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  1. Ian

    Green Lantern Coaster

    I added a photo I took yesterday enjoy also what a great ride I think its really fun http://themeparkphotography.com/blog/
  2. Ian

    Green Lantern Coaster

    I rode Green Lantern today a couple of times and what a fun ride I really enjoyed it , so big thumbs up to the park for this addition. Its gets my seal of approval
  3. This is so cool, today Universal Singapore release this video of Evac which is the autobot you will ride with. very cool stuff can't wait to ride this. http://tftheride.rws...newest-autobot/
  4. Ian

    Green Lantern Coaster

    do you really think adding 2 deg would increase international numbers? Nothing personal but at a guess 1% of the world population are theme park fans, the rest enjoy going to theme parks just like going shopping or to a sports game and trust me adding 2 deg to a coaster drop isn't going to be a tourist reason for visiting Australia.
  5. Ian

    Green Lantern Coaster

    Hey Guys here a photo i took the other night after fright night with the red smoke behind.
  6. KAWASEMI best pockets of ever time ever
  7. Very cool update, this will be a fun addition for sure
  8. Ian

    Parkz USA Updates 2011

    nice stuff Gazza . I went on a ride in Grona Lunds in Sweden which was like Green Latern at Sfmm very fun indeed. as always dude you trip looked fun great to see some pics
  9. Ian

    Paramount Park - Spain

    Im wondering if Rango is a good way to go, meaning will people in 5 years know what Rango was personally, i think there is better icons to go with that would have longer shelf life to the general public. just a opion
  10. Ian

    Green Lantern Coaster

    1st off Good to be back in Australia. I was happy to see as i was on the net in a cold alaskan bar that DW and MW had new additions coming and it wasnt a flowrider or waterslide Anyway Green Latern should be a great addition for the park looks like a fun ride indeed and knowing MW like i do, the theming should be top notch, although I dont remember a theme park car park in the movie.
  11. hi from alaska good update here nice to see a new addition coming along. cant wait to check it out.
  12. I had the most fun on the the last Friday and Saturday night. But my highlights of this year event was, the amount of people that ran out of the fun house to get away from me, if anything im helping promote fitness. I find it funny Rich, Joz, Clint and Gav came in the funhouse while i was on a break good job boys.
  13. Thanks for you feedback I try to make my character the scariest in there so this feedback is great.
  14. inside next to bumper cars inside next to bumper cars
  15. I need to say a couple of things First off any halloween event you should maybe ride one or two rides max and then check out the halloween stuff. I cant speak for the other mazes but i can tell you That the funhouse had a scare talent in every room, and i didnt stop all night scaring people as they came into my area. there may have not been alot of talent on the streets but there was in the mazes.