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  1. <3coasters

    Knex Rollercoaster Project 07

    Well im interested What is a giga coaster? I would like to see one so i think you should make that one, i mean how many people have made recreations of superman escape although it would also be good to see the recreations r getting old. i love knex coasters ive neva made one but i would love to !! Could any one post a link to a video or foto of a giga coaster or just tell an example so i can look it up? thanx
  2. <3coasters

    FREE three (3) 50% off passes to Dreamworld.

    OMG! me and my friends are planing to go to dreamworld in the next couple of weeks and i would love those passes i havent been there for over 2 years and they would be heaps of help if there are any still available please consider me lol. If not no hard feelings lol...thanx
  3. <3coasters

    Bush Beast

    Ok kool are no limits and RCT like ps2/xbox games or pc im interested and would like to buy how much and where from?
  4. <3coasters

    Bush Beast

    Looks pretty good to me i went on this coaster in 99/2000 with my dad it was awesum! I love wooden coasters i think theyre really cool lol. Just for the record whats NL?
  5. <3coasters

    RollerCoaster Rush

    Yeah i agree tony i cant get past france been tryin for ages P.S. No they are not real tracks just really kool!
  6. <3coasters

    RollerCoaster Rush

    I purchased this game over christmas for my new fone...well i cant really say purchased because they still havent charged me its soo kool lol um im up to france and cant get past it august would you be able o give me some tips?
  7. <3coasters

    wet n wild hours

    Hi guys i have been looking on the WnW website and i saw that they are open until 9pm until the 25th jan and i was wondering if the rides are open until then or just some or a dive in movie? Also what is a better way to see all the park is there less crowds on some days or should you just rush to the biggest ones and do the little ones like calypso beach, wave pool etc. later?
  8. <3coasters

    Intamin website

    well like i said its not very good it has very little info and for such a large company you would think they could improve it quite alot more!
  9. <3coasters

    Intamin website

    Hey guys im interested to look at the intamin website but im not sure if im looking at the right one ive been going to http://www.intaminworldwide.com/ and i dont think its right if it is its quite crappy with not many descriptions of anything could some one please tell me that ive got the wrong site because this one sucks and please inform me of the correct one if so!
  10. <3coasters

    Cedar Point Guest Size Ride Policy

    i agreee im gonna check it out and possibly ask! can you tell me the website i know its cedar point but what is the actuall website url adress?
  11. <3coasters

    Cedar Point Guest Size Ride Policy

    I agree thats really confusing, never been to cedar point but i hope to when im older sounds quite rude and offensive and not to mention bogus, that sucks but of course they have to meet with safety restrictions and guidelines but geez they could at least not make it sound so rude! i would like to know where you got this info from just to read it myself! lol any way good luck and i hope you can get on the rides you wish to!
  12. <3coasters

    Favourite Coaster?

    Mave fave oz coaster that ive ridden has 2 be TOT but Not ridden are 1st top thrill dragster tied with kingda ka then probly dueling dragons but dodonpa at fuji-q-highland looks awesum 2
  13. <3coasters

    Future Dreamworld thrill ride

    Id really like if they install a wicked twister like the one at cedar point it looks like a really cool coaster and fun for the hole family 2 heres the video: IT LOOKS AWESUM
  14. <3coasters

    Surfers Paradise - Attractions

    omg those vids are so embarrasing i have 1 of me n my sis on vomatron n i am sqealing like a girl it soooooo shame but i loved the ride would do it any day!!!! Ripleys is great gotta love all the hands on stuff its mad as!
  15. <3coasters

    WWW on Sunrise

    good on ya cheesy great work cant wait to ride but ill have 2 wait till nxt year goin 2 darwin, acctualy now that i think of it darwin has a place called leanyer lakes and the have a section exactly like nickelodeon and buchaneer bay but on a smaller scale and ITS FREE lol its great fun