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  1. SeanM

    Bounty's Revenge Question

    "Later in August this year, a new ride will make its way to the theme park. The Bounty Revenge is a 360° swinging ship that will take visitors on the ride of a lifetime. Towards the end of the year, the existing Zambezi River, better known to many as The Lazy River, will undergo total upgrading and re-theming. To give visitors more to look forward when visiting Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, the Sunway Petting Zoo will eventually move into the theme park, creating a mini night safari."
  3. SeanM

    Goodies from 1984 - 86

    Hey Wazza1, Awesome dude..keep it comming Cheers Sean
  4. SeanM

    Space Probe Removal

    With a dremel :)P
  5. SeanM

    Aerial Photos?

    Hi, I'd take a shot guess and say the B&W prints would be handouts to newspaper's and media before digital files were more common, artwork would be in the form of a bromide, B&W photographs or slides which would be drum scanned. Cheers Sean
  6. SeanM


    Wow!...Now you can visit Michael Croaker's personal website..How Cool! Guys & Girls, don't you all agree he looks dashing in the fireman uniform!!!
  7. SeanM

    Aerial Photos?

    Yes, I have a stack somewhere on a one gig memory card, from a chopper flight back from the Blue Mountains..this was a few months after it closed ....will look!
  8. SeanM

    Documenting the parks history

    a few more comming soon... cheers sean
  9. SeanM

    Demon Removal "Visionland will get a $5 million triple-loop steel roller coaster at its Magic Adventure amusement park next year as the park's operators hope to build on the record-setting attendance of 2004. Visionland owners Southland Entertainment Group purchased the 1,000-foot long coaster from a park in Australia and will be installing it in the coming weeks on the hillside between the Rampage wooden roller coaster and the Space Shot tower drop ride. " more info on link
  10. Some interesting old photos and info.
  11. SeanM

    Documenting the parks history

    Hey Paul, Because I did not have the neg's then, they were "misplaced" by the lab!.. Give me a few more days to scan some more.. PM me with your details Paul, Cheers Sean
  12. SeanM

    Documenting the parks history Marvelous development - Wonderland Article. "Eventually, the characters will become the basis for attractions, starting with a Spider man show opening next year and ultimately evolving into a themed area in the park, a la Marvel Superhero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. “That’s the template,” Lockett said. "
  13. SeanM

    Documenting the parks history

    Mickazee, All the originals are around 65 meg each..If you post me a private message with your postal address I'll send you a disc with the tiff's as long as I get credited. Cheers Sean
  14. SeanM

    Documenting the parks history

    some more photo's