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  1. Considering the Coomera Town Centre is going to likely feature a few entertainment and dining options, I'm not sure we'll see much from DW to try and do their own offerings. Wasn't Dreamworld going to directly connect to this, with a separate park entrance? I'm not sure what the future has in store for DW and Adrent, but I've seen Ardent do a few things that seem to suggest they don't care about long term profits as much as short term gains (then again, most public companies think this way it seems).
  2. I do agree the last three (if you count that tiny 'hidden' drop that's actually the worst) are quite jarring. Not sure if they're getting worse or I'm getting older, haha. I think if anything it's the speed which makes these worse. Does steel track 'age' as such (besides to corrosion), or is it all due to the trains and wheels?
  3. No. I'm sure most members will agree it suits SW more and always has. But is it worth the money to move it - because they do need another attraction right now.
  4. I wonder if... Sea World... will get a new ride? Do you think it'd be worth moving it for what you gain?
  5. It'd be cool if they had a store on Main St that could promote the new coaster with some motion base seats + VR -- like what Liseburg is doing for their new dive coaster.
  6. YES! Did Gringotts at USF and the fog screen didn't appear on the first time I did the ride, so I knew what was coming next... (not waning to spoil it for anyone else)
  7. Really keen to go on Fury 325. I'd also like to re-ride Intimidator 305 because I remember not loving it the first time I rode it in 2010. Also I want to ride Lightning Rod, and I can't wait for the Mean Streak RMC conversion next year. I've never done an RMC though so really would love to ride any. Other ones I'm really looking forward to (in no particular order): El Toro Speed Dragon 2000 The Flying Dinosaur Taron Maverick Leviathan
  8. Evil Within volume 1 would be up there. Conjuring was pretty good (wish I went when the ceiling girl was still in there). The Film Vault had those chainlink fences with the strobe lights, yeah? While it felt cheap, man it was scary. Wolf Creek in its first year was also really good with the outdoor sets that felt really realistic (think it was that one). Felt a bit dead actor wise though (which kind of helped build up the anticipation).
  9. True... Maybe you could leave the others behind
  10. I could think of so many better ways to spend 2k... I mean I'd fly out to Universal Orlando with that money
  11. I did the VIP experience at USH in 2010 I think. I really enjoyed it. From memory we spent around half the day going around the film studios, being able to walk through the New York/Chicago street and down an 'alley', and also around the famous crashed 747 set. We also walked through the prop house and into places like the sign shop etc. It was pretty good, and while it was better than the usual studio tour they put on, I probably wouldn't go back and do it again. Once is enough for me. It was better than the WB studio tour, btw. I don't remember doing much around the theme park, besides getting a nice sit down buffet lunch and getting express passes for all of the rides and shows. If you haven't visited USH before, I would probably still want a stand alone day (or half day) to experience the park as a usual guest. Overall I'd definitely recommend it if you have the cash to spare, but I wouldn't say it's a 'must do'.
  12. Does TI#2 really interest anyone? I really like Tiger Island but I feel like that ship has sailed. I'm sure it's going to be a nice addition but it doesn't 'excite' me. It's like if MW added a new street to the Villains Unleashed area... I would check it out, but not be very excited unless something totally next level was added.
  13. This coaster is going to be quite low to the ground in parts. I think it's going to pack some serious speed on those low sections which supports are now going up for. I seriously can't wait. This thing just looks awesome!
  14. Personally nothing can beat the good ol' B&M track for me. I don't think it's necessary the look, but I associate them with bread and butter "big" coasters you see as a staple throughout the US, and while not necessary envelope pushing, solid rides with good speed, height and forces.
  15. Don't think they'd get @kyliebowmaker in on the hypercoaster marketing efforts but who knows... lol.