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  1. it depends. if you thought they had a good chance of recovery, now might be the perfect time to pick some shares up.
  2. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    my 'not an attraction' statement was quoting you, calling TOT drive sheds 'not an attraction' and other similar things - I never said they were. I said the train was. I said the monorail was. And note - I've used attraction and ride independently, but I use them with the same definitions for these purposes. Again - I haven't said the monorail isn't transport, just that it IS also an attraction \ ride. The fact it DOES go outside the park doesn't negate that - as I've used it in an exclusionary, not inclusionary sense. (ie: not leaving the park hardly qualifies solely as transport. Leaving the park is more indicative that it is, but that doesn't mean its all or nothing)
  3. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    "not an attraction" - I never said it was - I said it was something you could only see whilst on that ride that you can't see if you walked... which was brad's definition, not mine.
  4. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    Sea World's monorail takes you over the quarantine pools on the eastern side of the main entrance (behind the ski boat docks) where you can see animals in rehabilitation. It's a stretch, but honestly - it's not efficient enough (it's neither fast, nor frequent) to be considered transportation. I've seen many people trek up the ramps to wait for the monorail only to trek it back down and walk back to the front gate because of how long between trips it is. I would argue that 90% of passengers riding do so for a place to sit down, and ride around for a few minutes in their day to get away from the crowd, and take the kids up high for the novelty of riding a monorail, whilst travelling at near walking pace around the park. Going off Brads definition of seeing \ experiencing things you wouldn't if you'd walked - the tour of the train sheds, big brother backlot, blue lagoon sneak peak, rocky hollow lagoon, the aboriginal rock art behind billabong, the different perspective of the birdlife in the wildlife experience, the TOT drive sheds... there are still things you get to see on the train that you otherwise wouldn't. Likewise, the fact that it only does a circuit once every half hour and then sits at main street for 10-15 minutes, its not really ideal for a 'I don't feel like walking, let's hop the train'. it is not the most efficient method of getting to another part of the park - especially since it has such a roundabout circuit surrounding blue lagoon to get up the grade. I'll say again - it can be both transport, and a ride, but its a stretch to consider almost any closed circuit attraction within a theme park as 'purely transport' unless it got you into or out of the park... I'm not arguing that these things aren't transport, just that they are rides \ attractions
  5. Sorry - I don't have anything to share that would help you, but my, that prop is rather phallic, don't you think?
  6. There's lots of good advice here, but I'm sure it isn't really helping the OP much since many of them directly contradict the rest! First let me state that I (like others) have only done the west coast run, so I cannot comment on the east coast. Second let me say that Disney is as much about the 'old school characters' as Movie World is about Bugs Bunny. Sure - he's there, and its part of the park fabric, but there is SO MUCH MORE about them than just the old school characters... especially if you've never done a Disney park before - I assure you it is not to be missed, regardless of which coast you do. Now, it's been a while, but I was almost in your kid's positions over 20 years ago. It was my first overseas trip, we did the west coast, and hit Universal, Knott's, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disneyland and Sea World San Diego (amongst other things). I was 14, whilst my brother was 17. I can still remember every single thing we did on that trip, and it was quite the memorable one. Of course, I am biased - but here's what I'd suggest: West Coast will be just as amazing, and offer so many things the kids haven't come close to at our local parks etc. It really comes down to your budget, but you can travel to the west coast cheaper, and accommodation can be cheaper too. Whilst staying "on property" (eg:Disney Hotel) is pretty cool - the mouse does charge a premium. There's a reason for it, the little things that almost go unnoticed that are pretty cool when you notice \ realise, but at the end of the day its a matter of weighing up whether you want to spend the money on a 'nicer bedroom' or a 'better experience'. If you think it'd be a nice touch, maybe plan to spend just a day or two at