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  1. You must be a very knowledgable person brad to know the cause of the accident and the circumstances surrounding it. Your either a keyboard warrior with nothing to stat the facts or a wannabe work cover officer.
  2. Keyboard warriors at its finest, these same stories you are reading about at from the same newspapers who couldn't get the story straight from the start. The young girl was 15 and on the no limit at the start but as we all know she is 8 and it was on airmacx. On a trailerised amusement ride if the deck starts collapsing you have to pack the ride up to re level the whole deck, so I reakon they wanted some tv time. Also the debate has always been there regarding which is safer theme park rides or carnival ride, there is no difference they all buy from the same manufactures and have the same r
  3. The Calypso got sold at the auctionin the early 80s i think it was, Watkins brought the super Jet, Pig Train, and Calypso all from luna park. It now sits at there yard i see it quite often actually i might get some photos of it one day. But it most definetly did not get lost in a fire.
  4. The music trip at Cessnock is just a name it is not a miami, it is an old Trabant that they brought off a Sydney based opperator. I used to work Cessnock show before Osbournes got it and it was a good little show for rides. Went there the first year Osbournes had it to have a look and I was absolutly disgusted in how bad there gear looked. Cheers OZshowkid
  5. Your friend may have been on the powersurge but definetly not for 30 min, it was one of the first rides down. There was a power outage for about 25 minutes at the most, all rides did what they were supposed to do, no one was ever in any danger. Adelaide runs most rides off town power as does Sydney, Brisbane and most a Melbourne. It got blown right out of proportion by the press but thats there job so they don't care.
  6. I have had a couple but the one that stands out would be riding scenic railway at luna park Melbourne, to cut a long story. We started the ride with two brake men went around the ride, went through tunnel one, out, through tunnel two when we came out there was only one brake man and a fair bit of blood up the side of the carrige. The other brake man crapped himself and didn't know what to do. As statted before you can not train people for these situations.
  7. There is rumoures to be a travelling dark ride out here by November that is highly themed inside and out. I didn't think it would be true until they said it just finished a tour of Germany with their fairs. Cheers OZshowkid
  8. I saw the Turbo at Xmas time it looks fantastic, its name is turbo X. Its in Melbourne still they are just waitng on a few more parts and she will be right to go. I don't think it will come out until next year though due to staffing issues. Keep asking bells whenever you see them cause a bloke in the states is trying to buy it. Cheers OZshowkid
  9. I have been watching this topic closely, the person who was stabbed is doing ok at this stage( no complications as yet). We know whos fault it was when a group of 6-8 men come and speak like pigs to you for a refund when you can't give them one.( Sydney show being central ticketing which means the showmen have no control over the refunds cause they don't handle the money). Than when they jump in a control room while a ride is opperating and try to stab some one I think that is there fault. Sydney, sorry certain parts of Sydney are bad places for certain races they were causeing trouble for the
  10. Park coasters are more likely to derail than traveling ones, as a travelling opperator i know how long our checks are before we open to the public. When you set it up and pull it down for so long you get familier with how it works and whats right and whats not. Why would we cut corners, that is just stupid we are in the business for fun not to bodge things up. The owners, opperators, showkids and staff all ride the rides. Cheers OZshowkid
  11. $10 i think but don't quote me Space Roller-mega drop-$8, Hard Rock-Ali Baba-break dance-power surge- hangover-$7, Speed- Insanity-$15, Sling shot$30
  12. The big rides range from $6 to $30 for the sling shot, i'm here at the moment opperating the Spac Roller come and say G'Day. Cheers OZhowkid
  13. sorry if I confused any one i was refering to when the guild had the show last, i went and had a look last year and was just ashamed to be a showmen after seeing ride in that state when they should look fantastic. Cheers OZshowkid
  14. You say let down hey, i attended the show with my familys gear for about the last half a century, the show always got good equipment and the gear they got was pretty good. If i recall the last year we were there they got: Zipper, dodgems, go karts, hurrican, extreame force, cha cha, nightmare ghost train, giant slide, maze of mirrors, plenty of kids rides and games. All the gear was well lit well staffed and looked great. OFA had rides there which included dodgem cars(10 cars 3 working and looked really run down), yo yo( old guild ride), tilt a whirl( one spotlight facing the ride but hey w
  15. When you go in there with a ride you don't just set up and work, you show them your paper work which has all the trained opperators, deck hands and staff all inside it. Every thing is standard know to have all this, it is compulsary. Cheers OZshowkid
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