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  1. I flew over Movieworld today, and Batwing was working!
  2. ok here they are, there not to clear which is a bit dissapointing, but hey, its hard taking a picture flying along at 250km/hr definetley looks like there has been an extra bit added onto the bb house
  3. Sounds really good for Australia Zoo. Im glad Terri has decided to hold onto the park, it just wouldnt be the same without her. I read the article in the GoldCoast Bulletin on Friday, I think it said they had or were planning to purchase an extra ~200sq.ha of land, to add to the already 50sq.ha. If she does build an accomodation and theme park there, the pull that it would bring from american alone, would be enormous. Think about it, Australia Zoo's located all around the world like disneyland. It really has the potential... Sure it wont be "magical" like Disneyland but themed rides
  4. Finally flew over it this morning, got a few photos, although air traffic control wouldnt allow me to go below 2000ft due dreamworld helicopter traffic, so the detail aint that great. Having some problems with my USB cable atm, will upload when fixed. There are a few extra buildings and it looks like from my photos (only viewing them from the camera), that their is another pool in a seperate complex from the main backyard.
  5. Any chance of grabbing one please? I can send you my address?
  6. Expedition Everest rocked! It is one of the most nicely themed rollercoasters I have even seen! Not to mention the ride is actually half decent. I went in Jan 07 for about 2 weeks with the family, which was Disneys quiet period. Think the most we waited for EE was about 30min, rode it countless number of times, and never got sick of it. Kali River Rapids was really nice too. 100x times better than Dreamworlds version - Kali is actually themed! You go through mist and ooooahhhhh its so nice! Oh, and dont even get me started on Kilimanjaro Safari's! Absolutley brilliant! *honk* *
  7. I fly over it quite a bit, I'll try and get some photos next time - but yes, there is construction going on.
  8. highest level operator required to operate the log ride? good god, what has the world come to
  9. tbh i agreed with the author dreamworld simply lacks decent rides
  10. I've been in the line for Superman Escape heeps of times only to see rather large people leave the ride due to not being able to fit in the harness. It's hard not to feel sorry for them =/
  11. expedition everest at animal kingdom in wdw is by far the best themed ride i have ever seen! the detail is amazing and the ride rocks!
  12. Just pray they have 2 trains going...... You wont be waiting long at all if there is 2 trains, even on the weekend
  13. Not at all. When I went to WDW Orlando, I also went to Universal/IOA/SeaWorld. If people come here for Disney, they will go to other theme parks to.
  14. I went in Jan this year. MGM definetley one of my favourite parks, if not the best. tower of terror, rnr'r, fantasmic, awesome!!!!!! definetley way better than magic kingdom in terms of thrill rides, but magic kingdom is great for.... well... the magic!
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