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  1. Looking at photos on facebook of the media night. Whats going on with that mesh?
  2. The only reason I ask is I read this on seaworld web site. Visit Sea World this September and experience a world of family fun in the all new Castaway Bay interactive adventure zone. The exciting new $6 Million family attraction will cater for kids of all ages and feature an amazing themed ride and fun filled child friendly play areas. The kids will love the splashtacular Battle Boats ride with over 80 awesome water cannons. The little ones can climb, crawl and clamber their way through The Sky Fortress featuring five fun filled levels of rope bridges, tunnels and much more. And for the dare devils, the Sky Climb* will test bravery and balance on a thrilling course 12 metres above the ground. Sea World’s Castaway Bay will be an adventure for the whole family. *Pay as you play attraction Rider Requirements: Battle Boats - Guests less than 120cm must be accompanied by an adult who is 14 years or older. Sky Fortress - Guests must not exceed the maximum weight restriction of 130kgs. Sky Climb - Minimum height requirement is 120cm. Guests between 120cm and 140cm must be accompanied by an adult who is 14 years or older. Guests must not exceed the maximum weight restriction of 130kgs. Safety restrictions prohibit guests with certain medical conditions from entering. Please check signage at the entrance to the queue area Then I noticed the *
  3. I would rather push a mini then a hummer.
  4. Dreamworld sold the land where the big brother house is.
  5. Hey Kenny While they are there get them to fix the ride maintance page.
  6. It’s good to see Dreamworld is maintaining this ride. I am just hoping Dreamworld is not dipping into the new attraction budget instead of using the maintenance budget. You would agree it would be a shame if Dreamworld dipped into the gum leaf budget to maintain the wipeout. I like the idea of Movieworld having and extra entertainment area. I think this area would run only at night thou. I don’t know many hoops G.C.C.C. will make them jump through first before anything goes ahead.
  7. I wonder what Dreamworld are thinking. With all the other parks on the coast getting new attractions and Dreamworld just maintaining a ride. Superman Escape (tower of terror sister ride) is also replacing their cars at the moment. So I am just wondering if the car did not need replacing what would Dreamworld be doing this year.
  8. A MOTORSPORT-themed extension to Movie World, featuring five themed restaurants, a games arcade, plus dragster and go-kart themed rides is in the planning stages with the Gold Coast City Council asking for more details. In committee today, councillors rejected Warner Bros. Movie World's initial application because it was 'scant on detail'. But the committee also recommended that the full Council urge the developer to lodge more detailed plans, chairman Cr Ted Shepherd said. Have your say on the feedback form below ''And we would give an undertaking that the application would be considered quickly. We are aware of their desire to have the attraction opened as soon as possible,'' said Cr Shepherd. Under the proposal, Movie World would expand its operations to take in a new village square, five themed restaurants, a games arcade, dragster and go-kart themed rides and a ticket booth in a self-contained precinct between the existing park and the M1. From www.goldcoast.com.au
  9. A bit of a bastard to repaint with all that grease from the Giant Drop smeared over the tower. It was also interesting to see a person uppermost of the tower. I have only ever seen them on the outside doing their morning checks of the cables but never on top.
  10. Quick update. When I was leaving for work today I saw a helicopter lifting gear on top of the Tower. I could not get a good picture with my phone but it was interesting to see.
