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  1. Gosh Zamperla rides look cheap. Don't mind the carriages thou.
  2. Melbourne weather sucks. Last time I went to Melbourne in summer it was 49deg then 12deg the next day.
  3. Would you not class the hydrocoster a 3 person raft.
  4. THEME-park buffs are giddy with excitement as Wet'n'Wild prepares to unveil the country's first corkscrew waterslide in a matter of months.The Constrictor, a spiralling red and yellow tube resembling a snake, will send riders on a 166m ride at 30km/ph.Park management says the slide features the highest and tightest banks in the world, where the rider goes up the side of the slide on tubes.There has been plenty of buzz surrounding the new attraction over the past month with construction of the large structure at the Helensvale park visible from the M1. The 18m-tall slide is being built at the back of the park next to Whitewater Mountain.Online forums had suggested the snake-like slide may be named after a native Australian reptile, but a Village Roadshow Theme Parks spokeswoman confirmed it would be called The Constrictor.She said it was the first of three new attractions to open at the group's theme parks this year."We will also this Spring be opening a Justice League 3D laser ride at Movie World and a new ride at Sea World, which is still under wraps," she said."The Constrictor is the first of its kind in Australia and is almost identical to the same slide in an American Wet'n'Wild park."The ride can seat up to three people in one tube and is a semi-dark slide."We are excited to be bringing the three new rides on line -- it's going to be a big year."A new mystery ride planned for Sea World will replace its Bermuda Triangle attraction, which has been out of action for the past two years.The defunct ride is bing demolished and talk on social media suggests it will be replaced by a storm-themed water coaster.The new ride will be open to the public in the summer holidays. You can see concept photo at http://www.goldcoast...heme-parks.html
  5. Hey Gazza what do you think the height of this new ride will be? With no MCU submissions to G.C.C.C. I would think this ride will be under the 3 storey limit.
  6. Same cut & paste seen weeks ago in the forums. People could no longer say that weeks ago.
  7. This is the news I have been waiting for. I'm going to pre-purchase my tickets today "THE Federal Government has given Dreamworld $1.1 million to boost indigenous tourism through an Aboriginal culture and Australian wildlife showcase. The Coomera theme park is one of four Australian tourist attractions to receive the Strategic Tourism Investment Grant. The grant was matched by parent company Ardent Leisure and the $2.2 million will be used to convert the park's wildlife experience into an Australian Aboriginal wildlife experience. The transformation has been planned for more than two years and the first stage should be complete late next year. Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson expects the drawcard to lure more tourists to the city and Dreamworld hopes its visitors will enjoy the Coast's indigenous community. Mr Ferguson said the Gold Coast's indigenous attractions already brought in more than $1 billion every year -- a figure he hoped would grow with the installation of Dreamworld's new project. "It is clear from our work internationally and domestically that people want to be exposed to and experience indigenous tourism," he said. "More Australians want to see indigenous experience and see the indigenous employed." Dreamworld owners have worked closely with the Yugambeh people and inbound tourism operators, particularly from Asia, to ensure the new attraction meets visitor expectations. The transformation comes after two years of Dreamworld senior staff working with local indigenous people to forge a strong relationship. In 2011 Dreamworld became the first leisure-based tourist attraction to launch a Reconciliation Action Plan." (gold coast news)
  8. Its was opened a lot longer then that if you consider expo 88 ran for 6 months and the expo fun park stayed open after Expo 88 as a stand alone park. If you turned up at 5pm on a Saturday it cost you $5.00 to ride all the rides to 10pm that night. I liked the ad when it moved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqiS2eaGgwE Thinking it would be great when I went to Knotts last year, I rode the Boomerang. (f#*king rough)
