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  1. I agree with most of the suggestions here, particuarly getting rid of motocoaster best idea yet. I like the idea of a megalite, but Piraten was built in europe and cost 15 mill australian in europe. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't intamin have to fabricate parts in Switzerland? And things always cost more to be shipped overseas, I noticed in Germany that BMW audis and Volkwagen are as common as commodores and falcons here. What would be the difference in sending an entire coaster? I hear that SE cost some thing like 22mill in the end. You can totally correct me if I'm wrong, just saying.
  2. Ok, I went to phantasialand, great park, black mamba was I have to say thecoaster I'd ever been on, the waitwas under 20 minutes no matter how long the line was, and the theming was better than anything I'd ever seen before, it took 5 minutes to go through all the theming before you got to the actual queue. No problems there. Now for some very bad news, our teachers decided the day before we were supposed to go to europa park that it was a better idea to go to a lake, I am extremely sorry for misleading you guys, but the trip was on the itinerary and was mentioned from day one. Only the teachers wanted to go to the lake, again I am sorry guys. (btw didn't manage to fit in colorado adventure, the michael jackson thrill ride was closed indefinitely)
  3. Good news, I'm in germany, and the family hasd offered to take me to phantasia land home of black mamba! very good news.
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys:), but just one thing I probably should have mentioned, Unfourtunately times are totally unflexible, I can't be there for more a day
  5. Hey guys I'm going to Europa park on the June/July holidays, I'm only there for a day though. It's a big park and I doubt I'll get a huge amount done, I know what rides there are, I just need to have some tips to maximize the amount of rides I fit in.
  6. So is 7:30 definite now?
  7. This is a real shame for me I was planning to visit there, but obviously it's gone to the trash can with my US trip plans.
  8. Sorry this took a long time, but here are some pics They're not my top five but they're what I could get on the computer, the last one is Dubai airport. The first 3 are at serengheti national park. The next is in Zanzibar I didn't get any pictures of them, but there were air conditioned bus stops in dubai.
  9. I'm Back, I've had a great time, I'll try and post some pictures later.
  10. I agree, you look at international schools, I went to one myself, and the fact is if you don't speak the language, wouldn't you want to go to a school that had your culture with it? My parents wanted me to get a British style education in Brunei, aren't Islamic families allowed to have that choice too? P.S this is my last post made in Australia until sometime after christmas.
  11. This might be step in the right direction.
  12. Today is the big day, I leave for the airport at 3:30p.m
  13. I do sometimes wonder who comes up with the questions to ask on these surveys. I mean it's not every day somebody asks you how you wear your stockings.
  14. Sorry, I had trouble trying to think of a way to write the pronunciation. On your side I will admit that I wrote a sentence which didn't make much sense, and yes I do like posting random shocking facts from books. Sure it clogs up the forum a bit but this is the random thread, where else am I supposed to do it?
  15. Okay these stats are true, I think it's just ignoraqnce to the rest of the world. Another example is Brooke Shields, while I wouldn't call her someone to judge america by, she said,"Smoking kills, and if you're killed you've lost an important part of your life". Another ineresting statistic (thanks to an opinion poll) found that 13 percent of american women don't know whether they wear their panty hose over their underwear, or under. Now don't get me wrong americans are not inherently dumb or stupid. I believe it's something in their culture which means they fail to learn about others. For instance if you look at american travel books about the UK, one says,"Cardiff is the only urban centre in Wales". Well have you heard of Swansea? Now I'm not saying everybody has to know this but surely in a travel book you can get your facts right. In the same book it tells americans that they shouldn't pronounce the the word as it's spellt Glasow, rather Glasgo. Wouldn't you know this simple pronunciation from other parts of life? Rant over. BTW- my source is Bill Bryson notes from a big country, he in turn got his stats from the national endowement for the humanities, who tested 800 american high school students.