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  1. I'm going to call bullshit without source. I can't imagine you'd have that deep a contact with Dreamworks... but i'm open to being wrong. As for RHLR - a mesh cage fence on top of each log? There's a sure fire way to drown people in case of incident. I call 0% chance of this being true.
  2. For those wondering - based on the measurements in the image posted above, Maloney's corner is really the only option. They really don't have the option to take it out over the big top, nor could they take it over the carousel. the square in the harbour is just a more accurately measured rectangle as i couldn't get the diagonal measures as precise.
  3. Log Ride "cage" photos

    ...And technically it's... nevermind. Oh Captain My Captain!
  4. Forgive me Glubbo if i sound a bit rude in saying this... but it seems like we do this every school holidays, and always seems that many in QLD forget that the other states don't necessarily follow QLD school dates - and during this season, they are likely to be heavy contributors to the crowds at the parks (if any). Public school return dates: SA and NT go back January 29th. NSW & VIC go back January 30th. WA goes back January 31st. ACT goes back February 5th. TAS goes back February 7th. The biggest contributor (in my opinion only) to the holiday park crowds would be NSW and VIC - who are both in their final week. In addition to all that, Private Schools do their own thing, and frequently take longer breaks as well ( Which is only natural as everything wears in - completely to be expected (and probably why the trims were added even though we couldn't feel much of an effect from them in the past two months...)
  5. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    Look - I was skeptical I would fit into the tweety cages with my son - and it was very cramped, but completely doable. these look a little bigger than the tweety cages, so it should be quite fine. I'm guessing the thread has been split off somehow but can't see the other thread - I like your suggestion for the airline. given Dreamworld and Qantas are both born and bred Queenslanders - I think a partnership there would be fantastic, and truly inspire the 'Australian' aspect. Qantas A380s all have a camera in the tail - wouldn't take much to record some of the footage while it goes across country - don't use it for all of it - but it could be incorporated for sure.
  6. well to be fair - 45 is also middle aged. so is 55. You have to draw the line somewhere - what comes after middle age? twilight? retirement? (not in this country). You could say 45 was the middle, but since 18 or 21 was when you became an adult, that's a "+25" from when you hit that age group before you progress to the next one..? (and it was 18-21 years of being a "kid" - even if that's divided into subgroups of teen, toddler, etc) If we stick on 45 - that'd make a life expectancy of 90, which isn't that far from current statistics... so why not? I think although there are exceptions, it's typical that you're probably raising your own kids until you approach 50... depending on when you had them. Then they fly the coop and start meeting, dating, partying for about 10 years (that's their 20s) - then they start having kids as they approach and pass 30, which on averages would be as you approach 60, so you start looking at being a grandparent around that time - so i guess depending on where the line is drawn, 65 isn't a bad line to say - that's when you start moving into that area of your life...
  7. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    Anyone confirm?
  8. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    *and closing again a month later to accommodate fright nights...
  9. ^asshole. 35. And a 25 year old called me middle aged. Even google defines Middle Aged as 45-65. Speaking of definitions - and again without wanting to derail the topic - you are aware of the street definition of 'twink' right?
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    lol. It's definitely a largely unique way to do it! I proposed on Cyclone and we celebrated after our wedding on Viper... then went to Disneyland. You should get your partner to read more.
  11. Thank you (2018 edition)

    Be sure to update us when Megan gets hers up too! I don't want to play favourites, but I do enjoy reading her perspective just as much as yours!
  12. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Unlike a person's height or physical disability (like plaster cast \ amputation \ prosthetic etc) it'd be an extremely dangerous area for the cast member to wade in on - people tend to get very defensive if someone suggests that they're "too fat". best to let them try if they've come this far, and try all you can to help them do it. i've seen them do the 'belly lift' procedure before, and almost always successfully. I've also seen the very forceful actions on restraints to just get them one more click. i think it's good that cast members try everything they can to get you on the ride within safety limits... but perhaps some caution is needed when someone wants to disembark a little prematurely!!!
  13. Not new by any means - this has long been used to describe self-absorbed Disney ingrates. Urban Dictionary dates this one back to at least 2012: #DaOneAndOnly! I can assure you, I have not been abducted by aliens (they were doctors), but I certainly have been prodded and anally probed. Doctors still don't know what's wrong though. I wouldn't have thought i'd be having these issues, but as someone said to me the other day - apparently i'm considered 'middle aged' now ;), so I should probably expect to start falling apart at any minute!
  14. Are you taking into account that: They'd first bid on and attempted to convert Aussie World into a second WnW park - a process that ran several years Where they eventually built was land already owned, adjacent to an existing 'attraction' there wasn't much in the way of neighbours to object to the project I think if you measured the timeframe from when the Aussie World project first commenced, you'd find the timeframes comparable.
  15. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Capitalised hashtags always open themselves up to multiple interpretations. My first take on the above was WEAR - E - GOLDCOAST, and took me longer than it should have to see the correct phrase.
  16. I didn't get to see this during carnivale, however I did see videos. I think it suits the area very well, and it'd be a shame if Sea World couldn't somehow incorporate this into their regular lineup - clearly due to closing times, it isn't something they could run during summer without the extended trade that Carnivale provides, but perhaps they could introduce it as a winter attraction to try and keep guests longer in-park - perhaps combine it with a dinner at one of the park's food outlets to kill that short time between regular park close and 'dark enough for the show to run' time. I don't think that would detract from it's impact at Carnivale, provided the shows were themed to suit the event... just my 2c.
  17. Rest assured, this isn't another digital rehash. The tagline on the video is the History site. It won't be new park news as that's handled by a completely separate group - who would make their own message. The History team of course would share it, but it wouldn't be posted by them. Museum wise I think that idea was way off base and far fetched - especially when every tom dick and harry thought their drink bottle, badge, sticker and coffee mug should go in there. I'm fairly certain we should see more info soon though...
  18. The Wonderland Sydney FB page posted a teaser video this morning for Wonderland History...
  19. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    ^Agreed and can give a perfect example - Silver Bullet at Knott's is a B&M custom invert, but the seat sizing was quite tight for me the last time I went... whereas most everything else we did wasn't a problem.
  20. Just catching up after some time away - but whats worse is the muttonhead passholes that would buy the fast track when it was cheap who were complaining that it was now unaffordable for them on every trip and only within reach of tourists who wouldn't give repeat business on the product... as if that was a valid complaint... I read that and just went... "good!"
  21. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    logs were cycling on the Rocky Hollow, and the gondola was reattached to Wipeout today (no seats on the gondola though.)
  22. will also make for some very different perspectives for photos...