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  1. This video bought back so many memories.
  2. Troy81

    [Wishful Thinking] The Gold Rush Replacement

    As a 10 year old kid, the wow factor of the screen and creating the feeling of actually moving was what I found special.
  3. Troy81

    [Wishful Thinking] The Gold Rush Replacement

    You are right Push. As a kid I loved going to the IMax at Dreamworld. I would love to see them bring it back (sort of), with something similar to Disneys Soarin ride. Is that the kind of thing you were thinking? Still not as big a drawcard as a coaster but more of a family friendly experience which Dreamworld does excel at. And definitely cheaper.
  4. Troy81

    [Wishful Thinking] The Gold Rush Replacement

    Dreamworld is in a tough spot now. With revenue down there will definitely be a lower CAPEX. Building a roller coaster now is going to be a tough job as anything they do will now be compared to what is happening down the road. Has anyone got any ideas of cheaper options that would still make hem stand out and draw customers back.
  5. Troy81

    Down comes Sea World Water Park

    Truck spotted heading north on the M1
  6. Troy81

    Down comes Sea World Water Park

    So the fenced off area is for nothing to exciting. They are using the area to load the old Mammoth Falls. I wonder where it is going.
  7. Just sitting in the Movieworld carpark now enjoying some McDonald's and admiring this beast of a coaster. As said in a few posts, the photos don't do this thing justice. The impression you get as you turn into Movieworld, this coaster just blows you away. The large crane is currently maneuvering into a new position . There is not much track left in the holding yard but there is still 6 containers that look like they haven't been unloaded yet.
  8. For 4 people. Including one very impatient 7 year old.
  9. I am only thinking of this as an option due to the front of line passes. Being the summer holiday period, i really don't want to queue for hours. It does make the day at US a $2000 day though.
  10. So still planning this trip at the moment. Just wondering if anyone here has done the VIP experience at Universal Studios? I am just trying to work out if it is worth it.
  11. Well bugger me. I thought I was on to something.
  12. Or will it... Most distribution boards I have seen and worked on are orange. This one is an interesting blue colour, so has this clue been sitting in front of us the whole time? In regards to the transformer, from planning to installation this normally takes over 6 months. I would assume it is staying.
  13. So it has probably been asked to death somewhere in amongst these forums, which means I probably would have read about it at one time or another, however, I am wondering if anybody on here has had any experience of the California Parks during the US summer holidays. I am in the unfortunate conundrum of wanting to take the family to Disneyland before the eldest turns 18 in August, but she now has University which means the only time that we could actually go is during these holidays. I guess what I really want to know is if it is still worth it? Any feedback will be appreciated and taken on board while planning.
  14. Has there beeen any recent satellite images of the Mack factory?