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  1. Some pics of how the removal of Arkham is progressing ( taken at fright nights last night)
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  2. I was at the park yesterday. Lots not working on Scooby ( lift Screens, projection screens). It felt very rough, you could tell it’s almost due for its annual maintenance. lots of missing effects on WWF too. Rivals was running two trains and running quite well. superman had all effects working including water on stairs and the misters at the two openings. It a as only running one train. GL seemed to be running ok, no audio on the trains though ( not that it ever really works) overall park seemed tidy, a lot of new staff I noticed and some seemed to be a lot more enthusiastic than their previous counterparts
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  3. You really wouldn't want to put it where the old ride was. 2/3 of the view would be looking at back of house and the driving school roof. Ideal spot would have been where the big tree and stage is. But it would be a huge shame to have removed the tree, so Im glad that hasn't happened.
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  4. Just a visual warning of what happens when you build your house out of sticks/straw. the first 2 little pigs are idiots.
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  5. Didn’t see any working. Like you, I don’t recall ever seeing it in the past either
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  6. Me too, seems like it will be a great area for it
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