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    I love that they've put a demo chair out the front already, so you can see if you fit in the harness on the finished attraction. You can even preview it in shade AND sun. They really do listen to social feedback.
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    I’d recommend that you can’t be a contributing member until you no longer have to be in bed by 8 on school nights...
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    Picture this. @pushbuttonis riding the Play School Wheel and it's a little too fast for him and he gets dizzy. Push takes himself to the medical room for a little laydown. During Push’s recovery he overhears the staff talking how DW are building a clone Bermuda Triangle. Push instantly goes into cardiac arrest and an ambulance is called. Time is wasted while the ambulance crew are trying to get push and their equipment out the door while performing CPR on Push and he doesn’t make it. ☹️ DW spent the money for a new First Aid room and managed to F it up. Don't believe me? DW have a plaque for @pushbutton at the entrance.
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    GOLD Coast’s Sea World will tomorrow unveil a “game-changing” new visitor attraction city leaders have been desperate for: a $50m new thrill ride precinct. Village Roadshow Theme Parks, which operates Sea World, will reveal three new adventure rides in a new 1.5-acre zone being added to its Sea World park in the next 18 months. Village Roadshow CEO Clark Kirby, in an exlusive interview with the Bulletin running tomorrow, says it plan will be a “game-changer” for the city and create a whole new destination. A Village preview of tomorrow’s announcement, to be attended by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, says: “Village Roadshow Theme Parks is set for an exciting 18-months with $50 million dollars scheduled to be spent, including thrilling new attractions for the Gold Coast parks, enhancing guest experiences, and maintaining Village Roadshow Theme Parks’ high standards of animal welfare, technology and plant integrity. Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO, Clark Kirby will be joined by Queenlsand Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk at Sea World tomorrow to announce the new attractions.” The investment is Village Roadshow’s biggest since it unveiled the new 1.5km hyper coaster at its Movie World theme park at Oxenford in mid-2017. The Gold Coast Bulletin will have full details of the new Sea World precinct and the first images exclusively at goldcoastbulletin.com.au from midnight Skeet needs to buy more beer on the way home so he doesn't run out before 12.
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    Sky Voyager Store’s inside lighting.
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    So I figured its been a while since anyone has posted any near map images. So here is most of the parks in Australia. If I missed any just let me know. Jamberoo Action Park - 29 Mar 19 Adventure Park Geelong -25 FEB 19 Aussie World - 24 MAR 19 Movie World - 16 JAN 19 Wet N Wild GC - 16 JAN 19 Sea World - 24 NOV 18 Star flyer close up LPM - 07 APR 19 The Maze Outback Splash - 23 FEB 19 Gumbya World - 02 APR 19 LPS - 04 MAR 19 Dreamworld - 06 NOV 18 Lazy River construction Sky Voyager Fun Fields - 07 MAR 19 Adventure World - 24 FEB 19 WNW Sydney - 07 APR 19
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    F-me I'm sitting here having a beer and toasting Village on their commenment and love they're giving to the parks. Village is investing in Australian parks like we have never seen before in this country and I can't believe somebody is being negative Nancy without even knowing the details.
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    For a laugh, last weekend myself and @Luke did a "water slide crawl" around a few aquatic centers in Melbourne to try a few new proslide and whitewater attractions. We didn't do all the substantial aquatic centers, but still got to try a few unique ones. If you're a Victorian, and Funfields/Gumbuya just isn't enough, and want to kill a couple of hours one weekend, this is a cheap fun activity. We started at Aquapulse Werribee, which has a Proslide Pipeline , as well as a Tornado 24 / Behemoth Bowl 40 hybrid. The raft slide was pretty pedestrian...Cut Snake at WWW is more intense, though it did have a small drop at the end with a small pop of air. What you see is what you get, with a couple of figure 8s. The hybrid slide was much better. The Tornado section did seem to lose speed a lot quicker than other ones, it seemed to gather a lot more water at the bottom, which made it a little rough, and after a couple of oscillations you'd come to a near halt. The other half was better, particularly when riding backwards, with a bit of a head rush/dizziness in the helix, and more speed in the bowl compared to the quite frankly sluggish Double Bowlseye in Sydney. A steep drop out of the bowl makes for an exciting finish. I've ridden the double Tornado 24 at Watermarc in Greensbourough, and I thought that one had the better funnels. The next stop was Aquanation in Ringwood. This turned out to be the most