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  1. DanielB

    Wonderland Music

    Cripes, you want to know the songs???
  2. PERIOD???? What the hell? ?!? Are you an American or do you just like to act American? Here in Australia we say "Full Stop". Daniel
  3. DanielB

    The Space Probe's HEIGHT?

    Yes, I'd seen you'd taken "Daniel" already, so I went and added my initial. And I'm not Mexican, I'm Canberran. Me and a bunch of friends went up to Wonderland on Thurs, first time I've been in maybe 10 years. I didn't say the probe needs to be higher, I'm just amazed it's so scary from just 61m high! Of course if I'd been on it as many times as *some* people here I'm sure it wouldn't be scary at all anymore (then again if you're not scared when you're FALLING towards the earth what does scare you??) Why does Wonderland need to close anyway? I think it'd get by very well by opening only on weekends and public holidays. Oh well. I rode the demon 5 times and the space probe twice. On one day. First time for either of them, and it looks like the last. Daniel
  4. DanielB

    The Space Probe's HEIGHT?

    Really? is that all? when you look at it you can see it's visibly tinted blue like it's distant. Then again that could just be your Sydney-pollution
  5. Can someone tell me how tall the space probe actually is? I know the website says it drops you from the height of a 27-story building, but I don't know what that means in metres (110 maybe?) How many metres are there in a standard building-story? Damn that ride was scary... what fun! I really would like to see it, the Bush Beast and the Demon stay in Australia. Daniel