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  1. Close about the price Bussy, but right about going 3 times to get your moneys worth. This leaflet was from Jan 2004.
  2. The 2001 Xmas party certainly was the best, it was all down hill after that one. I remember it well, but can't for the life of me remember what the Entertainment department did that you guys are referring to?? I remember that Tech Services did the trenchcoat dance with "SMILES" on thier helmets, Food & Bev did a weak attempt at the chicken dance where it got so bad that the audience applauded someone who yelled out "Get off the stage!", Retail did the "My guy/God" and Sales & Marketing did a sketch where it had the marketing director in the original Actionman costume (the blue one) re
  3. Sheesh, they couldn't even come up with a new name for it! And I'm sure there would be a fair few people who could argue some of SG comments in that press release, especially the part about management and commitment. I'm surprised that they even got his name right, quite a few times people from KL would spell his name as "Gilbret" (just think of Galbraith spoken in a really strong maylasian accent )
  4. The balloon ride was purchased by a construction company in Sydney as far as I know. If you can get a photo I'm sure there'd be a few people here who could verify if the ride you saw was the Wonderland one.
  5. Then I guess it was a good thing we didn't charge you for that door you kicked in! Anyway, I'd be shocked if this guys gets over $1000 for that lion as they surprisingly paid $250 for it. Also looking at those photos it looks like they cut off part of the base.
  6. HA! I was the one who actually sold that statue to them! They also bought some tombstones and the giant vulture that was at Galleons. I heard they almost decapticated either the lion or vulture when they loaded it on the back of truck and tried to drive through the Transylvania entrance. Just when you thought $unway were greedy for money, they paid alot less than $1000 for that lion.
  7. Flasher, DC is the persons initials as there's no real need to mention his full name. Anyway, the Visionland rep was talking to DC about working over in the US when he was here on a park visit last year to view the ride. I didn't know if DC accepted or not until now. I guess he did, good for him. By the way, the video on the Visionland website was cut from a demo video I had put together for them. The footage itself was already a few years old.
  8. Actually I didn't know that. That sign was still on site last December when I finished. I remember that the guy who purchased the other large sign (in front of ticket booths) was also interested in it, but not exactly sure what happened.
  9. The trilogy is now complete with The Space Probe. It runs approx 3min 33sec, 384kbit/s WMV, 8.02Mb in size. On par with my previous videos it includes facts, on-ride footage AND the 1995 "Space Probe 7:The Ride" TV commercial. You can download here Just scroll down to the Free download button, then scroll down again on the next page. There may be a countdown delay before download starts. For those creating Wonderland tribute websites, please feel free to use the link or even host the file yourself, as long as it is made available in it's entirety and unmodified in any way shape or form, an
  10. It's amazing how after all this time they still call it "Space Probe 7" and "Australia's Wonderland".....
  11. The on-ride Bush Beast footage was on a old sales video. There was no specific date on it but it originally ended with a black and white Australia's Wonderland logo. I can only gather that they either wanted it in black and white or that's all they had at the time. ie. colours for logo not finalised. I guess we can only speculate. So why didn't you keep a copy of it? What exactly did you mix/change? I'm glad you're all enjoying the videos. With the footage I've got I'll probably only get to do a Space Probe video and that's it. To cap off the "tribute-trilogy" if you will.
  12. First came The Bush Beast, now it's time for The Demon! It runs at approx 4min 54s, 384kbit/s WMV, 11.7Mb in size. Apologies to those with dial up, I hope I made the video worth your time. Again I've included some facts, ride footage, on-ride footage AND the original 1992 "To Hell and Back" TV commercial. You can download here. Just scroll down to the Free download button, then scroll down again on the next page. There may be a countdown delay before download starts. For those creating Wonderland tribute websites, please feel free to use the link or even host the file yourself, as long as
  13. Ummm.... Sunway had next to nothing to do with the repainting of Zodiac. Sure there's the cost, but they wouldn't have wasted thier time for the little amount of money it would save them to leave out a few gondolas. For what it was (repainting), all would've been decided by Wonderland's people. As far as I know, Sunway had very little to do with changes like that to the park. Believe it or not some people didn't even know that we had a ride like Dragon's Flight until after the park had closed.
  14. I'm not arguing about anything that's been said, but that's probably the weirdest thing I've heard all week!
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