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    Grabbed a few snaps of the slide pieces from the entrance while picking up my season pass
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    Lunchtime visit for @Tim Dascoand myself, today. The new slides are progressing. Two appear to be finished, with water going down the Gold Rush slide. The wave looks pretty good, although not vertical. Splash Island has new signage and Octopus Bay looks freshened up. Much of the path to the new area has been poured. There’s even a track out to the inflatable slide.
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    For those interested by Tom and Jerry’s appearance at MW (WBW design for those interested) They are coming out at the following times 11:00am, 11:50-12ish, 12.50, 1.35 and 2.25pm and will be making an appearance in the parade as well Anyways, The Coffee Vault!
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    That’s just sad. I have no words on how disappointed I am.
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    Does it really matter? It’s a fresh coat of paint and it doesn’t look like shit, good job Ardent.
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    Wow heaven forbid they ruin an ATM location.
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    But mostly disappoint. Where is that meet and greet location? Noticed when I visited today it was not in the Splashzone area.
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    This is actually why we can’t have nice things.
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    And speaking of Splash Pad.. The main structure has been removed leaving this
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    Does that mean Bonnie & Clyde are going to be sporting a man bun, oversized glasses and a beret to steal some organic coffee beans now?
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    I'm trying to imagine what that experience would actually entail.
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    Mindless movie vandalism just to make an extra dollar!
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    MW have turned the bank on Main Street into ‘The Coffee Vault’
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    Well I was going to post who really gives a flying fuck on who gives what rep and for who but clearly I do since I have just commented on it....... I will see myself out. Thanks. Carry on.
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    Should be the main focus of the safety video. Much better!
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    The colour of paint used on rides matters a lot to some people. Just look at the DC Rivals construction thread. Anyway I've changed my mind. It's Almond-red.
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