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    I had an update and didn’t find a dedicated topic so thought I would create one. Last night drove past RW and the slide has gone vertical with what looks like the whole support structure complete. I couldn’t see an slide pieces from the M7 but I assume they are all there. There were also a few containers in the car park. They have now also started to replace the WNW road signs around the area with new RW ones. Sorry for the bad quality photos I took them quickly as we were driving past.
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    These were uploaded on their Facebook page September 6 August 22
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    Rick's Market Place excuse me? Did we just decide to change movie history with an otherwise iconic MW facade? Frankly, this looks about as effortless as any other Australian Theme Park food offering before it. Have we not learned anything? -Apparently the People of Australian Gold Coast Theme Parks have TiT's all knowledge on what modern Australia (Or ThemeParks in general for that matter) taste like.. or what practically anyone wants! - Better still a family of 5, where a 'measlely' lunch price of 'just' 104 bux? Hmm. Yup, nice to know you are in touch with your Crowd Big G, well done!
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    Our parks definitely should have more themed based food outlets, especially Movie World. They could have a western themed dining experience and a superhero one and people would pay extra for that experience. Even a character dining experience with the looney tunes and superhero’s would be a massive hit
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    You seem to have taken quite the time to write this all out, however i think you have forgotten that Movie-World and Dreamworld already collect data on guest experience, also the people who work their aren't just given the job after an afternoon working at Hungry Jacks, they already have a lot of experience in the field of Tourism. The vast majority of the things you listed, they already do. Obviously you seem to be a bit disappointed over the changes made to the Scooby-Doo ride and the presentation at the beginning of Sky-Voyager, but no need to question their ability to run the park.
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    And from the ground. There’s a big new sign along Neave’s Road, but nothing above the gates. It was beautiful weather, today, and plenty of people were out and about. The new waterslide tower has a roof and looks great. The old waterslide playground(Splash Island) looks so much better now.
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    No need to apologise! My point is that when it comes to Food&Bev in our Australian Theme Parks, we are simply not offering our GP what they are asking for/want.
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    Thanks @pushbutton but that wasn't entirely my point! Ugh..anywho...
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    It's recently become more and more apparent to me that all theme park companies need an employee with appropriate experience and knowledge to do the following. Large chunks of this are not being done currently at any of the Queensland parks, or are being done by people without adequate knowledge, resources or authority, making the customer experience far less valuable than it should be. I believe Disney has employees they call "Imagineers", and their responsibilities are probably somewhat similar to this. Duties: *Conduct frequent, randomly timed checks on the customer experience through carrying out a combination of audits including personal experience of all rides, other attractions, shows, guest facilities, shops, food outlets, and walk-throughs of the park environments to assess their quality, cleanliness, maintenance, and operation, as well as staff interaction with guests, and general performance of their roles in adding to the guest experience. *Coordinate 3rd parties to carry out similar checks covertly, and collate the results. *Gain insights from guests at the park and online on their experiences. *Gain insights from staff including ride operators, retail and hospitality staff, and entertainers on anything they feel could be improved to add to the guest experience. *In all of these checks, the primary focus should be on how much fun the ride is, how well it fits into the theme of the park, and the area, and how well the story is told on each ride. *Use knowledge of ride operations, theatre, retail and food operations, as well as developments in international tourism to research solutions to issues found, and improvements. *Liaise with managers and contractors whenever any significant alterations or additions to the park are carried out, to ensure such work is done in such a way as to maximise the guest experience. *Provide regular feedback to park managers and executives on the findings of these checks, and recommendations for improvements to rides, environment, and training which could add to the guest experience at the park. Anyway, there might be more to add, but that sums up the role I think. Examples of why the parks need someone in such a position: 2 recent major changes at Queensland parks show examples of why this position is needed: Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster "Next Generation", and the numerous issues that have been discussed at length about it in these forums. Sky Voyager, which while in my opinion is fantastic, has very obvious flaws and gaps in its presentation which could have been avoided by having such a person involved in its development.
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    Of course, they haven't bothered to update the website. But why would they want to do something like that? It's not as if they care about maintaining a coherent guest experience or anything~! Well, I guess that's another demonstration of why parks need someone whose main responsibility is to maintain the guest experience (as I detailed in another thread today).
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    The preshow could and should actually add to the experience and be fun and entertaining. If it was good enough people would be more than happy to see it again and again. To make it betterfor repeat riders though, ideally there should be several preshows (all fun to watch, and relevant to the ride), that way you never know which one you're going to see.
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