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  1. Maybe DW will be forced to build a decent coaster if AW is beating them at their own game (flat ride world)?
  2. Didn't they get a payout from Village for not going through with the WnW plans? I thought I read that somewhere... But anyway, this is freaking amazing! I really, really hope the park does well from this! I keep meaning to get an annual pass for AW, and I am going to have to get one today because this is worth the support!
  3. Hey Aimsley Welcome to the forums. I used to work for Virgin as a flight attendant in Brissy. I wonder if we've crossed paths before? Ash
  4. I don't think we're going to get anything fancy in terms of inversions (if any). I just think lots of turns, overbank turns etc, and maybe a zero-g roll or loop if it's going to have inversions.
  5. I went today as well and noticed them cutting the grass - haha! Anyway, things are looking really slow on the site. Hopefully some track will arrive sometime within the next week or so. I keep looking at the footings and still feel quite confident that we'll see the lift hill run along the back of JL towards the M1, and a 90-degree right turn on the first drop. Not sure what will follow after that, but I am super excited! Can't wait!
  6. For me personally, I say if it travels along a track (that is banked or has a hill/drop etc.) with a similar design to a 'typical' coaster track, and is not 100% powered along a continuous powered track, then it a coaster. I'm sure there are a few special cases out there, but that's my basic rule.
  7. Finally! That building is the first building you see as you walk down main st, yet looks the most tired. Maybe they can remove all the Christmas lights from the windows while we're at it!
  8. This confirms it. We're getting a Mad Max coaster. Kinda wished it was something DC... but anyway.
  9. See, that's just bad in my opinion. I was actually thinking what I'd do in that situation. I hate the Giant Drop at the best of times. That ride freaks me out. So to be stuck up there for any amount of time I'd be uncomfortable. Just because I wouldn't know whether to expect it to drop or whatever. Not for my safety, but for my comfort I would be feeling uneasy. I don't agree with what the media are doing. Definitely not. But I don't see how the park couldn't either communicate it during (if they have the ability to), or upon its return get a supervisor in to say something along the lines of: "Look, sorry we couldn't communicate this up there, but what you experienced was NOT out of the normal just an unfortunate issue with *explain fault/problem*. Also, how about lunch on us, for the "delayed" wait up top." Not only do they give guests the respect and info they deserve, but they walk away happy and less likely to contact/talk to the media. It's not that hard...
  10. The effects worked for me the other day I swear. But anyway, that final room has always been a bit meh. It really needs something, like a lot more fog and some really intense strobe lights.
  11. Man, I don't feel so bad about being a theme park enthusiast now that I've seen all the Lego enthusiasts.
  12. Yep, fog screen and ship doors all in operation. Final room still a let down.
  13. Man, I'm so excited that we're getting a hyper. For those that haven't yet done a hyper or mega coaster, you are in for a shock. It's nice to enjoy a coaster that lasts longer than 40 seconds, has a huge ass lift hill and some sweet sweet airtime. Fingers crossed! Oh, and lap-bars ftw!
  14. Yes, I'm like 99% sure. The centre column definitely doesn't protrude down as much, and I believe there's no height restrictions at all as we were seated in that section and no-one told us anything (nor could we see any restrictions printed).
  15. Looks great. So it seems the entrance will butt up to the back of the lake? Also interesting that the filming water tank will remain but be built 'around' the carparks.