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  1. Most days of the week have lines as the VIP passes bring a lot of guest each day but normally Wednesday and Thursday are the quietest but on all days you should be able to ride all rides and shows depending on break downs at movieworld often green lantern, arkham and superman have been breaking down often but hopefully you get a lucky day
  2. I am happy Disney will bring back Star Wars as they have great resources and money to make this great. Look Disney own marval and those movies are fantastic and even Pixar and George himself fucked up one thru 3 so now that he is done we can see some great movies soon and our fav characters like Han Solo and chewbacca even know it should be set 20 after number 6
  3. The axes on scooby have been broken for around 2 months now its sad as it was a great thing for photos and for first time riders hopefully one day it will be fixed as well as lasers they are more hit n miss than justice league targets but It will never be as good as it used to be when there was fog everywhere and lasers going nuts was like a party room but it has been cut back to almost nothing these days
  4. I'm sure Mack are building 3 coaster last one for Aussie world
  5. Both barcodes from both tickets are different so are the ref from my bookings are different so my ticket will work
  6. no you print out the ticket when you redeem them online somehow i got 2
  7. hey does anyone have a vip pass gold and doesnt want there frights night ticket. for some reason i tried redeeming my pass again and i got another ticket so im going this saturday and im now trying to get one for my wife since her pass didnt get a second ticket glitch thanks will offer $ thanks let me know Dark_lord_2002@hotmail.com
  8. I will say the price hasn't change as the first night at the box office tickets were 39.99 so from day one walk up were that unless online is this price as well now
  9. Well last Saturday night we got all four mazes done rode arkham asylum and watched the thriller show at 6 and death derby and we were in the park at 545pm and left just after 10 if you wanna get more rides superman and green lantern close lines early at around 8pm depending on line size
  10. Well the first fright night wasn't sold out Alan as last year when I went there was twice as much people as there was on Saturday night so you were lucky it wasn't too full. The collectors cup was poor as it was meant to be a fright night cup and it was just an outback cup so that was bad and the death derby was the worst show I have ever seen at movie world it was just all over the place and ended without a bang or anything pretty stupid. And for the mazes the best was the walking dead it was just amazing next was hillbilly slasher I know it wasn't scary but come on look at the theming in that maze just wow real trees and everything, film vault was good but not great even know you could get lost it was lacking in scare actors and the saw movie was meant to feature in there but was missing and psycho 3d was ok nothing really special Also with the thriller dance on Main Street best view is in front of club blood as its preformed right in front of there and the roxy but it features all 60 scare actors including the ones that are in mazes so that's why there isn't many walking around throughtout the night as most are in the mazes or spread out in the park
  11. All rides like justice league eg toy story mania and transformers the ride both opened in testing mode as using it with riders help fine the problems
  12. I have got back from sydney and I took a few photos which I will post later. All photos just show the land being cleared
  13. Well I still believe we will get a looney tunes river ride replacement in December 2013 and maybe a star flyer in mid 2013 and be placed in the wild west area which would be great for the area and even know I would love another coaster I'm thinking star flyer will please people cause it will cater for a large range of guest and not just the thrill seekers
  14. Well that's strange for them to get rid of a major feature unless there are planning on working on the wave pool it would be sad to see it gone for good
  15. Where is this comment as its not on there page
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