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  1. Some pics from the street side looking at the lift hill and some fly overs.
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  2. For the first time ever, WWF is going to be open at White Christmas. Apparently during its maintenance they installed a heap of new lighting and cameras so they could open it at night
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  3. I think these things are great when you've got a fully fleshed out park with plenty of stuff to do and plenty of up-sells to point people to. To me though, this screams "$1,000 attraction because folks are whinging there's not enough open" in the same way plonking temporary carnival rides in park screams "we're desperately trying to make money".
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  4. Disney and Universal do this sort of thing. So I think it’s a good idea
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  5. It didn’t look like it reached anywhere near its max speeds or G-Forces in that video. Maybe they are testing it out through some cycles to make sure it runs fine before trying the more intense final cycle. I hope that’s the case, because most of that cycle looked underwhelming.
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