expensive....All of the centres cost about $9 to get in, but this one charged another $8 or so to use the slides. This one has a Twister enclosed bodyslide, and a Skybox drop slide with a 360 helix. Both of theme were fairly comfortable., but we were getting some shoulder blade marks by the end. The skybox slide felt a little less intense than the wedgie. When you ride, it's bizzare, and you don't notice the steepness of the helix. When you ride it feels more like you are going around a flat turn. The body slide was good fun, but gets pretty wild towards the end, owing to a fairly short recovery distance between one turn and the next, so you'd be coming into the wall of the next turn at a somewhat oblique angle, causing some strong forces and a fair bit of water thrown across you. The final stop was Frankston PARC. We had to laugh when the promotional screens at reception, on their loop of media, had one screen that said something along the lines of "Sometimes staff make mistakes, we are only human, please do not yell at staff". Truly, we were in Frankston. This place has both a Constrictor slide, and an Aquasphere / Python fusion slide from Whitewater West (A Python is one size up from the Rattler seen at Gumubya/WnW Sydney) The Constrictor only had a couple of the actual constrictor elements, so it didn't stack up to the intensity of the one in Sydney. Just as it was picking up speed, it was over, nor was it as dark. The back seat is the better one on this, because you get a bit of a "flick"/drifting type sensation in the helices. The Python slide has had a chequered history. Originally it was three aquaspheres on this ride, but a number of injuries shortly after opening led to its closure. Now there is just one sphere, and the rest of the slide was rebuilt, with the Python element as the new ending. You can just see the aquasphere element below, sort of looking like a soccer ball. The operations here were a bit of a clusterf, with a single harried staff member trying to run both slides, with what was quite obviously a complex procedural process. Each rider had to be weighed every time, and the raft had to be secured with snap on carabiners and cables to hold it in place at the start tub, and then released for dispatch. Neither ride was anywhere near running at capacity. What was cool is that they had one of those vertical raft conveyors, so neither slide required you carry a raft up. So, the Python. This thing is unique. It's the most camp thing ever to start with, owing to being fitted with a control panel at the start where you can pick your sound track and lighting pattern We heard plenty of American surf guitar tunes, "it's raining men" and jingle bells during our rides. The lights were neither here nor there, just a few colour changing led spotlights. As for the slide, the aquasphere part is wild, and you practically go vertical on the first one. I can see how this would have been crazy if there were three in a row. On some rides, the water builds up behind you in the first tunnel, so when you drop into to the sphere and climb the wall, the water behind you rushes in just as you are coming back down, and whack! you get swamped. The following twists and turns are all in the dark and felt a little bumpy between the seams, so you get a bit of a bottom massage. The final python element is pretty wild too, with a steep drop in, and fairly sustained oscilations as you move down the chamber, right to the end. Again, the water that builds up behind your raft follows you into the main chamber, but instead what happens is that it the mass of water just misses you, goes up the wall and is thrown over itself in a tsunami, which is pretty spectacular to watch. So thats our day, to sum up the Werribee slides are quite and enjoyable and refined, the ones at Ringwood are good, but perhaps not the best value for money. The Frankston ones have that wild WTF factor about them.
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    Not sure what a "thrill ride" really is these days, seems DW's bought a few of them over the years with modest long-term success for the Park itself. "Sideshow" type rides belong in a sideshow themed setting. John Longhurst understood this, with the beautiful and easily achieved "Country Fair" setting, here the park could buy relatively affordable rides and use them to provide a fun area, which rested on the "foundation" of the Thunderbolt rolleroaster. DW your key word going forward should be making DW Beautiful again....thrills are great...Beauty is greatER! ToT is a thrill, nothing wrong with it. But, the noise it makes has dominated the park for years. The old train station, the gardens, the vintage cars drove through, the way it blended into Rivertown, with the paddle-wheeler - beautiful and for some weird reason, no-one can really explain, all butchered for mostly 3rd rate attractions. How in God's good name, was the "bike rollercoaster" thing monstrosity ever put there, where the vintage cars made perfect sense? Let's face it, we do know why, merchant bankers/accountants running a themepark! It'll take some years DW, but you need to understand, you can have it all, thrills and more thrills, but you have to treat the park layout with respect.
