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  1. Glad my understanding was correct. Can I query though - what do you see as 'direct affiliation' ?
  2. You're telling me that a former chief operating officer of VRTP, who was also a board member of AALARA, had nothing to do with Leviathan - an element of a far more elaborate precinct project that was fully fleshed out in May 2019, before his departure from the company? I mean, sure - Kirby obviously had his little 'final approval' stamp to go on, but that doesn't mean he determined the type, sourced the supplier, nutted out the design, right? I mean, we've long bemoaned Ardent's habit of CEOs choosing rides... you don't honestly think Kirby was the instrumental success for this, gi
  3. ...and you call yourself an enthusiast. The reason you should direct your thumbs up to Dreamworld is because the person who 'signed off and got this going' now works for Dreamworld. As for the structure - I never said 'pretty' nor did I say 'architectural beauty' I just said picturesque. And it is. Heck, the wooden coaster aesthetic was so desirable for the theme Disney even made a Steel Coaster that looks like a woodie to suit. As for the issues on the spit, while I CBF finding it for you, i'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find that the spit height restrictions previously
  4. You should direct your thumb towards Dreamworld then... That little corner used to be under water. As an enthusiast, there's nothing more picturesque for me than the angles, shadows and shapes that make up a woody structure.
  5. I'd continue the joke, but I don't want @Gazzato correct me on the appropriate use of footerings.
  6. Hopefully, by the end of the year, the many folks over the years who have downtrodden the idea of a park getting a woody will be able to eat their words. This really is kick ass, and i'm looking forward to riding this way more than I ever looked towards Rivals.
  7. I want to hear how to make my colours brighter and my whites whiter.
  8. 4 across seating is too much capacity. Lol. Seriously though - do what other parks have done and install a second tower. There's plenty of room for it, and you could diversify your experiences, while also maintaining uptime by staggering maintenance and teardowns.
  9. You potentially create a worse problem with upsells like that though - people deliberately wait until the end of the day for the discounts (like Karen hovering over the roast chooks at Woolies waiting for the markdowns) which can depress your current level of full price sales too. There's still merit in the idea of capitalising off the current App data available (that they aren't using) they just can't make it too predictable, or certain, lest everyone get used to paying $99 for a year of entertainment...
  10. I believe they aren't allowed to 'represent their own brand' on the forums, so they can't reference their own channel, or come along saying 'hey guys check out our latest video' - however if there is a discussion about X, and there happens to be a RT video or Podcast that covers X, a third party adding it saying "here's a cool video on that topic" its fine. I stand to be corrected by the mods, but those are the forum rules as I understand it. Promotion - Bad Relevant to topic - Good.
  11. I guess if there's nothing wrong with it, you don't get rid of it until you know what you're going to do with the space. The facade may be entirely suitable for the new ride \ theme and all they have to do is clad it with the new theme. Or maybe the new theme will be the same, enabling them to recycle all the old material. I doubt we will see any movement on the site until the new ride is decided and they commence works - easier to demolish and build with the same machinery than to pull it down just to create a greenfields site. (Its a horrible look for guests to have such a large ride SB
  12. So did half the community. Most sites that aren't "journalism" managed to get back on, but since most of what Parkz shares on Facebook would fall within the definitions of news \ journalism \ etc... 🤷‍♂️ TPR is still accessible though... not that anyone would want to go there... Maybe Parkz needs to change categories to "local and travel" ?
  13. ^ A grand wouldn't have been enough to ship the damn thing. The owner has them sitting in a shipping container on a property in SA. He's working tourism in the NT. To even return home to photograph the things would have cost him time and money - certainly not something that'd be worth doing for a grand for some stuff that isn't costing you anything to store. He's clearly a collector. He had aspirations of setting up his own private collection, clearly it became too much to restore them all and he shelved the idea. He's finally come to terms with getting rid of them, but like many thi
  14. Interestingly, the gofundme is still live this morning (almost 24 hours after the announcement), and the last fund update on the fundraiser was the end of January. They didn't actually reach $1000 - just slightly less at $930, but that's with Golden Years chipping in $200 (they were the last recorded donation - on the 7th of February, which is odd given the campaign ran for 4 weeks total, and note also that Golden Years' donation is marked as 'offline' meaning they didn't actually put their money up - offline donations don't run through the gofundme system, so its an 'on paper' donation o
  15. Ahhhh, those were the days of the Aussie Coaster Forum Wars. When good vs. evil, Roller Coaster vs. Dreamneva mate vs. mate and state vs. state reigned! After that we were separated into 13 districts. President Wilson decreed no more war. And in return we offered up Roach as a tribute to be sacrificed into the enclave of community leaders so that others could live. I was invited to, and did the shoot, on behalf of DreamNova. I didn't have to run around for permission, just called the number and they gave me a date I could come down. Of course, as we know, the DN site never rea
  16. Agree. If the ride you're bringing in is similar in design, or similar in operation, recycling an existing name is good, pays homage, etc etc. But for non-enthusiasts, imagine visiting a park you haven't been to since your childhood, seeing that 'the tumble bug' is still in the park, and heading to the spot it says on the map, and finding something completely different? It's like calling the 360 'the rotor'. No - names should be reborn only if the ride, experience, and design are close enough that you could call it a direct replacement, even if they aren't identical. ...Lik
  17. I think you mean 'recreation park' ? Jamberoo Action Park is their current iteration - as seen by the title on the plans shown above^ I was lucky enough to visit the park in the late 80s \ early 90s. First up - a slight correction - the go karts were 'up the hill' from the entrance (ie - to the left) and were in the area now occupied by the splashdown pools of perfect storm, funnel web and Banjo's: As you can see, the gokarts co-existed with the wavepool for quite some time. The wavepool was built on the site of the old motorboat 'lake' which wasn't much more than
  18. honestly that says more about how cheap the GC passes are, than how expensive sydney is (although sydney IS expensive). That said, the GC has the established market and passholders make up quantities that the Sydney park simply can't accommodate. WnWS was regularly hitting its capacity early on - and pissing off a lot of passholders who were denied entry. With capacity that low, you need to make more off of each ticket to remain profitable.
  19. I'm sorry. I guess using '2nd gate' implies the same property \ right next door, which wasn't my intention. I've always viewed (and I know others have too) that Palace\Parques bought into WnWS as a cheap, established buy into a new market, with a view to expansion. I don't necessarily think they'd build right next door necessarily, but its a big step and a long way away from other properties they have if they never intended to expand.
  20. Thanks Jobe. To be clear, I haven't heard anything. I said "if" covid hadn't happened, I feel we'd have heard whispers. But covid happened, and i've heard nothing... ...i can't smell anything either...
  21. WnWS\RWS is about the same driving time from Sydney Airport as Six Flags Magic Mountain is from LAX. Wonderland saw regular tourist coaches visiting for day trips, and Scenic World Katoomba - more than twice the driving time - regularly attracts bus tours, day trips and so on. Distance is not a factor - although it would have been wise to push on with a second (dry) gate to make the spot a destination. The fact it was sold to another company doesn't immediately illustrate it as a failure (the fact it was purchased indicates someone thought it had success potential, and village was over le
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