Disney (and do it at the end of your trip so you finish on a high) but make sure you do your research on what perks are available to you so you can take full advantage of them! As pointed out in @Skeeta's post above - there are plenty of Non-Disney hotels surrounding the park and many are quite affordable. Check out hotels that offer the ART bus - as that's really all you'll need for most of your stay. Don't discount the mouse. Disney is way more than just Mickey Mouse, and you won't regret a visit. Many say 5 days are needed. I'd suggest the minimum would be 3 depending on crowds - with 4 being a good middle ground (remember there are two full parks to visit!). Knott's is just up the road, and whilst not as 'big' as say, Universal's brand, the park is definitely worth a full day of your time. Universal Hollywood is unique with it's backlot and working studios, as well as being home to the animal actors schools - whilst they aren't as big as the universal properties on the east, I think Hollywood has a little something extra - like Disneyland - about being the original. Six Flags Magic Mountain is also worth a trip. Without paying for a premium queue jumper pass, you won't do it all in a day, but I'd be honest - I've never felt like doing a second day. This one has the most coasters of any park in the world and is definitely an easy way to experience a dozen different styles of coaster in one day, in one place... but the place is huge, and it's packed!!! That alone is 7 out of ten days. for the length of the trip and your interest in parks, keep the other days for other things, but from a park perspective that'd be my go to list. plan some rest time in there, and also plan some shopping time. that should leave you with a little time to hit up some other non-parky stuff that the area is known for, or just doing other fun things that don't have rollercoasters attached (if such a thing even exists!)
  7. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    Was it several? or was it just the same thing, repeated? I'm not quite sure I had marbles to begin with, but even so, the fact he says it doesn't make it true. And a train, or a monorail is not really much different to many of the other attractions I pointed to - so he can think I'm wrong, likewise, I can think he is.
  8. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    He does. There is. We just don't tell you about it because the usual winner has normally insulted you. He does. There is. We just don't tell you about it because the usual winner has normally insulted you.
  9. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    ^Dick. Why can't it be both? What can't it be regarded as a ride, and a mode of transportation around the park? If that's all they were, then why do parks devote additional resources and expense to certain themed elements - bushranger \ bandit robberies, dioramas, etc? I'm not suggesting these sorts of rides aren't a form of transport (arguably, all roller coasters are also a form of transport if you really want to be pedantic), but they are also a ride. Wet N Wild Buggy is also a form of transport. Wild West Falls is also a form of transport Rocky Hollow Log Ride is also a form of transport. "The Green Room" is also a form of transport
  10. I don't hate the batman crossover idea - the ride is right next to Gotham City Hall after all. I'd just hate for it to degrade into some cheap spinoff without the recognition. I'm happy to stick with the original film as the theme of the ride - I just hope they do something different with the queueline video...
  11. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    In the vein of 'mode of transport not a ride'... sorry Brad but *in my opinion* you're incorrect. Knott's has the Butterfield Stagecoach, the Calico Railroad, even the Grand Sierra Railroad! Disney also lists their Disneyland Railroad and Disneyland Monorail as 'attractions' (they don't use the term 'ride') - as well as the Main Street transportation - double decker bus, horse and carriage etc. Let's be honest, few people ride those 'transport vehicles' purely because they can't be bothered walking... A few years ago I took a pacific islands cruise. One of the shore tours we did was a 'mud buggy'. Far from any beach or sand, these buggies (which were a more rudimentary version of what WnWB was) tore up the tracks, and sprayed mud everywhere - as a matter of fact - the clothes we wore are still to this day covered in marks from the mud stains that could not be gotten out no matter what the onboard laundry team tried. Yes, to put it in a water park is weird, but the bush \ dirt trails available behind the park weren't completely unsuited to the experience. I never tried it, but I wonder if they hosed you off when you were done or whether you just went and jumped in the wave pool...
  12. AlexB