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    VILLAGE Roadshow will build a new $50 million Gold Coast theme park with three cutting-edge thrill rides at Sea World in a game-changing 18-month redevelopment plan. The centrepiece of the 1.5 hectare addition to its Main Beach site will be a one kilometre wooden roller coaster – with a pair of backwards seats – that travels at 80km per hour. Village will roll out the first of the rides – an 18-metre giant pendulum swing similar to Dreamworld’s recently retired Wipeout attraction – by December. It will be followed by a 52-metre high ride that spins guests at 36km per hour high above The Spit in April, 2020. The new roller coaster will be operational by December, 2020. They are the key features of what Village Roadshow is calling The New Atlantis, a “utopian precinct”. It will also promote Sea World’s extensive marine conservation work. The new roller coaster will be 1km long and travel at 80km per hour Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby, speaking exclusively to the Bulletin, said the investment had been two years in the planning and would revitalise one of the country’s favourite theme parks. Mr Kirby, who will officially unveil the development this morning alongside Premier Annastacia Palasczcuk at Sea World, said: “The New Atlantis will be a game-changer for Sea World and become a destination in its own right where our guests can experience the myths, mysteries, quests and challenges located within this new multimillion-dollar utopian precinct. “The New Atlantis has been designed as a fully immersive precinct with the rides complimented by sleek, eye-catching and architecturally aesthetic theming including waterfalls, fountains, statues and hanging gardens to take guests on the ultimate Atlantean adventure.” It is Village Roadshow’s first big outlay since it launched Movie World’s new $30m DC Rivals HyperCoaster in Oxenford, the longest and fastest in the southern hemisphere. Mr Kirby said it had been encouraging to see Queensland’s Government investment in The Spit Masterplan which was key for Village to green light The New Atlantis. “We pushed the button on this because The Spit masterplanning – which we are actively involved with and working with Government on – was one of the catalysts. “Sea World is a beloved property here on the Gold Coast and across Australia. “But there was some ageing infrastructure that needed to be reborn. What we have come up with is true to what Sea World is all about – in terms of conservation, having fun and something really dramatic that will stand the test of time.” The new wooden coaster had a life span of 100 years and Mr Kirby said extra additions to the precinct would also be revealed when under construction. Village Roadshow Theme Parks chief operating officer Bikash Randhawa said The New Atlantis would be visible from Southport’s Broadwater and become a skyline icon. “I can see every promotion of the Gold Coast which features the Q1 tower now also featuring this. What we have here is world-class,” Mr Randhawa said. The New Atlantis will also draw more attention to Village Roadshow’s conservation work carried out by the Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation. It will feature an amphitheatre for shows, presentations and activities to educate guests on how they can help protect and conserve the ocean environment. Mr Kirby said it was time Village made a bigger deal of the marine conservation work which includes rescues of 60 sea turtles and relocation of a humpback whale. The foundation has also donated millions towards marine vertebrate research. Sea World staff are also on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year for marine animal rescues. On top of its Sea World revamp, Village Roadshow will also boost blockbuster theming at Movie World later this year. In November, Warner Bros. Movie World will host set pieces, props and costumes from big-budget films The Great Gatsby, Mad Max, Wonder Woman, Shazam and Suicide Squad. Cat and mouse duo Tom and Jerry will also be added to Movie World’s life-size character line-up from September. Gold Coast leaders across council, tourism and business have been crying out for new attractions to reinvigorate the city tourism profile since last year. Mr Kirby said Village Roadshow were happy to oblige with its megabucks Sea World investment. “We can see there is so much potential for the Gold Coast and it is wonderful to have such strong leaders at all levels of tourism,” he said. “Destination Gold Coast is doing a fantastic job of promoting the Gold Coast and we are giving them further tools to do their job. “The Gold Coast is world-class now with incredible restaurants, incredible shopping while beaches and theme parks are still synonymous with the Gold Coast and that is what drives tourism.”
