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  1. From "competition from the commonwealth games" - I have never seen a tourist industry complain that a major sporting event was 'competition' - it's always been seen as complementing each other. Wonderland did superbly out of the Sydney Olympics too.
  2. i was thinking the same thing...
  3. Actventure Sunshine Coast

    It does sound like a little belt tightening, doesn't it?
  4. I think you missed the point. GC2018 went from April 4-15. No part of the Commonwealth Games was in the 3rd quarter (which is January to March)... so there is no way to say the actual games impacted their third quarter.
  5. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    Probably well overdue considering the park's attraction line-up is sorely lacking. I mean - animal attractions are certainly an integral part of the park, but most people visit for rides. especially locals. it also brings the day passes in line with the one pass too - effectively if you want to visit each of them just once, it still works out cheaper to buy the annual.
  6. i know the coast was quiet. i know the locals were 'scared off' etc. its the choice of words i'm taking issue with - are they really arguing that the people who would normally have visited the parks were instead going to watch the games? ie: competition? Or were the games an 'impact' to their visitation because people were staying away? subtle, but important difference in meaning.
  7. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    You're saying that like i should somehow be personally offended? If you paid attention though, you'd know WWF had a massive control system upgrade, and reprofiling of the flume... hardly 'minor maintenance' Who called it a funfair? I certainly didn't.
  8. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    And fake ones are very obvious. its a clear difference between "oh, this is spooky theming added to suit the ride" and "we haven't bothered to do basic cleaning and maintenance here"
  9. Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    and for the serious answer, i'd suggest fibreglass (like most train shells) with a metal skeleton.
  10. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    I think you 'spun' a similar story to us when the ride envelope was overgrown and unkempt - but the reality of it was that it didn't look nice. I'd counter the argument that the druids were so powerful that spiders would not have dared to have built a web on them... its not being maintained well. it honestly wouldn't take much attention to clear the cobwebs... literally and figuratively...
  11. i'd much prefer they invested their efforts into a new coaster at any of the abovenamed locations.
  12. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Right now they need people through the gate. Who cares if the tickets are virtually free - nobody through the gate is the same financial outcome. At least with people inside the park they have a chance to make some money off of food and beverage, merchandise, photos and premium experiences (tigers \ koalas \ flowrider etc). I'm happy for them to give away the gate at the moment to get people in and prevent the park looking like a ghost town. If the park looks busy, it encourages more people to plan a visit. Whatever the eventual outcome of ownership is, right now they need to keep people coming in the door.
  13. I swear we had a thread for this, but the only mention of the incident I can find is in the off topic thread. This article appeared today - with the family of the boy fatally injured on Verruckt speaking publicly for the first time since the incident.
  14. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    With respect - that suggestion needed more brain... ^ditto.
  15. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    What on earth gave you that idea?
  16. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Occasionally, looking at an overhead view may help to visualise it. RED line is the VR track RED shadowing is a broad access area surrounding the track - not the ride envelope, but a reasonable assumption of space needed to demolish the attraction PINK line is the likely route for demolition vehicles and similar to access the area BLUE area is the Penguin Point exhibit (you might be thinking of Penguin Encounter at the front of the park) GREEN area is Ray Reef YELLOW area is Storm Coaster. I think given the maintenance dates, its fairly obvious what's happening... although Skeet's updated dates that ive just seen might indicate differently...
  17. The Off Topic Topic

    it's unusual for them to 'add a train' during the day (this tends to blow out the queue further as the ride is shut down for a considerable period whilst doing so). Usually they 'predict' their traffic for the day, and decide prior to opening how many trains they will run that day. Usually they stick by that decision on all but the rarest of occasions when the park gets busier. it's not indicative of a problem with a train - usually just that the park's attendance spiked higher than they anticipated.
  18. The Off Topic Topic

    ^probably the very reason they all got removed at some point - Ned Kelly's Getaway was removed for that very reason...
  19. The Off Topic Topic

    I remember riding the one at Sea World. Yes, the plastic toboggans were damn heavy - made worse by the molded plastic getting holes in them, allowing water inside - they still maintained their buoyancy - but having a few litres of water in there certainly weight it down just that much more!
  20. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Many business owners complaining over the weekend about how dead it was. Its quite laughable. I remember being in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics - and everywhere you went there was some sort of event or community activity going on. I worked for Penrith Council at the time, and they turned their Council chambers into a theatrette, showing the games on a big screen and promotional videos they had put together to market the business potential of the city. they also had free internet kiosks (which back then was huge - mobile data was virtually non existent then), and many tourists, and even athletes wanting to come in and check their emails! I get that comms games isn't the same party as Olympics are... but even so, for all the hype, its rather disappointing.
  21. I wish MW would move away from IPs and focus on doing more generic attractions - by not spending money on the license, they could spend more on the actual mazes \ actors and really make them pop.
  22. The Off Topic Topic

    It takes a lot to maintain the entire park. those buildings are used for maintenance and storage. As a comparison, behind the road runner coaster at movie world: In addition, Stunt Driver has it's own maintenance sheds behind the stunt show facade, and in addition to that, many of the studio support buildings - such as the paint shop (its a shack) tend to be shared between the park and the studios - i'm pretty sure the Studios map on their website indicates some buidlings that belong to the park - i just can't remember which ones.
  23. The Off Topic Topic

    So both parks have games venues right next door - so therefore not really a point of difference...?
  24. John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Would he ever consider buying it back and restoring it to it's former glory? Given his motorsport connections, how does he feel about Brock's Garage? I get the feeling that discussions regarding TRRR are to be avoided to ensure nothing is taken up by media considering it's currency?