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  1. It's really good, but they can't make any money off it
  2. It's really good, you can renew your Dreamworld/WWW World pass for $69 at the moment (over the phone). It lasts over a year until Oct 31st 2011
  3. I would actually believe that, I'm not sure what the ride is called but there's another older ride at WnW, you lie on your back, it's sort of over the far side, and when I rode it my back got scraped and was bleeding (a bit), my friends just went really red. And I'm not fat my BMI is 18.5 So rides can hurt your back, my spine is too bony so it always hurts! Now I'm scared of this one
  4. WWW isn't beaten, it's in QLD, this one is in NSW, QLD wins for me (being in Brisbane and all ). And I prefer WWW to WnW by far anyway xD
  5. Are you talking about my new avatar? If you are, I have liked Bobi since 2008 when he represented Macedonia in the Junior Eurovision in Lemesos. He's really good in Macedonian. I'm a JESC fan not just a Bobi fan, I run a website on it www.junioreurosong.net Anyway, what happened to Snow World? What was it like?
  6. Still boring, it's not enough of a show, storyline-wise.
  7. Oh I blimming hope so, it's so boring and the "waiting room" smells. Something like the Pepsi Max Motion Master they have/had? at Rainbows End would be great? I'd axe that horrid stunt driver show first, it gave me such a bad headache and my whole group thought it was so boring.
  8. An indoor coaster to replace Scooby Doo now it sucks.
  9. Oh my god I want to go! Has this park been making a lot of money does anyone know?
  10. Seaworld really needs more rides, it's so boring at the moment, I don't know anyone that would pay to go there. We went because of the VIP pass but left quickly, with Bermuda having no fire the only good ride is that ski-jet boat thing.
  11. The Superman queue only running one train, apparently they only have 1 now or so the line guy said.. the line was three hours :X
  12. I was a bit annoyed when I went on Friday and even though it was packed, lots of kids off on holidays, only 1 train on the Superman was running. And the attendants were slow/grumpy/not caring at all. Compared to when I went a few months ago and they were going as fast as they could to break their record (39 in a hour I think?) and we moved from the back of the line to the front in under 20 minutes. Friday it was a wait of about an hour and 20 minutes. But they seemed understaffed, no person at the entrance saying "check your pockets". WWF great as usual, had 1 tidal wave (after the backwards drop and when the boat turns around again then as it turns the next corner sometimes you get soaked), it's so fun when it rains and the boats smash into each other. WWF was so full in the morning, walk on in the afternoon (1pm) :S Road runner was a wait of 10 minutes or so. I did Lethal Weapon for the first time. Hurts your left ear a lot. One girls ear was bleeding.
  13. I went to MW yesterday and the Scooby Doo had some smoke again! Yessssss! It wasn't as much as before but it made it a little better (because since they changed the lights or whatever, Scooby Doo has been pretty boring, you can see everything, and they changed the dips I think? It's not as fast and scary and stuff). So yeah it improved a bit now
  14. It might be better with a section for Australian parks then another for international? Well I don't post very much because the parks are never building things now so it doesn't matter to me
  15. When I went to Movie World around Easter, it was the first day Sam Clark (Neighbours) was there, he was signing autographs and singing but it was a surprisingly small crowd. MW did seem very quiet for a holiday, but the Scooby broke down and then when we went inside the line took up both sides of that big room, and ran outside. It was the longest I have ever seen it! Superman however was a 20 minute wait because the staff were so efficient! It was excellent. They were kicking off anyone who hadn't emptied their pockets at the front of the queue, quite funny Wild Wild West Falls was crappy compared to when we went and it was raining a lot and all the logs kept stopping halfway up the slopes and crashing into each other and water tidal waving into the boat. That was the coolest experience (but so frightening, we thought we'd take the big drop 3 boats at a time!)
  16. Oh wow, what a twit. I hope he doesn't succeed in this lawsuit.
  17. I loved this! I'm 6ft tall though and found I sort of got pushed to side side a lot more than my 160cm friend. Still, fun!
  18. Can I ask.. what do you all mean, briefing room and boat sound effects? Today we had neither :S What happened to the fire? And smoke and stuff The operator said the sensors never turned off one day.
  19. I rode it today. Did not enjoy it much Hurt my neck a lot, although in 2008 I had surgery on my right ear and it is still tender, but this ride was BUMPY. The harness jams into your legs during the ride so you end up with red marks. You can't move your arm. Such a slow ride.
  20. Well of course he exists guys I think the lack of capital letters etc is what put me off, it just seemed dodgy, you know how you get all those spam emails from Asian/Indians companies sent to your work address? If it ever did come to fruition though it would be fun
  21. Wow MovieWorld is strict, when we went there they checked everyones bags like made you empty it onto their tables and throw out everything!
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