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  1. And here is the first official POV video for anyone that is interested. The ride is now officially open. World's tallest inversion (197 feet) 220 ft lift hill (are we calling this one a Hyper?) 9 inversions - the most in North America Top Speed of 75mph (120kph) S&S have purchased Vekoma. Steel Curtain and Maxx Force are the first two major custom designs they've introduced. Should an Australian park look at getting a new S&S design?
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  2. Total project, rounded up with marketing launch costs/management time costs factored in. Everything bar the kitchen sink pretty much.
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  3. Steel Curtain has just had its first test run at Kennywood. I don't care if it looks like someone's first Roller Coaster Tycoon design, it looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to ride it.
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  4. It's the sort of food outlet I believe would work well in a theme park. I have a feeling that a silver service a la carte restaurant might not be quite what most guests at Movie World are looking for. Again though, I might be wrong. If I am then I hope people enjoy their lobsters and champagne after watching the "stuntless show" and riding the no-scooby not so spooky coaster.
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  5. I'm basically famous now.
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  6. A--Lexi-B Superman Lockers have been FOC for some time now, just sayin😋
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