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    It's been a while since any rumours or news relating to the Entertainment Precinct and this is what I’ve found out to date. On the 28 February 2017, the Council issued a decision notice agreeing to apply a superseded planning scheme to the carrying out of assessable development that is, exempt development (now ‘accepted) The decision made by the Council relates to a proposed Tourist Facility (Theme Park Associated Restaurant and Dining Precinct). WHERE VILLAGE IS AT: Village is now seeking to extend the approval until 9 February 2027 and the request for extension is based on the following grounds. 1. Turbulence in the local and national theme park sector has resulted in delay or reconsideration of future developments occurring within the Theme Park. The six year extension is considered necessary in order to provide the applicant with enough time to monitor the theme park market recovery and to progress the detailed design and construction of the development. 2. Village lodged a development application seeking approval for an overflow car parking facility on land located at 12 Michigan Drive. An appeal in the Planning and Environment Court was lodged against the deemed refusal of this development application. 3. Village worked with the Council to negotiate an appropriate outcome that allows for the delivery of the necessary overflow car park to support ongoing theme park operations. 4. The appeal was finalised and a development permit for the overflow car park facility granted March 2019. The uncertainty created by these protracted negotiations associated with the approval of the proposed overflow car parking facility has meant the Village has been unable to progress the theme park hotel and associated restaurant and dining precinct. Given the overflow car parking facility was recently approved, Village can recommence its internal business case and delivery considerations associated with the theme park hotel and associated restaurant and dining precinct. The work was placed on hold whilst the overflow car park matter was resolve, a substantial extension to the current period is required, to allow for the internal business case and funding to be progress, detailed design, construction and ultimately commencement of the use. WHAT'S IN THE ENTERTAINMENT PRECINCT: The development involves: A 9-storey theme park hotel with a total of 398 suites, with a total building height of 32 metres. The hotel includes the following guest services and facilities: Ground Level: Reception, lobby, administration office, business centre, bar, function centre, café, kitchen, kids club, amenities, gym and hotel back of house facilities; Level 1: Ramp access and elevated walkway providing guest connection to the adjoining restaurant and dining precinct building and theme park entrance; Levels 1 to 8: Common lounge area on each level for indoor guest recreation; and Extensive outdoor swimming facilities, outdoor guest recreation areas and feature landscaping plantings. A 3-storey restaurant and dining precinct building incorporating a ground level café and upper level restaurant/dining room. Guest access to the restaurant and dining precinct is provided via an elevated walkway above the proposed porte-cochere, which will provide a prominent architectural feature. As I noted already Village are conducting an internal business case so what I have listed could change and probably will but it does give you an idea of the size of the precinct.
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    Sky Voyager Ride Express line now up - also PSA engineering are working on it. Locker Hire got a repaint and the tiles in the toilets were cleaned. Cosentino stand in the Dreamworld Emporium. Gates installed at the entrance of the park. The train is being worked on to the left of Buzzsaw. Crowds were good at Dreamworld today with even the rides being occupied. Sometimes people aren’t riding but are just there for Cosentino, but that wasn’t the case. The ride lines were good. Everything was running and I think they’ve really mastered peak and off peak periods. When the park is dead, a lot of things around Dreamworld are turned off. Today with good crowds, most rides were running, all the fountains were working and I couldn’t identify any cost cutting measurements. Only complaint is Buzzsaw is still unreliable and was shut for the day (while I was at the park). Other than that minor inconvenience and of course the train which comes out of maintenance next month, the park is running well.
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    Meh. No one has been bullied. Sick of people throwing that word around who have no clue what bullying truly is, and how the inaccurate use of it to describe someone who simply disagrees with you and provides a reason for it, just dilutes it (thanks for the 6 month delayed fountain you just threw me for the last time I commented about this in another post @Jobe). My dad told me something when I was younger that has always stayed with me - no one will take the time to bother to criticise, insult or tease you if they didn’t care about you or what you have to say. If they didn’t care, they’d simply ignore you. (Or block you these days). Take a bit of ribbing or banter for what it is, and don’t let the thoughts & comments of people who you have no real relationship with affect you in a negative way
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    Well, it's certainly taken a while, but I'm at Dreamworld right now and at long last SkyVoyager is actually, finally open! I'm in the queue, which only has about 20 people at the moment. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.
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    Got down to the park today to check out Luna Park's lates ride - the Volarè (and can confirm it is pronounced VOL-ARE-AY). So, first impressions. Walking into the park, it absolutely DOMINATES the midway, and although the chairs don't entirely swing out past the edge, it's certainly incredible being up so high.The backdrop (as others have mentioned) has been updated and features some new buildings, as well as clouds at the bottom. IMO, the backdrop fits in quite nicely, which was definitely surprising but nice to see. As for the ride itself, I had two rides on it throughout the day and this thing absolutely halls ass! One of the more forceful wave swingers I've ever done, and much more so than the Zierer models. The drives are super loud, which certainly adds to the atmosphere of the ride, along with the screaming of riders. Operations were a bit slow, but considering the 64 capacity, it only took around 15 minutes to get on with a relatively full queue, which was nice. As for the appearance of the ride itself, I think that although Zierer would have done a better job, the overall appearance of the ride is pretty spot on, and certainly fits in with the aesthetic of Luna Park.The characters murals surrounding the top of the ride are a really nice touch, and the lighting also reflects a typical old-fashioned funfair/carnival vibe. I have a on-ride video I filmed (with park permission of course) that I will post as soon as my computer figures out how to handle 4K clips, until then, enjoy the pictures.
