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  1. I work for a PLC (programmable logic controller) manufacturer, although I don't think our equipment is installed in DW. But from a controls point of view, the PLCs involved in ride operation are very advanced and have numerous safeguards in case of failure e.g multiple sensors in case one fails, processor hot standby (secondary processor unit on standby and command is switched over to it in case of primary failure). Different programs can be run depending on the feedback coming from the field sensors. TOT probably also has load sensing and can deliver launch power depending on the weight of the occupants. The 'computer glitch' story is extremely unlikely, although I have heard of these urban legends in just about any control scenario..
  2. ba5678

    How long are the queues?

    Hi all, Fantastic responses guys, thankyou.. Starting to get excited myself now... Yes I will have the handbrake on somewhat, stopping to see the animals and dolphin shows etc.. But it is probably a good thing, as I may get a bit excited and start running around the parks like when I was 10..Security would have to be called to calm me down.. ) I noticed this site in a Google search, and only signed up yesterday, and I have found out more information in one day, than 10 trips to the Gold Coast, so well done on a great forum guys..
  3. Hello everyone, Yes I am one of the mexicans going north for the Xmas holidays this year, we do this to escape our weather! I haven't been to Dreamworld and Seaworld since I was ten and remember going on the thunderbolt (it was pretty scary for me back then, I have sinced learned on these forums if I thought that was scary, I am in for a real treat these holidays... Anyway I am now taking my own kids to the Theme parks, and was wondering how long the queues are? It sound like you only get 8 rides a day, as each ride is an hour queue.. We are going early January, so probably the worst time for crowds I know..Are the queues really that long? Or I have been reading the worst case scenarios?? Thanks for your time..
  4. ba5678

    Anyone remember Leisureland Fair?

    I was reading through the forums when I noticed Leasureland Fair, what a blast from the past! I joined up so I give you a reply. I still remember singing the jingle from television when I was a kid.. 'all the fun of the fair, see you there at leasureland'. When I went there, Marty Monster and Daryl Cotton where filming an episode of the Early Bird show for Channel 10. I lived in Langwarrin for some years, early this year we decided to go back and have a look around. Like the previous people mentioned, it's all run down and only the 'Castle' convention centre remains. It's very eerie inside, there is still dinner plates and glasses loaded in the commercial dishwashing machine downstairs probably from the last night when it was still running and we found a menu nearby for someones 21st Bday back in the 80's, they must have rented out the convention centre. The dance floor is still there in the middle of the huge convention centre. The post mix drink machines are still there, although they are smashed and bits missing. Out the back you will find a railway track half covered with overgrown grass, and the wooden railway station which use to take patrons from the car park to the station, (about 50 meters away! ) I found the wikipedia link for leisureland fair Lets all contribute to the Wikipedia...