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    I’d recommend that you can’t be a contributing member until you no longer have to be in bed by 8 on school nights...
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    Well, it's certainly taken a while, but I'm at Dreamworld right now and at long last SkyVoyager is actually, finally open! I'm in the queue, which only has about 20 people at the moment. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.
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    Got down to the park today to check out Luna Park's lates ride - the Volarè (and can confirm it is pronounced VOL-ARE-AY). So, first impressions. Walking into the park, it absolutely DOMINATES the midway, and although the chairs don't entirely swing out past the edge, it's certainly incredible being up so high.The backdrop (as others have mentioned) has been updated and features some new buildings, as well as clouds at the bottom. IMO, the backdrop fits in quite nicely, which was definitely surprising but nice to see. As for the ride itself, I had two rides on it throughout the day and this thing absolutely halls ass! One of the more forceful wave swingers I've ever done, and much more so than the Zierer models. The drives are super loud, which certainly adds to the atmosphere of the ride, along with the screaming of riders. Operations were a bit slow, but considering the 64 capacity, it only took around 15 minutes to get on with a relatively full queue, which was nice. As for the appearance of the ride itself, I think that although Zierer would have done a better job, the overall appearance of the ride is pretty spot on, and certainly fits in with the aesthetic of Luna Park.The characters murals surrounding the top of the ride are a really nice touch, and the lighting also reflects a typical old-fashioned funfair/carnival vibe. I have a on-ride video I filmed (with park permission of course) that I will post as soon as my computer figures out how to handle 4K clips, until then, enjoy the pictures.
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    I think closing the whole park for a few months does have some merit. It would allow them to do hardcore construction without having to juggle operations and having it impact on guest experience. It also gives you a chance to relaunch, and draw a line in the sand and say 'that was Old DW, this is new DW' and gives a good chance to change the narrative about the park. It only works if you're adding a good couple of rides and you're upfront with what you're removing before you do it.
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    Without getting into too much fan fiction, my plan would be basically this; MUCH cheaper tickets. DW can't compete with the others on price right now, and having high tickets just means an empty park. DW needs people in the park for atmosphere. Secondly, make a list of what needs to go, and make replacement plans. Once the plans are somewhat settled, advertise the last day of operations for whatever it is you're closing. On the last day announce what the replacements are to be, complete with concept art both in park and to the media. Build hype for the future. Plans should include at least 1 new awesome top of the range coaster.
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    I checked out some of the progress at Luna Park again this week. The Rotor has it's cartoon figures back on the facade. And one image I did get a chance to take last time was this poster of the Volare that was up inside the Helter Skelter facade as you enter the ride. Oh and the Tango Train is still down for maintenance. What the hell is going on with that ride?
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    Anyway, TIME FOR MY FINAL WEEKLY VOLARE UPDATE! Seeing as the ride is pretty much complete now, this is basically going to be my last update focused on the construction progress of this ride. Here's some pics I took this evening: Here's the "bridge" entry to the ride. Obviously not as grand as the ones of yore but it's pretty nice. And considering the main entrance is the Helter Skelter structure, it's nothing too major. Now THIS is something that surprised me. They've fixed the giant fake plug that attaches to the Helter Skelter (ex Lighthouse) structure. I honestly thought they might've been removing this bit of theming considering it was from the 90's era of LPS and they might've wanted to move forward but low and behold... And finally, here's a video I took of the Volare in action: IMG_7918 - converted with Clipchamp.mp4 In other news, the Tango Train is down AGAIN. I'm hoping this will FINALLY be the time when they finish painting the office behind the ride, but I doubt it.
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    Seems the greatest trick Consentino has done is make people appear at Dreamworld.
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    The official staff launch party for Sky Voyager was last night. Meaning skyvoyager is ready to ride. Predicted opening is APR 6,7, or 8.
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    Bikash translates to eternal optimism
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    So this is happening.
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    It’s usually about $28 for popcorn & a drink so I guess you are really only paying $2 to jump the 6 people in the queue..
