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  1. Power outage... Light globes turn off!!! Everyone panic....
  2. FluxZero

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    I rode HD @ USJ backwards the first time, and forward the second time. I have to say I didn't enjoy the backwards experience nearly as much as the forward experience. Backwards felt rougher, I don't know weather that was because of the train or because you couldn't see what was comming.
  3. Wow after heavy investment in Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a new Jarasic Park now Universal Studio Japan is going to have the first Mario Land. http://www.engadget.com/2016/03/05/nintendo-land-universal-japan/
  4. FluxZero

    Japan - Universal and Fuji Q

    Seems like I will have to head back to Fuji Q. I'll likely do Fuji Q and by the sound ds of it Disney Sea next time I'm over. Space Fantasy was open. The misses got phyced out my all the motion sickness warnings and the little spining roller coaster car that shows the motion on top of the entrance sign. So I went it alone. I didn't end up finding it too spinny at all. I suppose the park is being cautious. As for the ride totally fun and fluro. Would have gone again if I had time. I rode harry potter first and then latter jumped on spiderman. I was underwealmed by spiderman. I didn't find the 3D that impressive. And the pratical effects were a little to static for my liking I would rate harry over Spiderman. Totally get you point about squeezig the story in. At the end of the ride I didn't really get the feeling of story telling just a jumble of different elements.
  5. FluxZero

    Japan - Universal and Fuji Q

    I'll have to go and check out TPR. I was walking around under the track and was in awe... thanks Tim.
  6. FluxZero

    Japan - Universal and Fuji Q

    The glasses were fine they never felt like they were going to fall off. They were themed like seekers goggles. My girlfriend wears glasses and she said they were comfortable. Keen to have a look at the transformer rattactions now. The mission of practical efeects and 3D screens was a particular highlight. Wow Disney themeing is still better. I'll have to check Disney Sea next time I'm over their snowboarding..
  7. So I just came back from a trip to Japan and managed to get to two parks, universal and Fuji Q. Unfortunately the only day I could get to Fuji Q it was very cold and all the coasters were shut. Totabummer, especiallyly when you travel 2 hours to get there. I supose I should have checked the weather. I did get to ride a flame 4 times in a row and checked out their haunted house/hospital which was interesting. I ended up having four Japanese school girls cowering behind me the whole time which was hhilarious They also have a prison break type atraction which was fun, although I only got through the first stage. What I would like to know have any of you guys been there and would it be worth visiting again? The coaster did look impressive. I did manage to get to a a full day at USJ, and had a ball. I was especially imprimpressedh the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The themeing was immaculate. It really captured the essence of the franchise. I have never been to disney but imagine this is how their parks look, or have universal just out done hem? Also wow Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest is the most amazing experience. From the theming of the queue to the walk though to the ride itself. I have never been on a dark ride like it. I would be interested for those of you who have ridden it do you feel the same or am I just out of touch with what the new standard is? Is there anything else out there like it? I managed to get two rides that day and could wipe the smile off my face after each ride. Lastly I also noticed what looks like an interted or flying coaster being built there in the jarassic park secition. Does anyone have any details on what its going to be? I will post some happy Snaps when I get to a PC
  8. FluxZero

    New Scenic Railway Opens

    LOL I remember that white plastic chain well.... State of the art safety right there.
  9. Its really taking shape now, thanks for the photos! I have been meaning to get out there but have had no time as of late. Has there been any information regrading a firmer opening date yet?
  10. Yeah that's for sure.... I'am consulting engineer at a major multi national and I have a project at the moment where they are in full swing construction and we haven't even issued tender/construction issue documents yet. They are Building everything off prelim issue. (It is a smaller job though) However in this scale project generally the major details are finalised like where major structures are being placed. I would be very surprised if first issue construction documents didn't exist.
  11. Thanks themeparkgc, I suppose they want to leave something of a surprise. (also they are not required to release the documents so they do not bother)
  12. If anyone does have the latest drawings handy please feel free to put me out of my misery. Wish I could get my hands on some construction drawings.....
  13. So would this be the latest layout? Dated 18th July 2011
  14. jjuttp, do you know the perspective of that sketch? EDIT: all good found all the drawings on http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au
  15. No problem RWC, Jjuttp I haven't seen a revised whole concept drawing yet so if you can post a link or drawing that would be great. As for the second photo it does exactly what it is intended to do, give the ordination and locations the photos were taken.. You can't really see it but directly in the foreground of photo two is a semi-circular channel, any thoughts on what it could be...I was thinking it was the start of a lazy river or a splash down area..you can also just make it out in the distance of photo 1. I have to say I am getting slightly excited after seeing the earthworks nit having a theme park in Sydney since the demise of wonderland. (Edit: Fixed typos. Phone post)