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  1. Um AlexB, I don't know what the deal with your arrogance is, but like Joz said, it is nice to have all of the details put together in the one place. As for people not knowing, again it shows another level of how rediculous your post is by jumping to the conclusion that I thought no one knew about the new ride, hahaha, nice one. 10 points for you. I am sure everyone knows about the ride, and even that there are pieces on site and construction has started (like you so kindly pointed out to us all, just incase we had forgotten). Not everybody might know all of the finer details which my initial p
  2. Yeah, that's where I got it from. Not top secret information but not everyone may have known. Why has it been put back further? I would say looking at the progress at the moment there is no way it would be finished by September, considering how Movie World implements so much themeing, but why were things delayed so much?
  3. Thought I'd share a few details with you all that I found. Don't know if these have already been shared or not: Amusement Park: Warner Bros. Movie World Type: Steel - Sit Down Status: Under Construction opening 9/2005 Make / Model: Intamin AG / Accelerator Coaster Designer: Ingenieur Büro Stengel GmbH Lift / Launch System: Hydraulic Launch Height: 131' 3" Speed: 62.1 mph Max Acceleration: 0 − 62.1 mph in 2 seconds Elements: 131' 3" tall Top Hat − Outside Theme: The ride starts in a New York Subway where Lex Luthor appears and creates a earthquake. This eart
  4. It simply isn't possible to do something like that for a few reasons. 1. To have a 6pm start wouldn't allow enough time in between to make sure the day's crowds had finished and exited. 2. Not enough time to clean. 3. Not enough time for the rides to be checked again. 4. A guaranteed ride after lining up before 9.30 can't occur, what if the queue is 1 hour long? What if there are ride problems which delay the cycles. If you know that there are laws against them going past 10pm then you would know there is no way of doing it unless you stop the night even earlier, at like 9pm at the very lat
  5. Cyclone 1 train, lethal weapon 2. Lethal Weapon: Movie World's number 1 thrill ride Cyclone: A lot lower down the list of Dreamworld's top thrill rides Not a very good comparison to make, but I can see where you are going with things.
  6. Unfortunately I read yet another thread and all I hear is complaining, its worse then a bunch of pensioners getting their hair done. I thought people would be pleased that Dreamworld is really going places in such a short amount of time. To in fact develop these things and double the park's size in 5 years is enormous. 1. To say look out Disneyland: Is that such a bad thing? They didn't exactly say they think they are going to outdo Disney, it comes across more that they are aspiring to reach a level like Disney. Something which has them recognised around the world, rather than just being a f
  7. I believe this will have a positive impact over its duration. Last Christmas they had a small Nickelodeon show which didn't attract large numbers of guests because a big deal wasn't made about it. Using a magic show in a relatively large area which can hold quite a few guests, will definitely move guests to that area of the park, minimising the overcrowding along that front stretch.
  8. Yes. Glad I made it clear that it was just one particular occasion, because it doesn't speak for all operators, or all days. I think a bit of the problem could have been it wasn't a very busy day and they may not have had a lot of work to do.
  9. Yes, they will be getting one, but not in the near future. The work going on at the thunderbolt site at the moment is definitely not for a new roller coaster, which is pretty much what this thread was initially about.
  10. Yep, it was a good day. Wasn't short, just didn't want to go on and on anymore than I already did, I was there from 10-5 (the opening hours). If the queues aren't too short at Movie World you pretty much do all the rides really quickly. I dare say there are really only 4-5 worth going on. At times on some of the rides it was a walk-on, or practically (5 minute wait or less). The shows are a major draw card for guests. At times many of the shows/parades pretty much coincided, so that took a large proportion of the crowd away. I've got a Max Action Pass (season pass) to Dreamworld so I go there
  11. Before I begin, I will just say that these are my opinions based on my experience on a specific day, they don't speak for every single day, or every single person, just a broad generalisation. Today was the first time I have been to Movie World in quite some time, so I was expecting things to be fairly fresh, as in the rides having a novelty about them. After arriving at Dreamworld, only to see ALOT of people, we decided to head down the road to Movie World instead, and test our luck there, just to change things up. We ended up arriving there just on 10, and walked straight through the gate -
  12. You aren't far wrong with those predictions (at this stage). There's not going to be a Roller Coaster for quite some time. Steve$, it isn't for the development of a flat ride, it's more to do with Rabid's first point. I'll let you all find out for yourselves what they end up doing with the area... lol. Don't know exactly about point number 4, I presume you know more details then I do Rabid, but from what I've heard, Movie World are lifting their game and if Dreamworld doesn't watch it, they're going to face some further competition in terms of thrills. However, I am confident that the progre
  13. I bet the work they're doing at the moment isn't for a new Roller Coaster. Sorry everyone. Further down the track, perhaps, but not right now. When you see what is happening, you will look back at this thread an laugh...
  14. The motors aren't designed to cope with that sort of workload, that is why there have been so many break downs recently, and that is why almost every holidays I can remember, one side being closed down because it can't handle it. It will require a lot more work then people on here think.
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