  11. I should go and check it out. This is what was happening on the other side of the highway? Comments from Dreamworlds facebook: Michael Bradshaw The clown was Crap Michael Bradshaw Dreamworld this the laser were ok. But u need to get some better lasers hey. They got some out there with shapes and animals and stuff like that. I was looking for the WOW factor i was left disapointed. The clown was shit. And wat was with the crap fire people come on. This was a flop big time. Maybe u should book the ... Laura Jenkinson Winter Wonderland. NOTHING like I expected!!! Hardly any snow and only for kids under 120cm. DISAPPOINTING!!! Donna Price MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT - NO SNOW - NO WINTER WONDERLAND - JUST LEFT WONDERING WHERE THE SNOW WAS....DISLIKE ALOT LEFT WITH UPSET KIDS AFTER THE ADVERTS THEY HAVE SEEN SAYING THEY CAN BUILD A SNOWMAN AND MAKE SNOW ANGELS YOU ONLY GOT 3 MINUTES IN AN AREA THE SIZE OF A KIDS BEDROOM AND ITS ONLY FOR KIDS UNDER 120CM - THE ... Kevin Cruickshank Where's the DISLIKE button??? Winter Wonderland???? We were left wondering where the snow was. We didn't expect as much as others have commented but still, that was pathetic. Dreamworld really knows how to disappoint kids. The snow play area was pathetically tiny and just a mound of frozen mush .... no chance of a snow... See More Kevin Cruickshank And another irony - our 5yr old is smack on the 120cm height limit .... he was turned away from the slide for being too short and told to go to the snow play area .... but was turned away from there for being too tall!!! Fortunately he passed for the slide second time around ... must have stood up straighter!!! Daniel O'Sullivan i expected more snow as well, one another thing i could think of was nothing else was open like last time they had illuminate they had AVPX open but this time they didn't, we even asked guest services on the day and they said avpx and a few other things would be open but we went to AVPX at 5:10 and it was closed, and then i was told nothing else was open Steve Gelhaar snow????????/i have gotten more ice defrosting the freezer Elaine Gelhaar Just got back from winter wonderland opening tonite & I gotta say...it was crap!...my kids got all excited for nothing!...show was good, but the whole snow thing was an absolute joke!....that was the most disappointing outing for my kids ever! Cindy Trowbridge We were just at the Winter Wonderland and we are very disappointed. It was advertised as being a "winter wonderland" and expected from the advertising that main street was to be transformed into a winter wonderland. At the end of the show I had to go looking to find the snow that I thought was going to be everywhere. I... Bradley Mullins Ok. Now Winter not so Wonderland. 3 main problems that need a little fixing. First and biggest, the snow. I couldn't even get to touch it because the slide had an hour and a half line and the play area was for under 120cm children and one parent only. I think this could of been better if they just sprinkled snow over t... Anyway you can go check out the full remarks yourself.
  12. What gets my goat is for the price Dreamworld sold the land for around the same price they purchased the Q-deck for. I can understand Ardent buying Q-deck but don’t understand Dreamworld making the purchase. I believe Dreamworld should stick to Dreamworld because we know what the outcome is when Dreamworld tries to go outside the circle. (eg shopping centre).
  13. Copy of Dreamworlds new boundaries after they sold the excess land. The land at the top where the big brother house is located is the land Dreamworld no longer own.
  14. I think Dreamworld have just lost the plot. Look at how they have sold off their extra land and are now renting the Big Brother house off the new owners of the land.
  15. I find it all very weird. I think Dreamworld has blown a great opportunity to test out later trading. As for the wedgie and a park that prides itself on the environment there looks like a lot of water wasted here but I will still give it a go.
  16. Updated update:) GYMPIE has revealed plans to snatch giant kangaroo mascot Matilda from the Gold Coast. The town has already granted approval to display the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games mascot outside a petrol station, while the Gold Coast City Council deliberated on an identical proposal. Gympie Mayor Ron Dyne said the Gold Coast was simply too slow. "The development application was going to take some time so they then applied in Gympie and we approved a development application in fairly short order last year," said Cr Dyne. Cr Dyne said the 13m fibreglass mascot was undergoing mechanical repairs near Caboolture but was expected in Gympie soon. "I understand the concrete pad is already being poured out at the servo in Gympie," he said. Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke wasn't worried about losing Matilda to Gympie. "Not as long as it's being displayed, that's fine by me," he said. But Cr Dawn Crichlow was hopping mad since the Gold Coast was bidding for the Commonwealth Games.
  17. Update "GIANT kangaroo mascot Matilda, star of the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games, could soon be winking at drivers on the Gold Coast Highway. Arguing the 13m fibreglass roo is a piece of 'public art' with heritage value, Gold Coast councillors have overturned an earlier decision banning Matilda from the highway. Matilda Fuel Supplies will be permitted to place the Games mascot outside its Tugun petrol station on the condition she continues to wear a medallion with the Commonwealth Games logo. The petrol chain proposed putting its own logo around the kangaroo's neck, but keeping the Games logo would bypass advertising rules. Cr Greg Betts said retaining the Games logo would get around guidelines banning advertising structures taller than 10m. But Cr Bob La Castra opposed the plans, saying the petrol chain could put up a sign saying 'Matilda' and claim it simply gave the kangaroo's name, rather than advertising the petrol station. Cr Dawn Crichlow said Matilda should be regarded as a vehicle because she was on wheels, and the council could not prevent vehicles being parked on public land." http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2010/0...coast-news.html Another G.C.C.C backflip.