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    Yeah, and I quote; I reckon I saw maybe ten stunts in all that time, but a shitload of yakkity-yakyak and what the blue fuck was with the dance? tl;dr list of wtf; Creepy cover version of instrumental of Highway to Hell. Unclear who the audience are supposed to identify with. What is with the bike ramp and BMX stunts? You should never let the cast hot-dog to the crowd for longer than the stunt lasted. Cotton Eye Joe? A song that was divisive even back in 1995 - in a new show more than two decades later? I can't even... What's the point of the River Rats characters if they are going to dance with the Kurt Angles at the end of it? Ratio of talk to stunts is waaaay out of whack. What, we couldn't have spent any time on themeing up the boats except for the truck (whose wheels clearly do not spin, but other than that is decent)? The cadence of the show is all wrong. Everything seems to be about having the stuntperson stand there in front of the crowd, say something asinine in the name of 'story', and then send the stuntperson off to circumnavigate the lake before they do their next trip, leading to dead air while we wait. What/where was the 'big finish' stunt? If you want to try and salvage something from this here's some tips; The stuntpeople don't need to return to the main stage after every trick. Keep them in the water for the most part to allow them to be ready sooner. There needs to be a clear progression in the scale of the stunts. On a lake of that size you need to be prepared to run stunts that involve two or more stuntpeople on the same stunt (two separate stunts adjacent to each other is not the same thing). Ditch the crappy A vs B narrative once and for all. The audience is not interested; you give them no reason to identify with your characters, not your cause. If you must keep it then instead of having them compete 'just cause' or 'for the lake' have them compete to give the best show to the fans. None of the bullshit fake rivalry - make it real; real stunt-people working on stunts to play to the crowd. At the end have both groups combine for some large scale stuff to end people off happy. Do not do the dance. Ever again. Like, ever. I mean it. Don't. Do something with the set on the island. I don't care what. Jump a boat through it, swing somebody off it onto a boat. I don't know, just something. It dominates the view and adds nothing. Lose the BMX stuff. It is out of place and adds nothing to the show. We know Showtime does BMX stunts, but this is not the place for it. Lose the hotrod. It takes a long time to get out there and does nothing for the show. This isn't a motorsport show, no matter how much you'd like it to be. You need to find some more height in some of the stunts because this all felt a bit small-scale. Never allow more than 45 seconds to elapse between stunts.
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    In the current "make an announcement, but it's ok to change your mind later about it" environment, here's how that should go down. plan for new giga coaster (or similar) determine demolition timeline needed for ToT order new giga coaster, and ensure financing arrangements are taken care of Announce new ride, and demolition of TOT same day. Announce closing date of ToT within ~few weeks. Make big noise about one last ride. Maybe run a competition on a radio station for people to win seats on the last ride ever. give them some sort of one of a kind or limited edition souvenir from the ride close the ride immediately begin demolition if you've timed it right, you can also begin surveying the site for the new coaster (and you should have been surveying the other non TOT parts of the ride path already If you've timed it right, ride parts should begin arriving in the carpark. Once demolition is complete, start construction. THAT is how you replace a ride. (and i hope Movie World and Sea World are watching this too.
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    I've have also been told the likelihood of it being open for Easter would be a long shot also @Evie The information I'm getting is the 25 million allocated to get DW rock 'n' rolling again has been spent. The cupboards are bare and DW have nothing to show for it.
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    I woodn’t count on the new attraction for this area being ready until next year.
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    Have to say, I have absolute NFI what the rationale or reasoning for any of that is at all..
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    Correction: Blue = Wardrobe Green = Kitchen (Above that is the staff canteen) Red = Admin Pink = Staff Toilets / Locker Room + other misc park operations Purple = Show's Rehearsal room Orange = Maintenence Brown = Parade storage Teal = Training room (Although most training is in the old gremlins theatres these days)
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    Mickey, from the outside a man would be forgiven in thinking DW have given up. Wipeout final closure during its standard maintenance stinks of "it's going to cost us how much to keep it gong? Close it down". Dreamworld Express closed for 5 months stinks of "it's going to cost us how much to keep it gong? Put it in maintenance". WhiteWater World expansion stopped during op works stinks of "we have no money left? Close it down". Sky Voyager not opening stinks of "DW unwillingness to get the job done".
