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  1. I really can't imagine that song in any other ad right now...
  2. Worked for an airline for a few years. No extra pay for weekends, public holidays, Christmas/New Years etc. We'd work overnight and get no money for that, either, but that was kind of offset by a travel allowance. That was a salary position though.
  3. Just found this. First song must have been requested by @Theme Park Girl lol
  4. So at the bottom of the queue ramp, do you think there will be further switchbacks? Or do you think the queue lines in the site plans will have a switchback element and then split to four separate queues? Doesn't really seem long enough, but then again, SE's probably is around the same size? Also, to two train operation and minimal station design.
  5. @Theme Park Girl - that's my favourite song out of the whole lot
  6. The most annoying song at Movie World by far...
  7. Not a huge fan of the way they've finished off that orange building. It's a very polished/modern look which does not match with the top of the original design at all. In fact, in real life you can clearly see the new boards 'over' the original building. What's worse, the jelly bean facade looks terrible - however, I'm hoping they do some more work to improve the look of that. Such a shame considering the work Dreamworld has been doing to restore its original charm on Main Street.
  8. This coming from the park that plays Disney music on Main St and has Stormtropper events. It's setup from the beginning to make you feel let down.
  9. Apparently I'm a senior ride engineer at Dreamworld according to some random on the GCB FB page. All I said was that it wasn't a safety issue or anything out of the norm, but anyway... #Fakenews
  10. Does anyone else sense a strong Disney vibe to this ad? I don't know if it's just me, but it felt like it had a very similar vibe. Which makes sense, seeing as they're both theme parks etc. But just really struck a cord with me on that.
  11. Good point. Although keep in mind I think it was just a test that Mack did seeing as Europa park was once/is a testing site for some of the Mack products. I personally don't see it being rolled out as a standard offering.
  12. It'd definitely be a huge first to have spinning coasters on a 60ish metre drop. Don't see it happening personally. It's not the right type of coaster (less about turns and spinning, more about height and airtime) for spinning trains IMO.
  13. That song sounds familiar... Nah, even a Mack rep has said we're getting a coaster very similar to Flash. Basically, we're getting something BIG. That would be a fun coaster, though.
  14. Maybe DW will be forced to build a decent coaster if AW is beating them at their own game (flat ride world)?
  15. Didn't they get a payout from Village for not going through with the WnW plans? I thought I read that somewhere... But anyway, this is freaking amazing! I really, really hope the park does well from this! I keep meaning to get an annual pass for AW, and I am going to have to get one today because this is worth the support!