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  1. Hey so if users checking wait times outside the geofence would cause performance issues, then how are they dealing with the load of "gatekeeping" requests from outside the park. It's a few kb of text data data that could be on the park website anyway, you make it sound like they are streaming video. Personally, I think it should be available. If they have already sold the pass then there is benefit in smoothing demand because the park getting smashed is not ideal, whereas if visitors were spread fairly evenly throughout the year, you're soaking up idle capacity.
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  2. It still amazes me that WWW isn’t open until after the Easter holidays. It can still be quite warm in April and generally the parks get busy during those holidays
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  3. Disney park apps show the wait times no matter where in the world you are. Being able to easily see what rides are down for Maintanence would be way better then wait times, when in the park wait times and closed rides are easy to see, when outside the park i couldn’t figure out how to see what rides are closed with out going to the website, that’s a huge miss for me closed rides and planned maintenance should be easily seen
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  4. Annual passes are loaded on the app so they’d always be able to see
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  5. Why not meet halfway? If you have a valid ticket loaded on the app, unblock the ride wait times. In other words, if Village has your $$ then they don't care if you see the wait times and bail.
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