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    That would create wayyyy too much effort for us. We're mods, not parents. Instead, we have handy tools like the one I just applied to @Max Egan where we can pre-approve posts until we reckon members follow our pretty easy to follow community guidelines. Also, this thread this garbage and i've locked it.
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    So pie in the sky, but here's what I would do. Keep in mind this is at LEAST a 5+ year plan. Shut the place down for 6 months (Winter months) and do a complete clean up. Paint attractions, tidy up/install more gardens, full safety audits, remove covers from RHLR etc. Throughout this process making sure that staff are well trained, the park is well kept and the park is well maintained. Moving forward here are the projects I would look at putting in place: 1. Bring back the paddle steamer, including cleaning up the river. 2. Review and extend the railway including more stops (i.e. potentially bringing the line down past Buzzsaw, perhaps in the old Wipeout space, WWW entrance, Tiger Island, Wiggles World etc.) and bringing back the steam engines. 3. Upgrade ToT, they should have done it when they had the chance. 4. Complete retheme of Gold Rush, Buzzsaw has a decent back story so somehow incorporate that into the new theme. New area including 2 new flat rides, perhaps a suspended Top Spin to replace Wipeout, but with heavy themeing and perhaps something a bit more family friendly like a good haunted house style attraction similar to Disney. The as the centrepiece of the new area a woodie that can run along the back of RHLR. 5. Remove MDMC and build either a Hyper that utilises the island in the middle of the river (Think EuroDisney BTRR by going under the water). Alternatively using the same space a B&M Dive Coaster. 6. Remove HWSW and replace with something new from RMC or even S&S (Steel Curtain at Kenneywood looks like it is going to be awesome!) 7. Next up is the old Thunderbolt site. New world for Dreamworld. Centrepiece is perhaps an RMC Raptor. It's close to WWW so lets try and fit some sort of boat splashdown dark ride in the area (Think Jurassic Park at Universal), who doesn't love getting wet on a hot day! Only because it was also mentioned recently on Parkz why not also look at a Freefall Drop Tower. So looking at themeing for the area i'm going with the Lost Mine (Freefall could be themed as an oil tower, boatsplash as the mine is flooded, Raptor is runaway mine etc.). That's at least some sort of plan. Sure it would cost quite a lot to implement but as the saying goes you have to spend money to make money. Dreamworld sorely needs new attractions to bring people into the park and in general needs a really good tidy up. Yes I also realise I have completely forgotten WWW.
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    Quite the contrary. I know an organisation that has their own RTO to deliver competency based training. The assessments are a joke. Participants are assessed, and if not competent, they are given the opportunity to re-attempt the assessment after receiving additional instruction. I find many can go away, get some one-on-one, and come back and do it perfectly - they're just copying what they've been shown. It doesn't demonstrate competency, or retention. Especially when the participants are asked to demonstrate their knowledge several weeks later, and can't. For me, giving ride operators a piece of 'nationally accredited' paper that says they know what they're doing doesn't get past the fundamental issues at play at the park - their training and procedures should have already been adequate (and they obviously weren't), and there's no nationally recognised package on ASQA's books that teaches you how (for example) to operate a gyro swing properly. Or any other amusement device for that matter. Not specifically anyway. There might be general learnings, but as each ride is unique, you can't cookie cut the process. Staff at dreamworld (and not the RTO) will still be responsible for the front-line teachings of how to actually operate each ride... which means this 'academy' does nothing to demonstrate whether ride operators are adequately trained to do their jobs properly. This changes nothing.
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    Nothing else has worked so it's time to play the distraction card. In a couple of years these newly highly trained staff will be unemployed.
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    She will be back.
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