  18. I agree with you. I just think Dreamworld miss the mark again when it comes to marketing. I took my son to Dreamworld, to see the Star Wars parade, the other weekend. There was more staff on the sidelines then there were guest. When the staff came out, just before it started, from the middle gates to control the crowds, I heard them saying man is this it. At first there were more staff then guest lined up. A lot of guests eventually stopped to see what was going on but most people did not even know about the event. I thought it was a great event and I heard guest talking positively about it but most of them were saying they did not know it was on. Ok some photos from the day. [ attachment=2447:Storm_Troopers_079.JPG]
  19. To late Dreamworld has already sold a large amount of their land and instead of spending it on Dreamworld they brought the Q-deck.
  20. And don't question Dreamworld about them callling it a loop, They just delete your post on facebook.
  21. lol Gazza you should upload it to facebook
  22. lol Dreamworld calling new water slide first looping slide for Australia. Did I mention MDMC a top 6 thrill ride.
  23. Does anyone really think Ardent Leisure Group is ever going to spend any serious money on dreamworld when you look at their history? 1974 Founder John Longhurst purchases the 85 hectare Dreamworld site at Coomera to build a family theme park. 1981 Dreamworld officially opened by the Premier of Queensland Sir Joh Bjekle-Petersen. 1983 Blue Lagoon water park opened. 1984 Dreamworld commenced seven day trading. 1987 Park mascot Kenny Koala judged Australia ’s most ‘Outstanding Character’. 1993 The Wipeout opens. 1995 Tiger Island opens. 1997 Tower of Terror opens. 1998 Giant Drop opens.First litter of Bengal tiger cubs dubbed the ‘Awesome Pawesome’ born at Tiger Island. 1999 ASX listed Macquarie Leisure Trust acquires Dreamworld. 2001 Cyclone Rollercoaster opens.Bengal Tiger Kato arrives at Tiger Island.Koala Country expanded and redeveloped into one of the largest native wildlife parks in South East Queensland reopened as the Australian Wildlife Experience.First Big Brother series produced live from Dreamworld. 2002 Nick Central kids zone opens.Dreamworld comes of age and turns 21!Second Big Brother Series produced live from Dreamworld. 2003 Third Big Brother Series produced live from Dreamworld.Sunset Safaris commenced. 2004 All new knee knocking thrill ride, The Claw, opens.Fourth series of Big Brother held at Dreamworld. 2005 The first ever Wiggles World opens Fifth Big Brother Series produced live from Dreamworld. 2006 Australia’s first and only permanent wave, FlowRider opens. Sixth Big Brother Series produced live from Dreamworld. WhiteWater World, a brand new water ride park, opens next to Dreamworld. Dreamworld celebrates its 25th Birthday. 2007 First litter of Sumatran tiger cubs born at Tiger Island. Seventh Big Brother Series produced live from Dreamworld.Adopt an Animal Program launches at Dreamworld Two world-class event venues open - The Dream Room at Dreamworld and The Shell at WhiteWater World.Australia’s first motobike rollercoaster Mick Doohan's Motocoaster opens. 2008 Eighth and final Big Brother Series produced live from Dreamworld.“Frankie” the world’s only blue-eyed koala on display born at Dreamworld’s AWE.Second litter of Sumatran tiger cubs, Shanti, Jaya and Ndari, born at Tiger Island and join adopted sister, Sali.Nick Central welcomes new SpongeBob Flypants ride.Dreamworld opens V8 Supercars RedLine, Australia’s first V8 Supercars simulator ride. 2009 Dreamworld opens AVPX, the combat laser arena themed to reflect the cult movie, Alien Vs Predator. Cylcone cost 6mil MDMC cost 10mil The Claw cost 6mil Nick World Cost 7mil I reckon you only have to look at the history to look at the direction Dreamworld is going.
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