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  1. ^Short answer is yes I have been on the side closer to Australian Outback Spectacular, but I don't know if/why it hasn't been in full operation for a while haha.
  2. ^While the Camaro and Optimus would be difficult to track down now, there is nothing stopping them spending a little bit of money importing the GMC Truck, Hummer, or the Pontiac Solstice direct from US manufactures and with a licensing agreement paint them up to replicate how they looked in the movie. For a Prime they could just create a replica, wouldn't be too hard to paint and chrome up a truck. For those who need to see the Camaro, Movieworld could either wait till a production ready vehicle is completed, or borrow one of the mules that are motoring around Melbourne at the moment.
  3. Blasphamy! Your homework for this evening is to read the following website and write a short essay on the history of the Optimus Prime character, and the evolution of the character since its origins. Partial credit for describing the importance Peter Cullen has on the character. haha Optimus Prime In all seriousness though. The latest movie incarnation of Prime would be most relavant to audiences. I would rather see them install a new attraction, rather than trying to update that old Batman one. If they revamp that I would rather them redo it with a more contemporary Batman theme.
  4. ^From what I've gathered that style of ride is a little more than that. Expect to get wet though. My only question would be how would building this go with the water issues that have been apparent on the coast until only recently? Namely with things such as those waterfall type things that Gazza pointed out.
  5. Movieworld should create something like this in the coming years: NB: Just article, not pics or details, but I think the guys here can figure out what sort of a ride it will be. Transformers Amusement Ride
  6. I wonder how this is affecting attendance. In all honesty, I have lived on the Gold Coast one year of my life and other than an occasional exception like this, the weather is generally hot as anything during the day followed by afternoon storms. Generally you would predict that this time of year encourages people to head to theme parks. This probably isn't the case this year at the moment. As for the worst day ever reference. I was at Odyssey New Years and basically everything other than Ocean Parade was closed due to the weather, which meant that none of the rides took the pressure off the bars so they prematurely ran out of alcohol. Therefore, no rides, no booze and rain come midnight haha. To their credit, they had these one dollar sausage things which were quality.
  7. The only other ones I can think of off the top of my head are: Main Street: Rocky... soundtrack music. The one that starts with like the deep church bells or watever. Western Area: The theme from "The Magnificent Seven" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm3kqis8YGs Lee Marvin - Wandering Star http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dEKDCwf9XU
  8. Yeah, they could install that spinning coaster at Movieworld and theme it to the Warner Bros. Movieworld what's next thread. Yeah I know... lame
  9. Haha! This is a quote from the 'Wikipedia' page: "Critics have questioned Wikipedia's reliability and accuracy, citing its open nature.[8] The criticism is centered on its susceptibility to vandalism, such as the insertion of profanities or random letters into articles, and the addition of false or unverified information;[9] uneven quality, systemic bias and inconsistencies;[10] and for favoring consensus over credentials in its editorial process.[11] Scholarly work suggests that vandalism is generally short-lived.[12][13]" While those critics are correct to an extent, note that in general they request that you cite the information you enter. Generally, I have found Wikipedia as a fairly accurate site, but if I am ever using it for something requiring a bit more credibility I will use the reference lists and citations as a port of call for further reading. With response to the statements being referenced - hopefully someone fixes it up at some point.
  10. I am voting for Superman Escape. Personally, I think Lethal Weapon is a very good coaster. I have never had any trouble with the headaches and sore ears and all that. In saying that though, it isn't exactly more intense than Superman Escape, it just has more elements that make it more interesting in a way. But even so, the reason I have voted for Superman is basically because Lethal Weapon is only exciting the first couple of times you ride it, then the layout becomes predictable and you sort of get over it. With Superman, I have been on it who knows how many times and every time you get launched out of the 'Subway' I still can't believe how quickly it accelerates. And even though it has a simple layout it does the job, because the emphasis is on the short, sharpe yet excilerating nature of the ride. Pixel man, I am kind of confused by your "not better than the worst US coasters" line. According to the world whojamigic of best coasters, Superman Escape comes in 16th, which means it is pretty comparible to some of the ones out there. It is by no means the tallest or fastest coasters in the world, but it is one of the best our country has to offer in terms of intensity and ride experience. Oh, and Scooby came in close, but I am just too huge a fan of Superman Escape.
