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  1. What a biased opinion you have. You call all the movieworld rides awesome and label all the dreamworld rides as only good at best or boring. You say that the spaceshot is awesome and then you say that the GD is only a good ride when w'ere comparing a pretty average spaceshot to the worlds highest drop tower! TOT was once the fastest ride in the world and you say it is only and okay ride.
  2. Six flags have also just sold off several of their Intamin freefalls, as seen at this link. http://irmpri.com/current.htm
  3. Advertising is starting to happen. I was just on hotmail and there was an advertising banner at the top of the page for WWW saying "check out Australias hottest new water park"
  4. Noticed today on the WWW website that they have released the opening hours for the next 2 months. Also, they have placed a new interactive map of the park on the website.
  5. Back on topic, I am also suprised about the lack of WWW advertisements. While there is basic info circulating in Qld newspapers, it is usually nothing more than "Dreamworld is opening a $60 million dollar world class theme park for the December holidays". Very few people in other states would even be aware of this new park and when planning their interstate holiday would choose to go to wet n' wild instead. Meanwhile if you watch a channel like MTV, just about every ad break has an ad for wet n' wild with MTV viewers as the key demographic. I am sure we will see a large number of ads over the
  6. I have a feeling it will somehow incorporate the Krakatoa volcano they haven't removed from Blue lagoon
  7. What do you expect this walkthrough to be based around? Will it be based around a movie like lara croft or will it be a haunted house type walkthrough?
  8. How do I post an image on? I'm not good with those types of things
  9. Theres an article about WWW in a gold coast liftout in The Sunday Mail. It has revealed the names of the attractions. The wave pool- is the cave of waves, the racer slide is the blue ringed octopus, the tornado is the green room, the watercoaster is the supertubes hydrocoaster. And then there is the temple of huey- an inner tube ride featuring "serpentine curves and screaming 360s" and the rip- a hair raising ride involving a whirlpool a curtain of water and a pitch black plunge.
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