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  1. So excited to ride Shrubbie Carpet Python!
  2. Mate, if I was you I'd stop arguing. This isn't the U.K. and because most people here haven't been to Legoland or even the U.K. we aren't judging it based on that. Just like you haven't been to Aus, you can't really say that attitudes to line jumping are the same as the U.K. - the fact is, we know Dreamworld, and we know it's guests. The moment you stop defending Lo-Q from a bias perspective you may see what most here are trying to say: the system is unfair. When things aren't fair in Australia, people get pissed off. Bottom line. And they are well within their rights to do so. So how about you take a step back and look at it the way everyone else is here instead of being so biased towards this system.
  3. Nice find Gazza. A couple of interesting things/concepts I noticed: - The name of the park 'WnW Aussie World' seems to differentiate from WnW GC. This I think matches the theme of your rustic Australian landscape - the gum trees, and the shed over the pool area are in line with this theme. Should go well with the Pub too. - Another strategy to do this would be the enclosed Tornado and Behemoth Bowl. It's certainly a different park to WWW and WnW GC - so hopefully it's interesting to go to and not a 'been there, done that' water park. Whereas WnW GC is a generic water park, WWW has a theme. Therefore it seems logical that this new park would also have a theme.
  4. tbh I think there is a hidden agenda to this ride. It's got quite a while until December 26, assuming that's the opening date. I think the theming will perhaps be more complex than the ride itself. It is Sea World.
  5. I am also an Indiana Jones club member. When I was there in 2004, those who have been on it know the part where the animatronic hangs from a rope and the boulder narrowly dodges the car. This is sort of the climax moment of the ride. We got to the bit, and the boulder decided to fall but the car didn't move, and the animatronic just hung there blinking for like 3 minutes. I vaguely remember us thinking 'What the hell is going on'... it was pretty scary considering how dark it is in there.
  6. I'd love a picture of the pavement. I heard the bitumen is really black these days.
  7. The only thing that will be staying will be the Ettamogah Pub.
  8. When talking about the BRO In a poll on Gazza and I secretly voted 'I'm a girl who likes girls'. HAHAHA
  9. Oh, how I love reflecting on classic posts Especially posts by idiots. Edit: Oh and btw, I have a feeling I said 'I think I did miss the point.' , or at least Gazza did
  10. Heard this on the news and had to jump online. Australia's first B&M? This is too cool.
  11. Just like to thank most of you for being valuable members of this forum. I'm not longer going to be posting here - at least for a while - as there are more important things happening with my life right now. I've been given a bunch of opportunities which I must put to my full potential. I guess by not posting here I'm avoiding any chance for it to get in the way of me getting far with these opportunities. The same goes for MySpace. Deleting that too. Just so you know, it's going to be a big thing for me taking away all this stuff that I do enjoy to focus more. I mean, I honestly don't care about theme parks that much, and I don't think I'll get the chance to visit many next year anyway. Put it this way, if I see some track outside Movie World I'll come on and read. As I mentioned, a lot of you had trouble with me throughout the year and a bit that I've actually contributed to this board, but a lot of you also taught me a lot about park functioning, coasters, etc. and we had some great discussions about all the other stuff. I think, for me not to thank you would be a disgrace, so thank you all very much. I've enjoyed using these forums as an excuse not to complete assignments. I may come back in a year or so time but I don't think we would have the same members we do today. Richard, good luck with Parkz. If I do decide to check in sometime in the next year I will be impressed for sure. For the stupid timewasters here, grow up. Nobody will care about your opinion if you can't back it up. Personal insults are never a solution to win an argument either. I think you know if I'm reffering to you. To end on a positive note, whatever you all decide to do with your lives, even the people I dislike, I really genuinely hope it all goes well for you. Next year is going to be tough for me, but it's also going to be a major learning experience. Keep it real guys! Michael
  12. I quoted your whole post. Hey, have you heard of this new sort of language trend? It's called SARCASM. I'm not fighting with you, I'm making points. You are then realising on your own that your posts are pointless and idiotic. I don't have a grudge against you, you haven't done anything for me to have a grudge upon. And don't tell me I'M spamming, have you even seen your last 166 posts of complete and utter crap? I think it's time we got back on topic. I happen to know the head of human resources of WVTP through a random connection I've made. The strange this is that, I submitted an application for holiday work, but never got a call... considering there is a shortage, I found that kind of strange.
  13. Gazza, the thing I love about your designs is that they recognise the 'story' of the ride is such an essential part of the overall theme. This is shown through the queue lines - which are all themed - and the preshows which I'm sure would be amazing. Your latest idea is great, especially with all the new motion simulator technology around these days, I think this ride would work well. It also encapsulates the movie theme well, which unfortunately as of late has seemed to die down in Movie World. Just on another note, is this concept similar to that of Test Track at Disney World? I've heard a lot about this ride but I've never really looked much into it. Or, would it be similar to the Indiana Jones type ride system? By the way, I would love to see some sort of explosion integrated somewhere I would also be interested on how you think this could be marketed well. Obviously it would bring back the whole 'Hollywood on the Gold Coast' theme, and Batwing and Superman were also extremely easy to market. I did attempt to make a logo but my attempts of half an hour failed, until I realised I was wasting my time getting frustrated over which font to choose lol. Regarding Batman, I think (at least for now) we've seen enough of all the heroes. I think it's perfect timing for an attraction like this - something more generic, sort of like what Wild West Falls was. The name has nothing to do with the theme Gazza has said; so I don't see where you are drawing this connection Pixel?
  14. Oh, I'm so immature. I do know how to quote properly, I just prefer to do it using this method as I can use the Fast Reply tool. He is entitled to an opinion - at least he can back his up, whereas your opinions are usually "DREAM WORLD SUXX!!1 I HAYTE IT!!22229! OMGSZ EVERY1 BOYKOTTE DREAM WOURLD!!11 MOTACOSTA SUX 2!!!"