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  1. While the parks are closed, here's some fun. __________________________________________________________ Dreamworld has approached you to add a new themed area! The area goes from where the Gold Rush/Buzzsaw sign used to be (next to Sky Voyager), all the way back to the Auditorium, including the RHLR footprint. The boundary for this themed area can be seen in the red area in the pic above - click/tap on it to see it full-size). You are given the task of: 1) Retheming the new coaster and Buzzsaw. You can keep their current theme (Saw Mill and expected snake
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  2. Welcome to Dreamtime @ Dreamworld - a sister to Dreamworlds fantastic and innovative Corroboree section. Dreamtime @ Dreamworld takes traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and incorporates them into a brand new innovative and educational experience. The Rainbow Serpent is Dreamworld's newest roller coaster. Min-Na-Wee is the rebranded Buzzsaw coaster telling the story of why the Crocodile rolls. Venturing deeper into Dreamtime @ Dreamworld you will discover a Frog Hopper flatride built especially for the kids themed after the legend of Tiddalick the Frog. Next to Tiddalick is the
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