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  1. Dreamworld has announced the Thunder River Rapids ride will be closed permanently after four people were tragically killed last month. The ride will be demolished and a permanent memorial will be built instead for the victims. The Coomera theme park said it has made the decision out of respect for the victims and their families. The theme park has been closed ever since the incident and it is still unclear when it will reopen. 7News
  2. Here are some construction pics of Fury325 from http://aerialvideophotographer.com/fury-325-worlds-tallest-fastest-giga-coaster/
  3. When I was there the other day the ride had people stuck on the ride on more than one occasion - maybe they found a bigger problem? Also the timing on the brakes when sending the logs from the station were out of wack and started lifting the back of the log up before we finished passing it and it had only lifted the front of the log behind us. If not a bigger problem maybe they were just having a bad day.
  4. I asked the question regarding the kevil industries building and also if there are are any expected opening dates for mine ride and got the attached responce. So maybe there are possible dates for reopening but they just can't share with us yet? I like the wink at the end. Nice touch. Sounds like kenny and belinda are being a little cheaky.
  5. Maybe something like King Da Ka. That would definately get my attention driving down the road. Yes i agree that there was talk a few years back about a possible taller ride than the tower of terror.
  6. Incase anyone was wondering. No work on eureka mine ride today ? I will be here fore a little longer but not too much longer given i spun over 80 times on tail spin. Any requests for photos let me know.
  7. I'm heading to dreamworld this week. Any requests for pics etc?
  8. Is it true that there are plans for a new Theme Park & Racing Circuit for land between Yatala & Woongoolba (North of the Gold Coast) This will be on Seven News Flashback on tommorow Night. They are saying it will have the fastest rides on the planet. I have since located a post from earlier this year which can be found here regarding this:
  9. Here are some photos of construction currently underway at dreamworld taken 1st October 2012.
  10. It measures approx 30mx60m It would easily fit these two however based on what jjuttp has said it may not be at all.
  11. Are we sure it's not a eurofighter coaster - the track looks much more similar. This coaster only needs between 60x38 and 130x30m meters and has a capacity between 800-850 people per hour.
  12. Gold Rush buildings repainted Work is being done on other buildings, the pass office has been relocated to Wiggles World. The Gold Rush sign has been removed. Still hard at work on Buzzsaw. The spiral at the top of Buzzsaw. Queue area at the base of Buzzsaw. Internal walls appear to be being built. 2 large doors are also visible Another view of the queue area from on the Rapid Ride. A new view from inside the park. Another View of the top of hte ride. Buzzsaw and the Tower of Terror 2. Dreamworld skyline has changed forever.
  13. What sort of "MAJOR ROLLER COASTER" can they build in 4 months. I think they could have just said roller coaster.
  14. With work at the front of the park and now Looney Tunes River Ride Permately closed for a new attraction is Movie World now opening 2 new rides this year?? Only time will tell I guess.
  15. Yes I seen that cyclone queing theme on my last visit however I was more impressed with the TOT2 themeing where a piece of mesh is falling of the wall (creates a building faling down theme)
  16. No other footings holes etc were seen in the area apart from those inline with the first tower bolted to the concrete.
  17. I couldn't find my camera so I used my phone for the photos. I noticed the second tower structure is not siting on wooden blocks from what I seen, there is a hole cut into the tar where each post is siting inside. This is either concreted into the ground not bolted to concrete or they have cut holes into the tar and placed it in the holes ready for a crane??, I noticed a thrid being built I beleive siting on its side also shown in a photo. Maybe they are palying tricks with us.
  18. I took these today. In case anyone doesn't know where it is, it is dreamworld and the the ride we believe is the September Thrill Ride. Another piece of track is still fenced off in the carpark.
  19. •Book Online Now and get a Free Bonus Month - Limited Time Offer •UNLIMITED entry into both Dreamworld & WhiteWater World until 31 July 2012.
  20. BATMAN Adventure - The Ride 2 will be closed for scheduled maintenance 16 May - 26 June 2011 inclusive. So is this re-opening today???
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