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  1. Says the man fronting the company that said previously the government money provided to them should see them operating through the next 12 months. Why not just come out and say we are in the business of making money and the government is fucking with our recovery plans instead of trying for the sympathy vote? The state took a poll and the majority of people are happy to keep the infected zones under quarantine vs risk it spreading here. Crying foul at the goverment who just offered you millions of taxpayers money doesnt generate you support and good will, it just makes your company
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  2. Dictated by politics, but all parties refuse to open the borders fully and instead state they will follow health advice which says to keep things closed? Where is the great change going to come from? A 40,000 people grand final didnt go ahead. It was a 25k one. The capacity has been part of the increase in restrictions, we've gone to stage 4 since october which now allows sporting venues to 75% capacity. Previous to stage 4 it was 50%. Then previous to that 25%. It's slowly been inching its way along since june. You know? following that whole road map the government put out about covid re
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  3. It’s only a 10 hour drive and from next week, we can visit that area of NSW. Anyone fancy a day trip down to Jamberoo?
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  4. Jamberoo does Dive in Movies too, and their movie line up is much better https://www.jamberoo.net/index.php/visitor-info/dive-in-movies
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  5. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-30/queensland-border-decision-covid-coronavirus-reopening-nsw-close/12802652 Good news for anyone in NSW (not Sydney though) itching for a visit to the Parks. "It's really disappointing, you know you've got mums and dads businesses that are suffering, you've got people that are suffering, you've got employees that are not back on full time," he said. Mr Randhawa said the "entire arrangement is bullshit". He suggested the decision to keep the border closed to Greater Sydney could have state election implications.
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  6. https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/village-roadshow-theme-parks-coo-bikash-randhawa-pushes-for-borders-to-reopen/news-story/b78eebc11f180e1576a8a541d2abb47b
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  7. - Creature Cruise - Kevil Hill Walkthrough (Mummy Walk through, Tomb Raider Walkthrough etc. etc.) - Jump-o-planes - Giggle & Hoot Ride - Peter Brock's Garage - Troll's Village - Pay-per-watch Cinema - The Captain Sturt after they didn't use marine-grade woods.... - Wipeout post-refresh (Clearly a sarcastic post, fyi.)
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  8. Yeah agreed, despite having less attractions, the whimsy of a giant mountain and the longer slides made it better IMO. The current one is a bit soulless.
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  9. I like the loud noise it makes, adds to the suspense.
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  10. Goodbye Luna Park! Like making mistakes again? Here comes a new Trade Center for Sydney! But even if you were serious, even with this new space. There is just not enough room to put it in. And also it would still hurt (I don’t know if it hurts. Everyone tells me it is). And also there just isn’t enough money that Luna Park has right now to get the ride here either. And Sidewinder only has a few years left. Even if the new renovation that has happened. If Dreamworld didn’t do the renovation. They would of most likely sent it overseas, or scraped it. And even worse, you would be repeating m
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