    Big Banana & The Coffs Harbour Bypass

    ...Sounds like Radiator Springs, doesn't it?
  13. Interesting to note that they still include '& Water Park' in the Sea World Resort logo. They can't seriously be referring to the water play and pool within the resort grounds, can they? (I'm thinking they've just used an outdated logo). other things that strike me: Large capital investment required Addition of lower cost new attractions to enhance guest appeal Cue @Roachie's opinion on 'new creative marketing campaigns'... so long as they don't bring back that e-serve guy... a little concerning about evaluating the top golf opportunity - as if they are going to move away from building any more of them after such an effort... As for the DCR lease, I'm quite perplexed and keen to hear more...
  14. AlexB

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    I swear I heard about this the other day - I'm somewhat surprised that it wasn't on Parkz. My understanding is the contract hasn't been renewed. no idea of the reason why. (Of course, for those who didn't know, WnWB was an external contractor supplying services in the park - it wasn't owned by VRTP)
  15. AlexB

    Seat size on Hypercoaster

    I fluctuate between a 107 and a 117. I've got a bit of a belly but I do just fine. If you're worried, go along with someone who you know will fit, get them to wait until you're seated, and then get them to shove the harness down until its able to be buckled in and you should be fine. the ops will give it a shove if it doesn't quite make it, but I never need op assistance myself. Scooby could be your only worry depending on where you hold it exactly, but worst case, lift the belly and pull the bar under it and you should do fine.
  16. Yeah - we didn't see a trading halt prior to the sale of WnWS, so I doubt this is an indication of a park sale, so what Skeet says is highly likely. As for whether they're losing money, I don't think the VRTP parks are suddenly super un profitable - I think its more a case of getting caught with their pants down with Rivals and Top Golf when the TRRR incident happened, and they had laid themselves thin to win, and the risk is coming back to bite them because they had a much smaller buffer than normal right when they needed it the most. I've noticed many cost cutting efforts happening everywhere lately, and this is probably as good a reason why as any.
  17. AlexB

    Top Golf Opening 15 June 2018

    ^Agreed - the longest single continuous shot was on the front fountain!
  18. AlexB

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Thanks Brad, Pin and Rappa, Let's take some key points here: The XT\Skyloops still appear on the website, and as stated, they'll make anything for the right price. The manufacturer will continue to provide support to existing customers regardless, for the reasonable life of the product. These weren't my only points, as Joel's original arguments also stated that "Maurer no longer makes any rides that contain: 1- X-train 2-Lap Bars 3-Vertical Lifts" and through the direct website info, I showed that their options continue to include vertical lifts and lap bar restraints. Gladly, he provided the full screenshot of his ridiculous email, and judging by the timestamps (posted Saturday, received "yesterday") he's only emailed them to confirm after I've called him out, so it wasn't information he had to hand when he made his original assertions (on Thursday). Finally, his full name "Joel Ottaway" has lead me to connect the dots that he is Troy Ott (away) A.K.A. @totta3 A.K.A. @Minions! very dumb, stupid, annoying younger brother. Knowing the Ottaway family history on these forums, it explains everything.
  19. My first thought here was 'don't be ridiculous, that'd have dreamworks characters in the middle of ocean parade, worlds away from their themed land... then I remembered it was dreamworld.
  20. AlexB

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    You're really starting to shit me. You make a lot of broad reaching statements, but you never provide any support for them. A lot of them could be true, but without citation or support, it could very well just be your own assumptions, which you present as fact. The Maurer Rides website still lists Skyloops \ Skywheels (XT450, XT150) on their website under 'specials'. The same section lists: Drives Inclined / Vertical / Up-side-down Lift and LSM Launch Vehicles 2- / 4- / 6-seater as well as coupled single vehicles and trains Restraints T-Bar, Lap-Bar (X-Seat I), Overhead-Bar (X-Seat II), Flexible Bar (Belt) So I'm calling bullshit... (Interesting side note - has anyone discussed SPIKE yet? ) As for your suggestion that Dreamworld are going to have an issue getting manufacturer cooperation - just because a manufacturer doesn't sell the product anymore, doesn't mean they don't continue to provide support to their customers... and to suggest that is just stupid... how likely do you think another park would be to buy a Maurer product if they knew that as soon as the company decided to stop making that model, they'd be on their own?
  21. AlexB

    The Off Topic Topic

    I think it's a common sense approach too... in all honesty, replying to something directly above doesn't need a quote, but if it is quoted, the impact varies depending on the length. Example 1: See, whilst I personally would try my best not to do this, especially when the quoted post is directly above, I've probably been guilty of this from time to time (and I daresay a lot of us are probably in that same boat, whether we remember or not). This isn't annoying. Example 2: The red section indicated is the quoted text. The green section indicated is the actual content of the reply. The yellow section is the part of the quote that was actually relevant to the reply. This is annoying.
  22. Sorry... only a slow stop is available, but you have to press four different buttons... with your toes.
  23. This is what I mean... so much information and none of it agrees. my main point is she wasn’t as new as she is portrayed: ”she had worked at dreamworld for more than a year and was trained to various levels on different rides, but had never worked on the thunder river rapids ride before, which was viewed by employees as one of the most challenging rides”