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  1. In November 07 I was at Sea-World and myself and some friends had been on all of the rides we wanted to except for the Bermuda Triangle because it was closed. A few hours later we walked past and saw that the Bermuda Triangle was open, and that the line was absolutely MASSIVE. We decided to line up for it. So after lining up for ages we finally got to get on the boat and I secured a spot for myself and the front centre. I was pretty excited because I had only been on the Bermuda Triangle when I was much younger and didn't remember anything from it. Anyway, I was actually really enjoying the
  2. Im pretty suprised by the decision to construct this roof. I really like the trees that are there and I believe that that this roof will lose some of Movie World's "magic". But I also think that it could be pretty amazing to be in, especially at night or a rainy day, but I would prefer if they invested this money into a new attraction. A fantastic idea would be to build a glass roof over Superman Escape so it runs all day, no matter the weather!
  3. Ah yes thats it. It was funny becuase we play that song in band, and we went up to the Gold Coast in November for a band tour. We were all waiting on the Batwing and then that song came up and we were all humming our parts
  4. There are other Star Wars songs that are played, apart from the actual Star Wars Theme
  5. But on a serious note, I agree with dreamworld_rulz. I found Sea World very boring. It's definately not a park for everyone, but so what if he didn't specify exactly why he doesnt like Sea World. He wasn't attacking anyone when he said it, he just stated that he found it boring. Try not to lose sleep over it.
  6. I would never go to Aussie World, even if someone payed me.
  7. Man! I really want to go on Maverick! It looks like one of the better roller coasters in the world.
  8. If there was to be any theme parks to open, it would have to be in Sydney. Seriously, its just not fair. I dont know why Wonderland cloed down. Maybe someone could tell me? Because they had good business and were the only theme park in Sydney. Maybe they would have stayed open if they had introduced more rides every now and then to attract previous visitors. Sydney-siders have to travel to the Gold Cost for a decent theme park. It costs a lot of money, its just ridiculous.
  9. yea, superman rox my sox. But serisously, I know a family that went to Dreamworld in the fisrt week of holidays and they told me that when they got there, the wait was 1 and a half hours. They told me that they simply didn't want to waste so much time waiting for a ride so they went on other rides instead. I thought that 1 and a half hours was alright though. The first and only time I went to Dreamworld, (before The Claw) we went on the Cyclone. There was a 2 hour wait for it the first time we went on it and a 1 and a half hour wait the second time. We only managed to squeeze in a c
  10. You know what? I am sick of everyone complaining about Lethal Weapon. It does hurt, but just a bit. If you think about how much fun the ride actually is and focus on other things then I'm sure that you will enjoy it. If you have gone on it but it hurt you then don't go on it again. Grow up.
  11. Does anyone else think that this is a stupid ride to be added? It isn't going to attract more visitors, its just like two more Rips. A Lazy river would have been fantastic and a great chance for excellent theming. I am actually really dissapointed in this decision. Wet'n'Wild has a much better expansion.
  12. I like the cyclone! Its not that bad.
  13. This is coming as a relief to me. I hated that ride!
  14. I planned to go this Friday, except im seriously conisdering not going. Its jusy way too much money to spend on useless crap. I'm better off putting the money in my bank account or buying something that would last, like cds or dvds.
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