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  1. muke

    Adventure World

    Does anyone know of any new ride at adventureworld? I was quickly looking at the park map to see if they had added the location of Kids cove - and whilst doing so - saw, on the other side of the park map - located in an empty area a banner which said "future ride location" (the banner was quite small - so it may have been there for some time and i missed it) I havent been paying much attention to Adventure world - so - this information may either be old - or not really news worthy at this stage....
  2. Sure, Ill come - I'd kick myself forever if i didn't. Anytime - any day.
  3. muke

    Jamberoo Recreation Park

    excellent - i am going bak to the park on december 14 - ill be able to check it out awesome
  4. muke

    Jamberoo Recreation Park

    Hey everyone, Just got back from Jamberoo (last minute thing will tell better story later) I can tell u what the ride/attraction is: It is almost finished and from what the staff member at the bottom of surf hill told me "it will be a ride similar to calypso springs at wet n wild" ...... (She (the staff member i spoke to) was referring to calypso beach but perhaps in getting muddled between calypso beach and whirlpool springs she was subconsciously telling me that the ride will be a mixture of both - - perhaps at a medium speed - and still quite thrilling.... read into that what u will.... The theming follows the the jamberoo cliff like look that can be seen in the pool around the rock - and from what i can gather there will be waterfalls and a play area within the attraction as well ...... I got a few photos of the construction but its on my mates camera so ill have to get them off him - until i do - youll just have to take my word for it. :? On another note, I dont think Jamberoo is going anywhere in any hurry considering that there were over 1700 people in the park on the Saturday i went (sure it was hot) but it is in the middle of school term and exam period. Because the park will be closed on weekdays until school holidays, the construction crew will have the ability to get some serious work done - and it should be done in time for christmas - there were some construction crews there on the saturday i went so they may be a little beind...... (im going back there on the 13th of December i hope they finish it in time) And another bit of news (not really interesting or anything but.....) The building in the middle of the park near the chair lift and the mini golf has been cement rendered and painted dark grey and black. IMO the park will benefit from another ride coz this will mean (in theory according to me) the line up for the taboggan will lessen and all the kids will go to this new attraction and ntherefore the blue track will be left free for me so i can go down as fast as i can - without having to break incessantly! Too many slow riders on the blue track makes me mad :evil: (for people who havent been to jamberoo before: there are two taboggan tracks - a blue one and a green one - the blue is for experienced and fast riders and the green track is for double riders and slow inexperienced riders) Anyhoo Thats all i can say for the time being - cyas
  5. The Demon and BB photos are from RCDB - taken by none other than Adin Seath aka DJKostya. PS can somebody pls send in a better photo of the Demon to RCDB the bars of the Zodiac obscure the view, then again there is a sense of entrapment and mystery in the photo....
  6. I have to agree with DJKostya with respect to the harness on the demon, just be careful when the ride op unlocks em coz they get stuck and you have to click em down to get out. I have also found that following the instructions that is putting head against the head rest can be very painful so i don't follow that rule - it's personal preference, plus i prefer the very last carriage for some reason i don't know - maybe DJKostya can help me..... 8)
  7. muke

    After 5 trading

    I remember going to Wonderland after dark way back when it used to be Australia's Wonderland. Back then the school holiday periods were always run late into the night to like 9pm - 10pm. It was really awesome, the lighting was excellent, from what I can remember the Dragons Duel (The swings near the Demon) had like alternating colour schemes either white or red. The Demon was completely Dark, it would have been awesome to ride. I don't think space probe was there then. My memory is a little hazy -I think I was 6 or 7 at the time - that was like 10 years ago.
  8. muke

    What's going on at Wonderland?

    And in similar news, Wonderland Sydney was the winner of the Major Tourist Attraction during the 2002 New South Wales Tourism Awards for Business Excellence. 'Upon receiving the award Stephen Galbraith CEO of Wonderland Sydney said,“Having weathered such turbulent times over the past few years in the tourism industry, winning this award is a true testament to the whole team, overcoming these adversities. Our staff are the strength and backbone of our business, they should be congratulated.” ' Wonderland Sydney now goes onto the National Awards.... This is another sign pointing to brighter times to come......good on them....
  9. I like the sound of Wonderlands latest set of media releases - especially the release announcing a major licensing deal with Marvel. The post goes on to talk about.... "The future may see Wonderland Sydney enhance the relationship to include Marvel-inspired rides, lands and shows." Mmmm, I'd like to meet "Spider-Man™, The Incredible Hulk™, The Green Goblin™, Captain America™, Daredevil™, Elektra™ and X-Men™ characters Storm™ and Wolverine™" at wonderland.... see the post for yourself if you havent already.... :!: :arrow: http://www.----URL removed for non-compliance with Community Guidelines----/mediasponsors...pr_page_34.html
  10. When i went to wonderland with murrays (by bus) - ...the parking area for the buses (off to the side near the function area) had an easy access way to maintenance areas in between the entrance the special closed off function area and the beach. This may be a possible place to store some track - all the signs are if we all cross our fingers something outstanding might happen... :idea:
  11. muke

    Arrow Dynamics?

    Me Too! I'm with you all the way on that one!!! I was looking at the 4D coasters on Arrows website - and some of the generic designs look pretty good. I'm with psycho - anything will do...need i say even a flume :oops:
  12. I was the person who spotted the track parts and it's definatly not the old thrillseeker from Seaworld. It looked more like the supports for Cyclone. Unless Seaworld has sold the corkscrew but I seriously doubt that. Footnote: This message was written by DJKostya, using my account.
  13. Thanx, will do. I don't think the supports were from the thrillseeker. if thats the coaster you're refering to. But I will do a little digging around. Well I spose', if the truck was spotted today - and it was heading to Wonderland, the parts should be there at the very latest by Saturday or Sunday...?
  14. ***RUMOUR*** A friend of mine sent me a SMS message sighting possible coaster parts heading Wonderland's way. The metal in question was spotted heading south between Brisbane an Newcastle. Can anyone shed any light on this matter? From the what I was told - it was most likely some support structures which were white in colour....
  15. muke

    Has Wonderland got a future

    I have a question and a statement: 1) Whats happening on frightfest? On WLSs website the link goes to a page about Disco Montego Featuring Katie Underwood. I thought there was going to be more of a 'fright' factor with this event? 2) I saw something interesting on WLS promotions webpage. Some of Wonderland's promotions do not expire until way after february 2003. This is another point against the park closing - aren't there laws that bind these sorts of promotions - thus if Wonderland intended to wind up or go out of business they would not be able to create promotions that ran out after closure. I know this point is not strong (as i do not know the laws governing this type of activity) but its something to think about... muke