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    I think closing the whole park for a few months does have some merit. It would allow them to do hardcore construction without having to juggle operations and having it impact on guest experience. It also gives you a chance to relaunch, and draw a line in the sand and say 'that was Old DW, this is new DW' and gives a good chance to change the narrative about the park. It only works if you're adding a good couple of rides and you're upfront with what you're removing before you do it.
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    Hopefully Village is now in a better position. If MW wanted to deliver a killer blow to DW it's about time for MW to pull the finger out of the butthole and build a descent kids area. And it goes without saying but for the thick people, Village needs to cancel all contracts with Showtimefmx. Showtimefmx is Easter Show level, not theme park level.
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    Wonder how long it will take to deem the chairs too risky of kids standing on them and putting a cage over them to prevent an accident. As a double bonus though, the cage would act as a secondary shade solution for maximum shade effect!
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    Without getting into too much fan fiction, my plan would be basically this; MUCH cheaper tickets. DW can't compete with the others on price right now, and having high tickets just means an empty park. DW needs people in the park for atmosphere. Secondly, make a list of what needs to go, and make replacement plans. Once the plans are somewhat settled, advertise the last day of operations for whatever it is you're closing. On the last day announce what the replacements are to be, complete with concept art both in park and to the media. Build hype for the future. Plans should include at least 1 new awesome top of the range coaster.
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    Had an awesome time at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year, and it was a pleasure to meet @HussRainbow87, who was working on the Beast. Was so cool to see how the ride operated, and then had easily the best ride I've had on it with limited spinning, which allowed for heaps of airtime at the top. Even got to have a go spruiking on the microphone, which was a lot of fun. Again, massive thanks to HussR for being an absolute legend, and thanks for the multitude of stickers I have now laying at home haha! Also got to film inside the Paybox/Control cabin on the Soundwave ride (A Waltzer-Style ride from the UK). Was again really cool seeing how it was operated, with all the lights being synced up to the music. A massive thankyou to everyone at GPL amusement for allowing it to happen! And of-course, here's the video from that, enjoy!
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    Just a quick visit to AW, today. They did halt operations and observed a minute’s silence at 11am. I entered the park just before 10 from the members’ entrance. Struggled with a dodgy locker before securing a sun lounge and hitting the pool. It was 29 degrees, today, with warmer temperatures forecast for the weekend. I went on the rapids and the waterslides before any sort of queue formed. The bumper boats are now working in a similar way to the go-karts, with the red group going out, then the yellow ones getting loaded up, with a brief lap over time in between. There are coloured flags so you know which group has to go back. The Grand Prix had a wait time of approximately 45 minutes. There were long queues for most rides, with Kraken posting a 40 minute wait on its board. Visited the Aussie Wildlife Experience and caught up with Keeper Amie for the last time, this season. Dudley and Patrick were being given some treats. She has a theory that one of the heads of department runs Patrick the peacock’s Instagram account. There was a long, but smooth flowing, line for lunch. The verandah roof for the Kahuna Cafe has been painted bright colours. The barbecue at the Kahuna Bar was busy too, with plenty of people buying alcohol with lunch. There wasn’t any progress with Mi-4, only the pipes near Kraken have been capped. The grass, especially behind the Tornado funnel, looks very short too. I’ll be back for the last day of the season on Sunday.
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    When we put the prices up at Adventure World we hardly got boo from anyone, because the quality is there. I'm pretty confident we could have pushed the prices even higher without much resistance. VFM is not about price, it's about the equation of $$ and what you get for it. There will always be cheap people. They can go to LP Melbourne.
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    Sorry I think most of the members of this forum are better than that. Not really necessary in my opinion. Not judging , just like many, giving my opinion. I do not usually embroil myself in these sort of posts.
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    Anyway, TIME FOR MY FINAL WEEKLY VOLARE UPDATE! Seeing as the ride is pretty much complete now, this is basically going to be my last update focused on the construction progress of this ride. Here's some pics I took this evening: Here's the "bridge" entry to the ride. Obviously not as grand as the ones of yore but it's pretty nice. And considering the main entrance is the Helter Skelter structure, it's nothing too major. Now THIS is something that surprised me. They've fixed the giant fake plug that attaches to the Helter Skelter (ex Lighthouse) structure. I honestly thought they might've been removing this bit of theming considering it was from the 90's era of LPS and they might've wanted to move forward but low and behold... And finally, here's a video I took of the Volare in action: IMG_7918 - converted with Clipchamp.mp4 In other news, the Tango Train is down AGAIN. I'm hoping this will FINALLY be the time when they finish painting the office behind the ride, but I doubt it.
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