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  1. Well Bussy, you get your wish. The approval for the demolition of Wonderland (including Bush Beast) was granted by Blacktown Council yesterday. And so it ends. To any remaining coaster freaks..I hear Raby Road is still good, and you can still find Datsun 1200s out there. Zordmaker Signing off.
  2. Not when you can drive from the SWR Tx site at Horsley park, all the way to Quakers Hill with the window open.. with the same smell coming in.. ZordMaker
  3. I think all resident would agree the problem is not the park, it's the tip - and would much rather see something done about it than bother closing Wonderland just because it stank there. A soft overnight south westerly breeze blows the stink over the suburbs as far as Quakers Hill (I know, I have smelt it regularly). But as usual the problem is a "not in my backyard" problem, and Sydney will continue to use Eastern Creek until it is literally higher than the Blue Mountains. Im moving to North Richmond in July so I don't care (p.s. thats exactly the attitude that does all the damage..) ZordM
  4. What I was illustrating is that regardless of the machine, the decision to run it or not to run it is a digital one, i.e. it is either a "yes" or a "no". Just because a "yes" suddenly seems to become a "no" one day, doesnt mean something catastrophic happened the day before to change everybody's mind. It just means that (as others here have said) certain parts are deemed to have reached the end of their safe service life and now need to be replaced or fixed. As far as Wonderland is concerned its no secret that a vast majority of rides were reaching the end of their economic service lives (som
  5. It'll give me great confidence to know that Coles' national food distribution centre is across the road from Sydney's biggest peutriscible waste tip. Anyone whohas taken a drive out there over the past few months would know exactly what Im talking about. Think I'll avoid Coles.. at least Wollies is about 10km further west.. Zordmaker
  6. No it's not amazing actually. A rubber band breaks suddenly, it doesnt take years to break. That doesn't mean that you can't still use it as a rubber band just before it breaks. Same with anything mechanical. It works up until the day that it stops working. Then it no longer works. ZordMaker
  7. Ill tell you what happened... Sydney. That's what happened. ZordMaker
  8. Can't ever remember that being a problem for me. (1 x spandex bike short is fine for hopping between the Beach, Snowy River Rampage and Bush beast all day...) :-) ZordMaker
  9. It's more likely that the fence is to keep unwanted visitors out as the rest of the site is due to become a demolition site. Demolition requires approval from Blacktown Council, and they have already stated that this will not be issued for BB until their own heritage study is complete. I don't think the current owners will want to completely f*** their chances with Council by defying their own orders, otherwise the chances of them rezoning the site will reduce to almost zero. ZordMaker
  10. You're correct. The "Disney" site is a 30Ha section of the Govt's "new" regional parkland, in this case located behind Blacktown Drive in Cinemas. The issue is directly linked to Wonderland however, as the whole thing has come about due to pressure from BCC to the State Govt that they do not want Wonderland rezoned unless there is another park site reserved in Blacktown to replace it (now.. where have I heard THAT before..). The 30Ha site will be owned by the NSW Govt and leased to the successful tenderer. A total of three groups have expressed interest so far, including Disney. Now in the
  11. Just remember.. it's the vibe. And yes, I have a lawyer, and yes, they have a photocopier.. :-) Just to shut you all up.. my own prediction is that Bush Beast will end it's days in a fire deliberately lit under the station, thus rendering the remainder of the structure useless. But hey.. I had to try, didn't I. Crazier things have worked before.. like saving the red rattlers. zordmaker
  12. Yeah. That was BEFORE the incident on Space probe... ZordMaker
  13. Yeah. Ill have to ask the next door neighbours if its OK to pitch some guy wires over the fence. Now where can I get some trains. Hmm. Yeah, well you're right there, it seems. It just seems a little odd that's all, on a site dedicated to roller coasters. ZordMaker
  14. Petitions are useless. If you want to beat the system, you have to use the system. That means you first need to know the system. Most of the decisions are made by Public servants, not pollies, who just rubber stamp what the servants tell them to do. It depends on what other concessions the NSW Govt get in return for it now, doesnt it. Im sure if BCC wanted it preserved, the NSW Govt would be happy to swap 2 acres of land that it stands on with say, another 10 acres of Council land that Council doesnt want but would be useful to the NSW Govt, or even just BCC "getting out of the way" in rela
  15. yeah, yeah, yeah. But where's the wood???? ZordMaker
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