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  1. This gives Dreamworld another 6 months to announce something new, clawing back even more season ticket holders.
  2. I miss the Pizzas. I thought they were great.
  3. I do like the Micro Brewery idea. Could also be another function area.
  4. Appreciate the insight guys. Always interesting to hear from someone on the inside. As a kid growing up all I ever wanted to do was win the lotto so I could buy a few portable rides and join the carny circuit.
  5. With the Brisbane Show coming up, I hope it hasn't affected too many businesses. I will guess we wait and see. I did also read that the guild had gone to the government for support.
  6. So because I love bumping old threads so much, I just wanted to ask if there was anyone on this page that is part of the travelling fair community? I read an article about there being no insurance company left that will back the amusement industry for public liability. Has this started affecting any of the travelling shows yet, and what do you think will be the ultimate outcome? I am not a reporter or anything, I am just curious because I fear for an industry that I love so much. This is a link to just one article that I read. https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/au/news/breaking-news/inability-to-obtain-insurance-forcing-ride-operators-to-close-shop-256473.aspx
  7. What is social distancing? Staff are trying hard though.
  8. I went to Wet N Wild on Friday. Very little was open, and the crowd was still quite large so wait times were long. We left after 3 slides and headed for White Waterworld. All attractions were opened which meant the crowds were spread out and we got most slides done in under 3 hours.
  9. I would love to see Disney bring a cruise to Australia. Although in this current climate, cruises will need to build consumer confidence. It would be a good way to test the brand before maybe investing in an island resort.
  10. Yeah, well I bought Crypto, and lost big time on that, so I am up for another gamble.
  11. Thank you for the info. I was wondering due to the plunge in share price that something may have happened today.
  12. The fact that 2 trains are operating is a good thing right. Sounds like consumer confidence may be returning to DreamWorld. What are the crowds like at the moment?
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