fidget spinners to make it foggy.
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