  11. Alright, I know I have said this before but Movieworld absolutely HAS to update the current Batman ride to fit in with The Dark Knight next year. In case people aren't aware they have now released a trailer for the movie. I am not sure of the exact URL link but if the thing was properly re-themed the ultimate thrill would be in the story. I don't know exactly what the new movie is about, but from the trailers you can get an idea of the tone the movie will take. I would like to see that tone reflected in the ride. In case people haven't seen the trailer yet I will put specific references in spoiler tags. This is what I would like to see from a re-theme: Basically, keep the visual components of the pre-ride the same. Just scrap that pointless story about the crime fightning network or watever, and come up with something that aligns with the new movie. Again, I am not sure on the details of these parts, but I am sure you can find a plotline that would work well. The major difference would be when you enter the Batcave. From this point you could progress into the simulators as before. I will admit that I am no genious when it comes to ride design, but I just think one thing would send chills up any riders spine. As for the stunt show replacement. If they create a new venue with the intention of eventually closing the current Police Academy show, then that would mean that Movieworld would have two unused show venues. Assuming Shrek Live doesn't continue next year. I would expect them to either keep the two shows running, or create the new show with the intention of replacing Police Academy with a new attraction not too long after its closure.
  12. ^The idea of those things at the bottom is that you grab a different tube depending on which thing you line up in. I am pretty sure there are signs up as well, but it might have been hard to see in the dark? Cheers for the report though, sounds like a good night. Hopefully, WhiteWater World does then more often.
  13. Well, firstly... there are some Indigenous stories that are not allowed to be told unless you are a local Indigenous elder. Secondly... to use local Aboriginal ideas to theme a ride would most certainly require you to work with the community to ensure that it is relavant to the local family group (as you said). And thirdly... they wouldn't mind it making money as long as they saw a portion of it go to the local community. Personally, I would be a big fan it if done correctly, it could found itself in true Australian culture and celebrate the richness the traditional custodians of the Coomera area possess.
  14. Yeah, building a roller coaster over a lake is no biggy. I am not sure what the situation is with regards to the use of that area, but it would be a prime location to build a new coaster given that the trend is to build their more recent thrill rides closer to the front of the park. It would also integrate the Superman and Batman areas nicely and potentially see an upgrade of the visual themeing in those areas. In saying that though, you would have to make the back of Batman the Adventure well themed to cover up the ugly looking exits and sound stage. Could possibly replicate some of the sets from the new movie. It would also keep the area behind Scooby Doo free for later expansions and never know what movie franchises become available for future installations. Unfortunately, I am as big an Iron Man fan as any, but putting an Iron Man (Marvel) ride in the same park as Superman and Batman (DC) is a very bad move. I am not sure that Marvel would agree to the licensing, or DC could drop out of their agreement. In all honesty, if Movieworld steps further away from their Warner links, the next ride I would like to see is a Transformers ride themed to the sequel due in 2009. The potential with that is huge. Replicars of the cars, could be linked with the story and theme the trains to look like Autobots, etc. But yeah, would require a licensing deal with Dreamworks, which has been done before. PS - is this topic going in circles? Not really, its summer, nothing good on TV, how else are we gonna entertain ourselves then continuously talking about what we would like to see
  15. My personal opinon is that if we see a B&M in Australia I'd rather it be one with a unique ride position, either a flying or a stand-up. That in itself creates a new form of interest for the rider and has new themeing possibilities - ie, flying around a city or whatever. In saying that, I would still like to see it have a decent amount of speed and a decent ride length. And if you are going to install a ride with inversions it needs to be similar to Lethal Weapon - create a few inversions to give the sensation that you are not really sure where you are at or what is coming next. If you were going to go the way of airtime I would rather see them install an Intamin MegaCoaster similar to the Ride of Steel or Expeditin G Force. These look like great coasters and have received very good feedback. I think they also open up the opportunity for something we really don't have in Australia yet - coasters with considerable height and a really ominous lift hill. Alternately, a good quality wooden coaster could be installed, but I would really like an Intamin Mega as my first choice if this was the way they went. As for more Batman themed rides... if they were to replace the current Batman Adventure I am all for it, but a third one might be overkill. Especially when the current Batman Adventure really needs a revamp story wise. I was perusing movies that Warner Brothers have in the pipeline and came up with a list of possible good movie tie-ins for the next few years (some of these are sort of rumoured and not confirmed): 2008: The Dark Knight Where the Wild Things Are Trick 'r Treat 2009: Astroboy Thundercats Watchmen Justice League of America
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