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  1. I have uploaded another photo that I took on Saturday, next time I will remember to take better photos with more details. But thanks for the kind feedback, sorry that the photos are not great I was just walking and took a few quickly. Anyway, here is another one.
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  2. I think it was an observation of the long wide spanning arcs, not a critique of the ride nor comparing the experience to a playground.
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  3. Big dipper is looking like one of these right now.
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  4. Heres your backstory https://deadline.com/2021/03/pepe-le-pew-space-jam-2-new-york-times-rape-culture-controversy-1234708688/
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  6. Apparently there is a announcement that lockdown for Sydney is going to be extended tomorrow, so Luna park shouldn’t be picking a reopening date yet.
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  7. Really? Can't appreciate something new for what it will deliver?.
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  8. Has he been seen on Valentines day after he was cancelled?
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