  9. I think they need votes for that to happen but they might do it themselves.
  10. Funny how MW build a new ride in a drain. I wonder what they thought would happen. DOH
  11. A SPIN on the Gold Coast's newest rollercoaster was even more exciting than expected for several thrillseekers on Tuesday. The multimillion-dollar Movie World attraction, which reaches speeds up to 66km/h and pulls 3.5Gs, has experienced a series of "small technical issues" since it opened last Friday. Adrenalin junkies were stopped in their tracks on Tuesday when a carriage of eight people stalled one-third through the 488m-long ride. A rollercoaster enthusiast, who witnessed the glitch, said it happened about 12.30pm and patrons were stuck for more than 30 minutes before being winched to the ground. "They must have come to one hell of a stop, because it does about 25km/h on that stretch," he said. "You could see it, the whole mechanism just popped completely out. One engineer there told me it was just a teething problem, but I think I'll wait a while before I try it." The Bulletin first reported problems with the ride when a reporter experienced a "rare technical glitch" during a promotional ride last week. That time the coaster, which reportedly has the steepest drop in the southern hemisphere, came to an abrupt stop and remained stationary for about five minutes. Movie World marketing and activation manager Selena Lawson admitted to minor glitches during the opening days but said the ride complied with strict safety regulations and posed no threat. "Yes, it's had an issue. It was minor," she said. "The patrons were covered to be protected from the sun within minutes and they were spoken to the whole "It's certainly nothing to be overly concerned about." Ms Lawson said the ride was tested rigorously before becoming operational, performing 500 circuits at night to ensure its stability and consistency. She said all rides experienced problems when they first opened and the Green Lantern's problems were no worse than usual. "I've been working here for 20 years and the changes in safety regulations and how the rides are built are phenomenal," she said. "There's certainly nothing untoward and we certainly wouldn't put anyone in danger." A Workplace Health and Safety Queensland spokesman said construction and commissioning of the ride was closely monitored. "While recognising the inconvenience caused by the ride's teething problems, WHSQ inspectors believe the ride's significant safety features have not been compromised," he said. Luke Royes Gold Coast News I think you call this news
  12. I was thinking at one point in time the ride entrance would go in the old batman building. The stairs to the mud is a good idea.
  13. Only took me 1/2 a day to do universal. I also loved the all you can eat breakfast at knotts.
  14. I did Disney, Universal, SFMM and knotts in 5 days. I got off the plane at 7:15.am and headed straight to Disney. I also got to see the U2 concert within the 5 days. I didn’t go to bed before 12 each night and was up at 6.am each to do it all again.
  15. http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/ I would say Disney ended scaling down the idea.
  16. From Dreamworld GM today. "NEW ENTERTAINMENT PRECINCT AT DREAMWORLD IN THE SECOND HALF. " Got the connection
  17. I longest wait I have ever seen was when startours reopened this year. I think it was around 3 hours wait. I returned to the ride at 5 to midnight and was told if you line up before 12 they don’t kick you out, till you have been on. I got out of Disneyland at 2.30am. (Oh yes Startours sucked)
  18. If you go over to chit chat you can kiss and make up.
  19. Yea seen it the other day but I couldn’t find it again to ref it. My theory, this is how we talk these days. mv (short for move) is a Unix command
  20. Funny you didn't pick up MV looking for a project Administrator too with at least 5-10 years experience, everyone missed that job ad though, and the opportunity to apply has since closed.
  21. I have just come across this job advertised for Dreamworld. "6 Month Fixed Term Contract Dynamic, unique environment dedicated to ‘FUN’ Rare opportunity offering a challenge and diversity Australia’s premier theme parks, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World offer the best of both worlds with double the thrills and double the fun in one convenient location. Home to the ‘Big 7’ thrill rides and some of the coolest waterslides on the planet, our worlds present a challenging and diverse 6 month fixed term career opportunity for a self driven and motivated project coordinator/administrator to join our team. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, you will be responsible for assisting with the coordination for an upcoming Dreamworld project. In this role you will be working closely with key project stakeholders across a number of areas including, but not limited to design, development, construction, operations and sales. Key duties include: Coordinate timelines/deadlines and communicate/drive core project stakeholders on deliverables Coordinate project meetings, agendas, minutes and drive action items to a deadline where required Coordinate the elements of the project together with project stakeholders from engineering, construction project management, procurement, marketing, operations, entertainment, commercial operations and sales departments Follow up on action points and deadlines to ensure timelines are not comprised Manage budget updates and report to key stakeholders As a highly efficient and effective project coordinator/administrator, you will have impeccable organisations skills with a love for spreadsheets and timelines. You are deadline focused and ensure those you work with understand the importance of delivery. You will ideally have the ability to interpret design concepts and plans and have experience in projects with a construction component through to operational delivery. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to prioritise against competing demands and multiple objectives and are essential to succeed, coupled with a high level of computer literacy including an exceptional Microsoft Excel ability." What is Dreamworld doing? Why do you thick Dreamworld needs a project coordinator for six months? design, development, construction, operations and sales (makes me think) Could this be WWW Stage 3?
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