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  1. This looks FANTASTIC!! Themeing is awesome. On the other topic, How much of the Antarctic penguins was completed?
  2. I went to Movieworld today and went the river ride. The ride itself is really falling apart. Here's what I saw today: The boulder was removed Some characters were also removed (e.g The skunk, forgot his name) A number of items did not operate, particularly the tree I don't really blame Movieworld for closing the ride but it would be a sad loss for the park, (The river ride was my first "water ride"). At least something equivalent or better should replace the ride.
  3. I know this my first post in years but I saw this on the White Water World page on Wikipedia: Is this true or is it just a rumor?
  4. White Water World


    Has anyone ever thought about a Roller Coaster Tycoon 4? Well here is some of my suggestions for the game. - Hotels - Ski Resort - Beaches - More Rides and Slides - More Animals - More Coasters - Shopping malls I would like to hear your suggestions.
  5. My Dad works in Port Kembla and he has not heard about this.
  6. I was over in the Philippines in January but that park was closed. BTW Have you been to Splash Island water park that was also closed.
  7. There is going to be this MASSIVE!!! theme park built smack dam in the middle of the Middle Eastern desert in Dubai and it is going to be 107 miles long. here is a Link
  8. There should be a Dukes of Hazarrd themed ride where you sit in car shaped coaster cars and you accellorate form 0-70 in 3secs.
  9. I live in Albion Park (near jamberoo) and I read about this and they said that the new rides will continue until 2016
  10. How do I get stairs underneath the suspended coasters and beside the other coasters and how do I make my own signs for rides
  11. There is a big mass of water next to the Catoon Network area take a look. If they can't put it there,why not just use the water in the lake next to the park
  12. I was just wandering if Sea World should get killer whales like the Sea Worlds in the US?
  13. First, the consturtion starts slow and now it is nearly done
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