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  1. The concrete paths are being poured that will lead from SV to the queue and through to the GD. I love the colourisation and style they’ve gone with this path to give that Aussie outback look
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  2. So if it's in excellent condition and has plenty of spare parts, why on earth are they getting rid of yet another ride? Even if it had some issues and wasn't incredibly popular, it just doesn't make sense to get rid of it considering how poor/small DW's line-up is now.
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  3. Interesting they've used an older photo of the ride with Thunder River still in it. I suppose it's probably the best it looked back then... https://www.usedrideseurope.com/ridesforsale/sky-loop-coaster/ 489,000 euro - or about $780,000 AUD. What a steal for a local little park (if there's nothing major actually wrong with it)
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  4. At least they are trying to claw back some funds from it instead of just selling it for its weight in scrap steel.
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  5. Concrete stamping is easier than cooking a boiled egg.
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  6. Yeah I find it hard to criticise this. We got renderings and POV at the announcement Regular construction updates. Videos showing how it gets built for a layperson. Docos with 10 min episodes like Efteling do would be cool but tbh I'm not sure if many people other than thoosies watch them. These videos are digestible. Where is all this for Leviathan?
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