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  1. Why didn't they just make it 2 more degrees and get the steepest roller coaster drop and increase international numbers. Plus can anyone photoshop the image over one of the other coasters to see how steep it looks compared to them.

    do you really think adding 2 deg would increase international numbers? Nothing personal but at a guess 1% of the world population are theme park fans, the rest enjoy going to theme parks just like going shopping or to a sports game and trust me adding 2 deg to a coaster drop isn't going to be a tourist reason for visiting Australia.
  2. 1st off Good to be back in Australia. I was happy to see as i was on the net in a cold alaskan bar that DW and MW had new additions coming and it wasnt a flowrider or waterslide :) Anyway Green Latern should be a great addition for the park looks like a fun ride indeed and knowing MW like i do, the theming should be top notch, although I dont remember a theme park car park in the movie.

  3. I need to say a couple of things First off any halloween event you should maybe ride one or two rides max and then check out the halloween stuff. I cant speak for the other mazes but i can tell you That the funhouse had a scare talent in every room, and i didnt stop all night scaring people as they came into my area. there may have not been alot of talent on the streets but there was in the mazes.

  4. I rode these simulators at indy one night it was a private event and cost $60 for the hour, one thing is i loved it felt so real I asked the moto gp guys who were with me how real it was and they said as close to the real thing, and they have been on some of these aussie circuits track on really bikes. Anyway my best lap on the gold coast indy track was 2:00 pole for the V8 at indy was 1:49 so i was happy with 2:00

  5. The entry into arkham was busy tonight, both nights they managed to scare the **** out of my girl friend. There was a doctor in the room with the half a corpse on the table. The clown was bad enough, but the doctor followed her across the maze and wouldnt let her pass, just staring at her inching closer. She froze in fear and I had to help her through because she literally couldnt move. Kudos to whoever that was, you did your job well. :lol:
    Thanks for the kind comments really means alot I had a great time puting fear into people. will post a photo update as I had a fellow photographger come and shoot us before the night started. but heres a preview shot. prehall.jpg
  6. Interestingly, NONE of the original Police Academy cast will be returning for the job however thankfully Mr Vic Wilson will once again be 'taking the wheel' and directing the stunts for the Production.
    Wrong, my good friend Cam from Stuntz inc who was in Police Acamedy returns as a driver, also the acting roles will feature some past cast. also understand some of the drivers selected from Auditions are some of the best on either the V8, Stunts or Drifting circuits out there including a famous driver who work for Police Acamedy years ago.
  7. ^good points guys AS someone who has seen LMA in 2006 and 2007 and Police Acamedy loads of times, I think LMA has a amazing set and great action but its missing one big thing thats puts bums on seats over and over again. And That is COMEDY. you can have your favorite Action/Drama dvd and your favorite Comedy dvd at home and I know which one can be watched over and over again. There are exciting changes happen to the landscape of work which is great, but i hope some of my good friends get into HollyWood stunt driver when they audition because I already miss them at work.

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