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  1. HEY GUYS, This is pretty random, but does anyone happen to have a photo of those impressive bins, LOL. I don't know why I'm so keen to see them, cheers
  2. I have just come back from a trip to Japan to. I to, went to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea! And I swear Disney Sea is the best Park I have ever been to! I would even say better than its neighbor Disneyland. I loved it so much! And plus they have some Disneyland rides in there to like Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones. Only ride I was half disappointed in was Raging Spirits, it was still all fun I just expected it to go faster and it was a short ride for the wait compared to the others. Even the Carousal was great fun, (but go on second level). I didn’t find it that difficult with understanding everything as I speak a little Japanese but even my friends that don’t speak one word got round so easy. Recommend to everyone to go even to Japan itself such a beautiful place with the friendliest people! LOVE IT!
  3. hey um i know two that have aussie parks in them. 1. Scooby Doo, has wet 'n' wild in it (in the quad bike scene you can see calypto beach) 2. Blurred, has movie world (the old western play area and lethal wepon and i think has a bit of WWF)
  4. That sounds awsome! But like Coaster Boy 8 i live in melb and its during school time so i can't go! what a bummer! But does anyone have any pictures? thanks
  5. just thought id say i work at a donut king and he promotion is doing pretty bad for victorians donut kings, but the donut surfrider donut tastes nice anyway, its a iced bar pineaple flovour with new raseberry flavour decoration, very nice. when i saw the promotion i scabbed some of the extra posters (asked my boss first) cause it has the actual carrage pic on it! very cool!
  6. also there are some pics at this link sudden impact entertainment and It's got pics of all the other shows the creator guy (forgot his name) has made!
  7. Ha ha good idea I will try that when i go Luna Park in melbourne, they have the Prison Break one, but it's prob not as good has anyone been on that one?
  8. I agree! But being only 15 I am disapointed! (lol) And my ears still try to go around what you's are saying even though it is correct! Im just disapointed, but I am going to Japan next year with school and part of the trip is going to four theme parks, Tokyo Dome, Universal Studios and DISNEYLAND TOKYO AND DISNEY SEA! so I am so excited! I'll take heaps of photos and post them (even though its not till november 2007! (and My parents dislike themeparks so the most I've got to go to was the Gold Coast ones and this little crudy thing in Ireland (if you could call it a themepark) I hope Disney Japan Is as nice as you make the Hong Kong one out to be!
  9. I had a look at the website! I think it looks pretty impresive if you ask me, I like 'the frezzer', that looks like a scarer I like the costumes to! but could some1 tell me what and when was the lara croft enter the tomb or whatever it was, there? was it temporary like this one? and does anyone have any pictures! thanks!
  10. What happend to the idea of building one in avalon victoria! there was alot of rumors about that! They even said that Disney officials came down to cheack out the site to! And It was all Lindsy Fox who got them down I wish they just built one already down under!
  11. I don't know if they are giving the new park maps out at movie world with the batwing on it? But they have the new map on the website ! so excited!!!!!!! www.movieworld.com.au/db_images/visitorinfo_map/wbmw0601081_ParkMap_English_LR.pdf it looks soo good but I hope the themeing is done better than what it shows and you can also notice that they are going to build a mock building on the side of the batman ride! hmmmm what is that going to be of? cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'm loving the pic! the Seaworld eye looks awsome! and it even matches the seaworld theme colours (The whites and blue greens!) looks awsome! But being a Melbourne boy I have to mention that the are building one very simular in the docklands of melbourne! and it is going to be the 2nd biggest 'eye' or (ferris wheel if you can call it that)in the world but I forgot what it was going to be called? so melbourne's skyline will once again change after the eureka building completed!
  13. you exit through the shop don't you so i don't think that would be practicle! there might be alot of broken things!
  14. Isn't the tower only going to be a bit higher than the camel bump part in Supeman Escape?
  15. yes! wen do you think will be open cause my sis is finishing year 12 and her and her mates are taking me down before schoolies. cause my parents dont like going anymore cause they are sick of themeparks and i cant go by myself or with mates cause im only 15!
  16. If they build a new ride in that area I don't think they would have to close down lethal wepon for anytime. They would probally just make a temarary intrance somewere like i don't think they shut down batman adventure '2' (they should just get rid of the 2) while they are making Bat Wing.
  17. Yer that was what i was thinking but then i looked at the warner brothers movie and it wasn't on there movie list.
  18. but i can't think of any other warner brothers movie that is set or has a part set in asia! besides the last samuri (but that is japanese and the movie is old now!)
  19. A masive roller-coaster would be great! and i rember reading in a form here not long ago, about the idea of putting a roller coaster in themed around the highway chase in the matrix. they were saying it should be a roller coaster that was just recently built over seas but i forgot what type but i think that would be a good idea! and then they could get rid of that stupid matrix exhibit! but i was looking at the map of MW and the space behind SE isn't that big beacuse there is a studio! so maybe it would be a good idea to put a studio tour like you said ^ up there ^
  20. thanks dreamworld rulz, gees i think that would be a bad idea loony tunes river ride may be getting old but all the little kids enjoy it well even i do still and im 15 even and my parents do. but come to think of it i don't think they would want to put another river sort of ride in. argh gees what does everyone think they should put in there? thanks
  21. Hey everyone! I'm new to this all, just want to let you know as you probably already do! But i was thinking, wouldn't it be good if they made a ride themed around charlie and the chocalate factory as it could be a flat ride (^like you said up there) and would be another adition for family rides! and it could go in there somewere beind SE! thanks P.s reply with your opinions if you want to
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